Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Modeling Thanks Giving

On Thanksgiving Day, much happens. Much busyness happens. How wonderful if we stop for just a few minutes on that day, and think of how we are to model Thanks Giving for our children. They learn more by watching than by what they hear.

Baby's Skies

Would you know the baby's skies?
Baby's skies are mother's eyes.
Mother's eyes and smile together
Make the baby's pleasant weather.

Mother, keep your eyes from tears,
Keep your heart from foolish fears.
Keep your lips from dull complaining
Less the baby thinks it's raining.

M.C. Barlett

Happy Thanks Giving Day to all of you, and may you be blessed with a grateful spirit.

I am truly grateful for each of you that stops over here, each of you.  I love my readers.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Things You'd Never Guess About Grapes and A Name Change*

Li'l E's* Food Group Report on Grapes

*Li'l E:  "Mom, how much do I have to write about grapes?"

Mom:  "As much as you can remember. You know, just go back and remember what we read. Write all that down."

L'il E: "But, Mom....that's so much stuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuufffff."

Mom:  "Just do what you remember. What makes grapes, grapes. Why they're important. How unique they are, the different kinds of grapes, why we like them...all that you remember. Just close your eyes and pretend I'm reading to you, and write that down, alright?"

L'il E:  "But, Mom....there's so much to wriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite."

Mom:  "Do what you can, what you know, about grapes."

L'il E:   (voice brightening up a bit too suspiciously)  "Mom, can I use pictures?" 

[yes, readers, I totally missed the alert message on this red flag. Should've been paying more attention to the "loophole alert loophole alert" message being sent ...]  Yah. And since I was not listening with both ears and brains,  I said....

Mom: "Suuuuuure, Li'l E. Go ahead. Pictures will be great."

[famous last words]

And, so, you see, Dear Reader, this is why we have the wonderful Food Group Report on Grapes above, telling you all about the different kinds of grapes:

Mommy Grapes
Baby Grapes
Grapes on Parade
Grapes Rolling Down A Hill
Grapes Hiding in a Box
Grapes Standing on Their Heads
Grapes SideView
Grapes that are Happy Grapes

*IN OTHER NEWS: This will be the last post entitled Baby E posts.

Name Change Explanation: *sigh*. I do not like negative comments. I do not like negative emails. I do not like people worried and concerned that I am treating Baby E like a baby and not letting him grow. I have received emails and comments this month letting me know that I am screwing Baby E up royally (royally...just couldn't pass that up)  by calling him Baby E.

In my culture, "baby" does not mean, a literal baby. It means, "my little one."  In this case, meaning is lost in translation. But, the concern about the concern about Baby E concerned me enough that we will publicly change Baby E posts to Li'l E posts.


In the castle, he shall remain,  Baby Emperor.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Squeee!! This Is Why You Should Blog and Blog A Lot

If you don't see a good deal here, you need your eyes checked!
Sign up, make a ton, doing stuff you do anyway. Log on daily, the longer the better! Blog! Because we are all going

I know that Kris from PrettyAllTrue thinks she has the answer to all financial woes with The VibraPlunger, and I've read Joann from LaundryHurtsMyFeelings post on "I'm about to be filthy rich."

Estimated costs to raise one child are $220,000. Multiply that amount by how many other children you may have and you could just puke at the thought of how much money you need to make.

And if you don't have children, still, who doesn't need money? We all need to make money. Money.

You may have been thinking "there's no money in blogging, why should I blog, and blog a lot?"  and you may be thinking "No, no, I Can't Spend Any More Time Blogging for Nothing. I Need To Spend My Time Making Money."  Everyone tells you there is no money in blogging. Do you know why? Because they want you to stop. Close up shop. Drop out. Bring in the shingle. Just give up. That way, there'll be one less of us out there to reap it all in. Yes, they know what I'm about to tell you right here. That nasty rumor that there's no money in blogging, well....

Here is where everything in your life just gets so sweet and good.

