Monday, November 15, 2010

Cinnamon Steam: Baby E Post

It's Monday, and Baby E's day to post. He has a few bones to pick today, mostly about his brothers. This is his place to vent, so I will let him have at it. And he is soooooo very ready. He speaks, I am only his scribe.



It's me. And I am frustrated about a lot of things.
I used to say mad, but now I learned to say Frustrated.
Frustrated feels like mad, but it's different because frustrated feels like you are going to explode.
My mom taught me to go away and count to ten, sometimes higher, till I can come back and talk about it. It's when you get so mad you just want to cry and run.

My brothers make me frustrated. They are bigger and older. I love my brothers but sometimes they laugh when I say stuff. My mom goes crazy CRAZY! crazy when they do this. She goes all crazy. Here's what happened.

I like surprises.
If they are big or small is not what I care about.
I just like surprises.
My mom knows this and will bring me home surprises.
Today, she went grocery shopping and usually, at home, what we have is that my mom mixes cinnamon sugar for me, home made style, for my toast. But today! she came home with already mixed cinnamon sugar that was poured inside of a clown's body with his yellow hat being the shaker for the stuff. She got this at the store.

When my mom is done grocery shopping, she comes home and me and my brothers all go out to the van and help carry in groceries. We all help unload them onto the island, too. I like to do this because sometimes there is a surprise for me. This time, there was a surprise! It was the cinnamon sugar.
I opened it right away by pulling off the silver top that was under the yellow hat BUT when I did pull off the foil circle smoke! came out.

I dropped it and was surprised, and said, "Mom! There's smoke coming out!"

My brothers laughed and said, "there's no smoke in there, it's dust from the cinnamon. hahhahhahhahahahahahaha"  and they wouldn't stop laughing.

I ran upstairs because it makes me so mad when they laugh.

I heard my mom get mad at them and told them to finish with the groceries and she came up by me. She told me it was dust that comes out that looks exactly like smoke and to come down and experiment and see. But I didn't want to. The truth is I didn't want to because I was embarrassed to see my brothers because they think I'm dumb. My mom told me they don't think that, they just don't think. period.

I stayed up for awhile and she went down and then she said, "Baby E, cinnamon rolls!" And I just had to come down. When I came down my brothers both hugged me and said, "sorry, brother." And that felt good. And that is what frustration comes from, so mad you just want to go away. But that is over now.

The outside of our house is crazy. My mom says this is because winter is coming and the animals are looking for warm places.
But it creeps me out and I just want to go to bed early.
At night, you can hear him rustle and settle and go "whoo whooo whooo" he does it three times in a row and it's loud and echoey cuz it's in the chimney and only at night so I like to go upstairs so I don't have to hear it. My mom says he is fine and to leave him be. But it just scares me.

Like, one night, my mom thought she heard sirens all night, and she said "hmmm....what is going on? The sirens are running all night." And my mom said she was going to call the police to see if maybe something was wrong with the sirens or something. And so she did and the police laughed and told her, "those weren't sirens, those were the coyotes and to please keep any pets inside at night." She did not like that last advice.

And she said she made the mistake of telling my older brother and now he is afraid to take out the garbage at night and my dad laughs because my brother wants to be an air force pilot and my dad says, "Yup. America's finest, right here, fearless, under our own roof" and my brother gets mad at that and says, "I'm only afraid of coyotes in case they think I'm a pet and attack me."

