Monday, May 25, 2015

Unknown But To God

Here Rests In
Honored Glory
An American Soldier
Known But To God

"Tomb of the Unknowns, with U.S. Navy sailor and woman, May 1943" by John Collier, FSA/OWI - This image is available from the United States Library of Congress's Prints and Photographs division under the digital ID fsac.1a34525.Commons:Licensing Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.
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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Summer Reading Picks for Kids, as Picked by a Kid

Auggie has put together a Must Read Books for Kids List, just in time for summer. His opinion is that, "The books here are for ages 12 and up, definitely." All are available at your library. Enjoy! Enjoy!

Hi. This is Auggie. I have a list of books for your kids for this summer. These are the ones I loved best but I have about ten more you can read and I can tell you about if you have a kid that loves to read. The books here are really good and I didn't want them to end. I hope your kids like them like I did but your kids should be in 6th grade to read them.

The Book of Time (Books 1, 2, and 3) – These are about a boy who finds a mysterious statue in his basement, which lets him travel through time. He finds out his father is prisoner in Dracula's castle, and does everything he can to figure out how to get there, and get him out. If your kid loves history and culture, they will love this. It is a trilogy. Every book tells you more secrets and they're really good for reading aloud. It is an adventure and mystery and you think you know the answer but you won't.

The Magisterium Series – There's this kid whose father tells him magic is evil, and he has to stay away no matter what. This makes the kid want to go to magic to find out why. So the kid does everything he can to fail the test that lets you become a wizard. He fails so badly that they end up admitting him anyway. As he learns he starts to realize that maybe magic isn't as bad as he thought it was, he is torn between his father and his new friends. To complete this awesome book is a fantastic plot twist that is such a surprise that it makes the long reading worth it. There are 5 books in the series and will keep you reading all summer.

Percy Jackson Books – These are long enough where they will give you something to do for a while. I like to say they are a pentalogy. It is 5 books. They all have wonderful character development, storyline, and a great balance of action, humor, romance, and fantasy. These include Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Heroes of Olympus, and the Kane Chronicles, all some of my favorites. If you like mythology, you will find all of it here. Greek, Roman, and Egyptian. You get smarter with these books and they are not one bit boring or the kind you skip through.

Any children's books by James Patterson – Usually you can tell if books are for children. But these books are even with pictures like for older kids even if there's a lot of  pictures. The books for kids all have a lovable, but mischievous main character, and you can't help but feel good when it all works out for them in the end because they are not perfect but you love them. They have interesting characters, but still each book is totally different. Perfect for middle school. Includes the Middle School series, Treasure Hunters, House of Robots, I Funny, and Public School Superhero. These books are not serious or make your heart pound but they are for having a good time. (Make sure the ones you get by this author are for children because he writes a lot of books for grown ups)
I hope you like my choices! BYE!
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Friday, May 22, 2015

Summertime, and Soon My Time Will No Longer Be Mine...

You know what's fun? Talking about summer -- what I'll give up, what I'll gain -- on Milwaukee's BEST morning show, The Morning Blend.

Hosted by two of the funniest women on Milwaukee's local TV, Molly Fay and Tiffany Ogle. Click and watch.

Thank you, and come on, summer!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

New Hope for Stopping Nagging

Maybe they won't find me in my blanket tent
Summer vacation is nigh, and along with it our houses will soon be feeling as if they lost square footage in the transition from the school year.

When did our homes become so... cramped.

When did they become so... filled with bodies.

When did it start to feel like... there isn't enough air to breathe.

When did we only... have one pitch level to our voice and that of siren.

The answer to that is right about the time you stepped on water bottles left to roll on the ground, popped up Pringles canisters jabbing at the arch of your foot, and plates caked with cinnamon roll frosting discovered the next week when you're vacuuming.

By Day Four of Beautiful Summer Vacation, I am screaming. It's the visual assault of *The Things*, they are everywhere. And I'm not just talking about the kids.

How do I stop my screeching nagging?

There is good news, friends! Researchers at MamaLlama Resource Center (totally made up), also known as the makers of Mama Relax! tea and herbal supplements, have uncovered a new way to sedate reduce that trigger wail response of It's All Too Much.

There is a substance that will coat and soothe those frayed neuron receptors. The very ones that sway back and forth and take over your brain, making you scream Pick that up! And That over there too!
The answer is simple: Want to save your summer? Then...

 Invest in a warehouse size box of chocolate.

The size that requires a teenager to carry it out to your car. This substance will jump-start the relax response and interrupt the connection from eyes to brain to tongue. You won't see the things, you won't be able to scream about the things, you will feel so good while chocolate drool is oozing out of both corners of your mouth that researchers know their work will lead to a new conditioned response.

One that can save summer vacation and be used to develop positive memories of time spent together for every member of the household. *slurp*

For best results, chocolate must be shoved into mouth by the handful so that you can't close your lips. No dainty eating because this is the real deal that needs to go down.
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Saturday, May 16, 2015

When You Parent Teens

Brain, Child doesn’t claim to have all the answers. And we won’t offer just one view on how to parent. We might pose questions. Or talk about a topic that identifies with some but not others. But our hope is for ongoing dialogue; and to learn together.
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There are a few sites on the internet that consistently leave me grateful I have found them. One of these is Brain, Child Magazine . With writing on topics that sometimes I didn't even know were just what I needed to read.

Long admiring the work that that has been contributed there, I am now proud to say that I am published on their pages. This month's teen issue asks the Big Question: Can we be friends with our teens?

I'd love it if you click over to Brain, Child and see what I think, and why.

As always, I am grateful for your support of my writing elsewhere.



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