The following information is from an article in last week's Wall Street Journal, dated November 12, 2010. WSJ asked, "is it possible to become successful simply from hard work?" You know the answer by the giddiness you sense at my hand, don't you?

The answer is YES.

The theory they propose--and stay with this, because you will be walking on air and sashaying those who-me-I-got-no-problems-no-mo' hips in about 3 minutes--the theory is this:

In England, it's called "the ten year rule,"  in America, it's known as "the 10,000 hour rule."

To become successful at anything, you must spend 10 years working at it for 20 hours each week. 

JUST THINK! We now HAVE to and MUST spend 20 hours a week for 10 years blogging! 

Gather in a little closer, and let's just not pretend with each other, alright? Like we don't already spend  hours a week doing this? You know we do. That's the beauty of this set up, it doesn't change what we're already doing. IF we're all being honest here.

Minimally, this is the amount of time they say we must put in."Do so, and success is all but inevitable."

Their beautiful words, not mine...can you people hear my maniacal laughter? it's as good as delivered. In a brown uniform, with the doorbell ringing. All I have to do is keep on doing what I'm already doing.  Except, now I can do it GUILT-FREE. I am blogging for our future, honey, selflessly tapping away. I am sacrificing today for tomorrow. See what a good wife/parent/friend/partner/person I am? I could be spending time with you, but instead, I am slaving away at the keyboard, perfecting my craft.  Getting better with every keystroke.

It is believed that all the hours spent doing just one thing form a skill-based expertise that meshes with growth of knowledge, that will be a valuable asset to an audience just starting out, and your skill based expertise will be sought out. And rewarded. Zippity doo dah.

As Bobby Fischer said when he became the U.S. chess champion nine years after  playing chess since age 6, "All of a sudden, I just got good."

Ready, set, see you in 2020--party, my ranch. I'll send my jet to pick you up.

*Add on: As of this afternoon, I've received 3 emails telling me that there is no money in blogging, and I can't be serious. Yes, you're right...I'm not serious. This was just a poke at never making money from blogging, but still putting in the hours because the payment is in the fun, and the people you meet. And, yes, I do know, there is no ranch for me at the end of ten years. Just kidding around here...

You, me, here: 2020

Monday, November 15, 2010

Cinnamon Steam: Baby E Post

It's Monday, and Baby E's day to post. He has a few bones to pick today, mostly about his brothers. This is his place to vent, so I will let him have at it. And he is soooooo very ready. He speaks, I am only his scribe.



It's me. And I am frustrated about a lot of things.
I used to say mad, but now I learned to say Frustrated.
Frustrated feels like mad, but it's different because frustrated feels like you are going to explode.
My mom taught me to go away and count to ten, sometimes higher, till I can come back and talk about it. It's when you get so mad you just want to cry and run.

My brothers make me frustrated. They are bigger and older. I love my brothers but sometimes they laugh when I say stuff. My mom goes crazy CRAZY! crazy when they do this. She goes all crazy. Here's what happened.

I like surprises.
If they are big or small is not what I care about.
I just like surprises.
My mom knows this and will bring me home surprises.
Today, she went grocery shopping and usually, at home, what we have is that my mom mixes cinnamon sugar for me, home made style, for my toast. But today! she came home with already mixed cinnamon sugar that was poured inside of a clown's body with his yellow hat being the shaker for the stuff. She got this at the store.

When my mom is done grocery shopping, she comes home and me and my brothers all go out to the van and help carry in groceries. We all help unload them onto the island, too. I like to do this because sometimes there is a surprise for me. This time, there was a surprise! It was the cinnamon sugar.
I opened it right away by pulling off the silver top that was under the yellow hat BUT when I did pull off the foil circle smoke! came out.

I dropped it and was surprised, and said, "Mom! There's smoke coming out!"

My brothers laughed and said, "there's no smoke in there, it's dust from the cinnamon. hahhahhahhahahahahahaha"  and they wouldn't stop laughing.

I ran upstairs because it makes me so mad when they laugh.