I like to play The Dead Flop.
It is the funnest game.
What I like to do is wait till everyone is busy doing something by themselves in the house.
My mom can be cooking, my brother can be drawing, my other brother can be reading, and my dad can be on the laptop. Then, I like to just lay down and not move in one of the rooms in the house. My mom will always say, "where's Baby E. Brothers, go find Baby E for me, I haven't seen him for awhile."
Then they get up and look for me and I am laying quiet and still and not moving and TRYING SO HARD TO NOT LAUGH when they find me. And I am laying still doing The Dead Flop where I don't move and they can't pick me up or make me talk or anything.
And they say, "MOM! He's here but he's not moving. "
And she always comes, and goes, "Oh! Baby E!" And she picks me up and I don't move a bit and am just like a floppy fish and I try so hard not to laugh and she says, "Quick, boys, go get the Swedish Fish. That's the only thing that helps with The Dead Flop"  and they go get Swedish Fish--but skittles work, too, and SourPatch Kids--and they come to me and they put a Swedish Fish in my mouth and I come back to life and I love that game.


My mom says she is combing my hair but I say she is "ripping my hair"  cuz she attacks me with the comb. I don't like my hair. It is curly. I cut it myself a while ago because some kids called it "Curly Girly Hair" and so I went upstairs and cut it. My mom took me to get it cut shorter now so that the cut parts match.

She says girls love curly hair.

Bye and December is almost here.
PLUS: come see me here for the month of November. I'M FAMOUS!

Me and My Mom


  1. crazy, crazy good:) what awesome cadence. love this voice.

  2. I have always been a sucker for curly hair - you just wait and see. You'll be so glad you have it later.

    You're very smart because you have SUCH a good memory for what people say and such a clear way of expressing it. Bravo B.E.

  3. If you like surprises so much, E, I've got one for you:

    Girls really don't like guys with curly hair.

    Don't listen to Lady Jennie. Clearly she's on drugs.

  4. Hi Baby E.-really great post-like three stories in one. Thanks for getting my day off to a great start. Am wondering whether, if I try a dead flop, anyone will feed me sour patch kids. But I don't think so.

  5. Dang brothers! I'm the oldest, Baby E, and my brothers laugh at me and it makes me extremely frustrated!!! I also have done The Dead Flop on the porch when my kids were driving me crazy. One found me, thought I was dead, went to get the others, and the youngest sat on my chest, pulled up my eyelids, got put his face in mine, and asked "Mom, are you dead?" Well, most dead people don't laugh, so the jig was up. But it was really fun messing with them. :) I didn't get any candy, though. That stinks.

    You and your way awesome mom have a great week, okay. :)

  6. Atta boy Baby E. I think it is okay to have curly hair, I mean all our Disney Princes have curly hair. So enjoy them.

    Have a great week

  7. The Dead Flop sounds like an awesome game. Swedish fish definitely have restorative powers.

  8. Baby E, playing like you're dead weight is FRUSTRATING to us moms. Also frustrating? Getting teased with hot cocoa recipes.

  9. Do NOT tell my boys about that cure for the dead flop. B/c I just step over them and ignore it. LOL

  10. Hang in there, Baby E. Someday you'll be as big as your brothersa nd they won't mess with you anymore.

  11. That child has the sweetest heart, ever. I seriously love his posts.

    And Baby E? You'll appreciate the curly hair later in life. Chicks really do dig curly hair.

  12. Baby E, chicks will dig your curly hair, mismatched length and all. Just don't play the "dead flop" game on dates!

    Baby E's mom, your son warms my heart :)

  13. I always got so frustrated when my brothers and sisters would laugh at me like that! I would be so embarrassed. I'm glad your mom knows how to explain it, and how to use cinnamon rolls to tempt you back downstairs to so your brothers can apologize. Stuff like that gets easier when you grow up.

    Thank you Baby E for sharing these stories!

  14. e,

    i think your hair rocks...i grew up with incredibly striaght hair...always wished i had more body to mine...which is why i wear it in a mohawk and use surf wax to stand it up..

    dead flop sounds fun...when it happens around here the tickle monster tends to wake the fish up...

    i know your brothers hurt your feelings...brothers do that at are just does look like smoke though...

    have a great day!


  15. Swedish fish are the BEST!

    I should try the Dead Flop at my house and see if anyone thinks to pass over some magical swedish fish!