I heard my mom get mad at them and told them to finish with the groceries and she came up by me. She told me it was dust that comes out that looks exactly like smoke and to come down and experiment and see. But I didn't want to. The truth is I didn't want to because I was embarrassed to see my brothers because they think I'm dumb. My mom told me they don't think that, they just don't think. period.

I stayed up for awhile and she went down and then she said, "Baby E, cinnamon rolls!" And I just had to come down. When I came down my brothers both hugged me and said, "sorry, brother." And that felt good. And that is what frustration comes from, so mad you just want to go away. But that is over now.

The outside of our house is crazy. My mom says this is because winter is coming and the animals are looking for warm places.
But it creeps me out and I just want to go to bed early.
At night, you can hear him rustle and settle and go "whoo whooo whooo" he does it three times in a row and it's loud and echoey cuz it's in the chimney and only at night so I like to go upstairs so I don't have to hear it. My mom says he is fine and to leave him be. But it just scares me.

Like, one night, my mom thought she heard sirens all night, and she said "hmmm....what is going on? The sirens are running all night." And my mom said she was going to call the police to see if maybe something was wrong with the sirens or something. And so she did and the police laughed and told her, "those weren't sirens, those were the coyotes and to please keep any pets inside at night." She did not like that last advice.

And she said she made the mistake of telling my older brother and now he is afraid to take out the garbage at night and my dad laughs because my brother wants to be an air force pilot and my dad says, "Yup. America's finest, right here, fearless, under our own roof" and my brother gets mad at that and says, "I'm only afraid of coyotes in case they think I'm a pet and attack me."

I like to play The Dead Flop.
It is the funnest game.
What I like to do is wait till everyone is busy doing something by themselves in the house.
My mom can be cooking, my brother can be drawing, my other brother can be reading, and my dad can be on the laptop. Then, I like to just lay down and not move in one of the rooms in the house. My mom will always say, "where's Baby E. Brothers, go find Baby E for me, I haven't seen him for awhile."
Then they get up and look for me and I am laying quiet and still and not moving and TRYING SO HARD TO NOT LAUGH when they find me. And I am laying still doing The Dead Flop where I don't move and they can't pick me up or make me talk or anything.
And they say, "MOM! He's here but he's not moving. "
And she always comes, and goes, "Oh! Baby E!" And she picks me up and I don't move a bit and am just like a floppy fish and I try so hard not to laugh and she says, "Quick, boys, go get the Swedish Fish. That's the only thing that helps with The Dead Flop"  and they go get Swedish Fish--but skittles work, too, and SourPatch Kids--and they come to me and they put a Swedish Fish in my mouth and I come back to life and I love that game.


My mom says she is combing my hair but I say she is "ripping my hair"  cuz she attacks me with the comb. I don't like my hair. It is curly. I cut it myself a while ago because some kids called it "Curly Girly Hair" and so I went upstairs and cut it. My mom took me to get it cut shorter now so that the cut parts match.

She says girls love curly hair.

Bye and December is almost here.
PLUS: come see me here for the month of November. I'M FAMOUS!

Me and My Mom

Monday, November 8, 2010

Ideas For Making Money: Baby E Post

This job costs 50 cents

Hello! It's finally a time where Baby E can post. Mondays are his days, and we've been so busy. But, finally, soccer and football are we are back. As always, he speaks, I type. I am just the royal scribe to Baby Emperor's decrees.  Thanks for being here... and here are his thoughts for the week:

Hi. It's Me. And I have lots of stuff to talk about today.

The important stuff has to be first. The most important thing is how to make money. This is about how I make money. You can tell your kids these ideas. They work.

First, you can just ask for it. Sometimes, you can say, "Mom, can I have a quarter?" and sometimes your mom and dad will just say yes.

I always make money that way first.

Next, I go to jobs. There are always jobs. My mom always has jobs for me because there is lots she didn't do. Like to vacuum is easy and good and I like it. She plugs it in for me and that job costs her 50 cents to give to me. She always says yes to that job.