  16. Thank you so much for revealing the cure to the "Dead Flop." Right now, I've been saying things to my kids like, "Get up -- it's time to do your homework." Or "I need help cleaning the kitchen," and those things never work. Now, I'll always keep Swedish Fish, Skittles, and my own favorite, Hershey Kisses handy.

    Loved this post, Baby E!

  17. Dear Baby E.,
    You are very wise for your years-as is your mother. It took me EONS to figure out that I should leave the room, count to ten, and return to put it all behind me. And girls adore curly hair. In a few years, you will be beating them off with a stick.
    Mama Chalupa

  18. Poor Baby time your brothers laugh at you for the cinnamon smoke, do The Dead Flop really quick and scare em good!

  19. Cinnamon smoke? Baby E, you are so wonderful.

    Come out to California, so we can see you all the time.

    Love, Tina and the boys

  20. I believe it's time you started looking for a new name/handle on this site. You are way too smart and have a way with words that have outgrown the moniker 'Baby E'. You are not a baby anymore.

  21. I remember the days when I had curly hair- now I just

  22. I was the youngest of three girls...believe me, 2 older sisters are much worse than 2 older brothers. Reading about them laughing at Baby E brought back those feelings to me...only my mom didn't stick up for me. I think I need an emergency therapist session. I love that clown with the cinnamon sugar in it.

  23. Great post Baby E! Love the dead flop game, although I don't think I'll let my son in on the cure, since he already eats too much candy! Also, I'm sure your brothers don't think you're dumb, it's just a big brother thing & you're so funny & endearing that they can't help but laugh:)

  24. Baby E: your mom is the best. No, wait. you're the best. No, um... tie? I think that's right -- it's tie. Between last week's money-making brilliance and this week's sensitivity, fun-filled nature and curly-hair (mom's right), you sound like you're going to be a babe magnet. The big bros are clearly jealous.

  25. Oh Baby E, you are a miracle on wheels. I just love you to pieces! And BTW I am TOTALLY going to start doing the Dead Flop. Esp. if it will get me Swedish Fish or Sour Patch Kids. Yum.

  26. I'm with Mr. Coffeypot. No way this kid wrote this. It's cute, but, whatever. Don't get it.

  27. ahhh...that's so cute. Sometimes it's difficult to be the youngest but tell your son that eventually, he will be in a position of power. After years of being picked on by his sisters, now my son is being fought over so they can each be his "favorite sister". So there you are!

  28. Baby E,

    I have three older brothers. They lived to torture me. I thought it was because I was a girl. I thought it was because I was the youngest.

    But the truth is, that is how they included me. Once they decided I was no longer a 'baby' and I was old enough to 'be one of them' they started picking on me. It wasn't to be cruel. It was just their way of saying: You aren't a baby, we think you are cool enough to handle a little teasing, and we do it to each other too, not just you.

    Big brothers are not too smart, laughing at you is just how they say, "I love you."
    So, next time they laugh at you, just look 'em square in the eye and say "It's okay to say you love me, you don't have to tease me. C'mon be man enough to say what you mean,,, Tell me you LOOOOVE me!"
    That gets 'em quiet and right quick too!

    Good luck!!!

  29. Wow, Baby E. you sound really frustrated. I know my son always does stuff to frustrate his sister too. One day, you'll frustrate THEM!

    And I love curly hair too! ;)

    Tell your mom I left her something on my blog to let her know how much I heart her. I know one of the awards is one she gave to me, but I love her blog so much that I just had to give it right back!

  30. These are excellent stories, Baby E. I've been a little frustrated myself lately.
    Yes, girls do love curly hair. Hold on to it.

  31. Baby E---first off, your mom is a rockstar b/c she doesn't normally BUY pre-made cinnamon sugar. I always buy the pre-mixed stuff, and it ain't in a cutesy clown figurine, either.

    Secondly, your mother is gorgeous, and you look soooo much like her. Which means you will be a HUGE HUNK in a few years and no matter how your siblings laugh at you now, the girls will be beating down your door soon enough.


  32. p.s. I have an owl necklace I love. I adore owls. Can I have yours?

    p.p.s. Did your mom also make homemade cinnamon rolls? because if she did, I want you to know I only make the ones out of a can with "Pillsbury" written on them.

  33. Swedish berries make everything in the universe all better. That Baby E is a pure genius.

  34. Still as a 30 year old woman, nothing frustrates me more than having my family laugh when I've said or done something silly. I don't know if that's any consolation. Commiseration, I guess.

  35. Excellent! I must start trying The Dead Flop.

  36. I steal all of your mom's parenting advice. Thank her for me.

    I am the oldest in my family, so it is really good to hear the younger child's point of view. I want to remember how it feels to have older siblings cause so much frustration so I can be extra kind to my "Baby J"

  37. Oh, I loved that. Just loved it. I loved that he likes playing The Dead Flop. Ha! That made me laugh out loud. I think that would be fun to play myself. I'm going to try out and hope that my boys find little Fun Size Snickers to help bring me back to life. Thanks for the idea, Baby E! You are adorable!!

  38. Candace says:

    this was so awesome. Gabe loved it.

  39. Oh Baby E you could write a book and I would read it to my son until he was old enough to read it himself!

    I love your stories and your Mom is right, girls do love curly hair.

  40. curly hair is a good thing.
    We have all boys here too-I bet my youngest can relate to Baby E.

  41. Curly hair is good, I promise. And my husband is an older brother who tortured his younger brother when they were kids. Now he feels guilty about it and is a total pushover for his brother. You'll get your turn someday.

  42. Girls do love curly hair!

    Love that shot of the two of you.

  43. Baby E., you are excellent. I'd revive you and your curls with some Swedish fish any day!

  44. Baby E, you remind me so much of my boy. I love reading your stuff buddy.

  45. Baby E, the Dead Flop just is the best game ever; maybe because I also love swedish fish. And I love the idea of cinnamon smoke! It's very romantic, not that you care about such things :-) You're the best, Baby E.

  46. Baby E, I'm not sure but I think you may be the youngest blogger in the universe. One that has this many followers anyway. I am so glad you see smoke, and get frustrated, because then you have such great stories to tell us. And I especially like the stories about mom, when she calls the police... keep those coming. By the way... Curly hair rocks!

  47. Mom's right...girls do love curly hair! My youngest son has hair just like you and it took him until eighth grade to appreciate his hair...that's when the girls started chasing him and they've never stopped - I hope you're a fast runner!

  48. This is like getting a glimpse into my younger brother's life. Poor kid--I used to tease him all the time. But the story with the cinnamon sugar and his brothers hugging him. Omg, I teared up a bit. That is so sweet :)

    That is such a great photo of you and Baby E! You are beautiful, momma!!! And yes--chicks TOTALLY dig curly hair. Don't cut it anymore!!

    PS: The sound of a pack of coyotes is one of the most frightening things I've ever heard.

  49. Baby E, My big brothers used to beat me up sometimes. Actually one of them would beat me up, and the other would beat him up for beating me up. The system worked pretty well. Anyway, I'm a girl, and I like curly hair. I tell my son the same thing, but he doesn't believe me either. He's always trying to straighten out his curls. I think you may both change your minds one day.... ;)

  50. Baby E, I am super late reading your post but I wanted to say that I loved it! You are a fabulous story teller, and I can see the love in your family so clearly. Mostly I want to talk about frustration. I know the feeling, and I hate it too. I hate feeling like people are laughing at me. When I was younger (actually, even now) I was especially sensitive to people laughing at things that I did or said. But you are really mature to be able to count to 10 (and higher) when you're upset and to walk away. Good for you! So many people yell or throw things and that is not good. In the end, though, your brothers love you and I guess that is what big brothers do. Next time you can find something to laugh at them about, like when they get scared of the coyotes out back :-)



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