Also, there is picking up the garbage cans from all around and bringing them downstairs. That job is a quarter. That is easy and that is a good job, too.

My favorite way to make money is to do Classes. I will tell you about that. After that, I do Shows. I will tell you about that.

I do Domino School. You can learn Dominoes from me for 35 cents for 10 minutes. I will show you how to build any pattern you want, or I will build you a pattern, but I will let you knock it down.

Everyone in my house likes when I make a sign for Domino School.

Oh! When you do a school, you have to make a sign telling of when your school is, and where, and how much.  You just can't sit and wait for people to come. You have to make signs. Then you have to announce super loud with your hands making cups over your mouth, "DOMINO SCHOOL!"

This one is so easy. Draw a picture, your mom will buy anything you draw. Also, put her name on it and say, I Love You, and she will buy it.

Also, make a sign that says you are selling art.  You have to do that. Then make pictures of what your family likes. My brother likes bugs, my other brother likes anything, my dad likes cars, and my mom likes flowers. Make it in their favorite colors. Those pictures are 10 cents. Make a sign. Also, you can make drawings on demand, that means right away. My sign says, "wait...then enjoy!"

Put on shows. Make stuff for your shows, and then put clothes on to match your show's name. You have to make a sign.

Today I did a show that was a play. It was a house made of paper that I cut and taped into a circle from big paper, and then cut out animals.  I made a sign.

The truth is this:  I haven't really made up the play yet. The truth is that I make up the play as I go along, but I don't tell anyone that because I want them to buy tickets.Tickets are 50 cents.

This only works if you have collections. People don't want to buy extra stuff that doesn't rhyme together. They like to come and look at collections. I have a rock collection from all the places we go to that sell rocks, and I line them all up and they are 5 rocks for a quarter. And people like to see collections and choose for themselves. I am open from 10:00 until 6:00.

I will read to you for 25 cents a chapter. You pick. My dad picks the Wall Street Journal. Then he laughs. I don't get it.

I will give you advice and solve your problems. I am very good at it. My dad always ask me what to do about work and I tell him. Advice is 10 cents.

In the morning, I give my mom choices of what she can have me call her all day. She says she loves this a lot and always buys this.

I say to her, "Mom, what do you want me to call you all day?" And you have to do what your mom picks all day for you to call her. I give her these choices. And she picks and I do it all day:

My Mom's Choices For All Day:

"What is your bidding, O mighty pharaoh?"

"Yes, my Liege."

"As you wish..."

"I shall return with your bidding.."

"How can I serve you, my queen?"

"What can I offer you today?"

"Yes, O Wise One."

"Speak it, and it shall be done."

"I shall not fail you, O Supreme Commander."

When she picks out what she wants me to say all day, I have to say it and bow down at the same time.

She always pays for that.


ALSO: come see me in Hollywood. I am on another blog in Hollywood, here!


Friday, November 5, 2010

Being Grateful: Mom Renewal Project Post

 In the theme of Thanksgiving, I have contributed a post to the awesome website, MomRenewalProject, discussing Being Grateful.

What have you learned about Being Grateful? Have you always been grateful, or did you make the decision to become grateful?

Please comment at MomRenewalProject, and let us know, it's always so interesting to see how people arrive at an "attitude of gratitude."

And, thank you, I am grateful for every one of you. I wish you knew how sincere I am about that comment. Because I truly am.

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope to see you here.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Pursey Galore, or Love With A Proper Stranger

It's my turn to host the zebra striped sequined purse known as  "Pursey Galore."  Pursey is serving as the ambassador for the year-long fund raiser for the American Stroke Association, geniused by Lori from InPursuitofMarthaPoints.  Pursey Galore , as part of Project: Purse and Boots, is traveling the USA and Canada, raising awareness and collecting pledges for the ASA. Each hostess provides a story of Pursey's stay with them, here is mine:

Dear Mama Lori:  I'm so very sorry I haven't called, but I've been having so much fun at the kingdom here with The Empress and her family!
The beautiful town I'm in right now
It's all kinds of beautiful, and peaceful here. The weather is perfect, and everywhere: it's just picture perfect.

Thank you for letting me see so many things on my own, Mama Lori.
Empress opened the package and had this note from Mama Lori
Me feeling kinda shy, just arrived from KludgyMom
At first, I was kinda shy, because, Mama Lori, let me tell you: there are NO other ladies in this house.

Only The Empress.

It's all men, boys, and noise, and...not really quiet, you know.

But, then, I met Oldest's backpack, he was SO nice, but pretty young, and then I met the famous Baby E's backpack, and he was just so little, and cute. And I met Middlest's backpack, who was really smart. And, then, oh, Mama Lori, I don't know how to begin.



I looked up, and there. he. was........Mr. Big.
Picnics with Mr. Big

The Emperor's Laptop bag.

Spending sunny afternoons together

Mr. Big gave me my first rose. EV-ER.
I felt so special.
We had sweet talks together in the yard
We played on swingsets together
Sometimes we sat and just said nothing

We did so much. Mr. Big taught me to scooter. Mama Lori, I LOVE the feeling of speed! I felt so free, so young, so ALIVE with the wind blowing through my sequins! Mr. Big told me, that when the sun hits my sequins just so, that I look like a star that fell right out of the sky. He said, "So, did it hurt?" And I asked, "did what hurt?" and he said...oh, Mama Lori, he said, "When you fell down from heaven."  *sigh*

Our scooters

We played a game called "Chess" together, and he is so smart, and good at teaching things. I won after only one afternoon of playing. He said I could learn anything, I think he let me win.

Chess matches in the game room

There is so much to do in this town. Everyone had something happening for Halloween. It's a wonderful weekend to be here, Mama Lori!  We spent a wonderful Friday here, I can't wait till tomorrow, Saturday!

We went leafpile jumping!

The Empress and Baby E took us to a pumpkin farm

We went on a Gothic Tour of the town to see the first cemetery
That was a wonderful Saturday, Mama Lori! I'll never, ever forget it. I fell asleep, dreaming of what we'd do on Sunday. I am so very happy.
We began Sunday with coffee at LaMonde Bakerie

I had coffee today! I love it! It makes me feel good about EVERYTHING! It's the perfect drink: it calms you down, but brings you up. I had a great time laughing and talking and wishing my cup was bottomless!
We sat and felt the warm sun 

We joined in on the town's pumpkin walk

And, still, more of those strolls along the creek......

I could have lived in that day forever, but we had to hurry home, we were going trick or treating with the family. Our costumes were waiting for us!
Ready for Trick Or Treat!
Family ready to Trick Or Treat
We came home, bags full of candy, so very tired. I was happy, and sad, because I knew, and Mr. Big knew, that tonight would be my last night here.

Mama Lori, you were young once, right? Please keep that in mind, when I explain to you what happened next. Do you remember when someone would walk into a room, and your heart would race? Remember that? Please say you do, it'll make it so much easier for you to understand what I'm about to tell you.

It had been chilly, so we decided to use the jacuzzi......
I'm not sure how this happened......

.....or this.....
He loves me, Mama Lori. Mr. Big is going to take care of Purseylette while I honor my commitments. The Empress is so happy to have a baby girl in the house, she, along with Mr. Big, will take wonderful care of Purseylette. Everything will be O.K.  They will be reading about me to Purseylette, and showing her where I am on Project Purse And Boots. And, after I finish what I promised I'd do, Mama, and meet with The Bloggess at BlogHer 2011, I'm hoping I can come back, here, and be with Mr. Big and Purseylette.

I feel good about this, Mama L., and now I'm ready to leave Monday, to meet Meg at BestOfFates!

I love you, Mama Lori.

Love, Pursey Galore

IMPORTANT NEWS: Baby E has made it to Hollywood!! Please stop over here and say Hi! to Baby E  at HotComesToDie.


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