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Tuesday, January 14, 2014



When Katherine Stone, creator and founder of PostPartum Progress, the world's most widely read blog on post partum depression and perinatal mood disorders, sent me an email asking me if I'd contribute a post as part of her website's Warrior Mom Leadership Team, it was surreal.

I have been following Katherine and her work, advocating on the behalf of mothers with perinatal mood disorders, for over four years now. She has asked me to write my story with post partum depression and anxiety, in the hopes that those who search for her site, find someone there with a story of making it through something that feels like it will never end. Post partum depression is temporary, and with professional help, treatable.

My post is here, and it's on Hope, one of the most beautifully life saving words I know.

Thank you for reading.

Postpartum Progress is the most widely-read blog on postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety/OCD, postpartum psychosis, depression during pregnancy and other mental illnesses related to childbirth. Please join us. We get it. We've been there ourselves.

* * *

Friday, February 1, 2013

When You've Got The Winter Blues

I don't expect miracle cures. A therapist once told me, "you have a right to hope." I told her, I belong in The Pearl because I'll be happy just where the universe has me, just make it a little more doable.

That's me, especially in the winter. I don't expect an overnight fix, just a few tricks of the trade, to help me figure out this life gig.

I'm flattered and honored that the beautiful online magazine bonbon break invited me to post on their site with tried and true methods to Put The Hammer Down to the Winter Blues. It's not rocket science, but these Top Eight on my list make this season a little less grating on the soul.

Today, at bonbon break, my best coping tips for Beating Down The Winter Blues.

**A freebie, because I love you so much: never underestimate the sweet balm that a sleeve of saltines along with a pot of Smucker's red raspberry preserves, right about 10:20 am, can be.



Monday, July 16, 2012

ICYMI - Monday Ed.

I am impressed at how long I've stuck with the In Case You Missed It meme: this is my fourth entry, and I still like doing this, I still like reading the ICYMI at other sites.

It's a nice clear, easy way to get the word out on bloggers you want to give some notice to and posts from the week you'd like everyone to read.

This week's ICYMI, Monday Morning Style:

I've been following Brian Miller of WayStationOne for over two years now. His poetry and vignettes always give me the silent moment in my day where I leave his site with a sense of meditation having had happened. This one, became a story in my head, and I love that.

Schmutzie. I have talked and tweeted about the Canadian wonder Schmutzie more times than I can remember. But this post here, on what is in your internet, and how it gets there, needs to be a Pinterest Poster (how ever you all do that)

My talented, hilarious editor at Aiming Low has a great post this week. No, this is not blowing sunshine up her young tiny butt. She posts in her eloquent, funny, wise, poignant way, on working and family and balance. Una LaMarche of Sassy Curmudgeon. Best reading around.

And this. What I've found out for myself: from Daily Blog Tips. How blogging improves your daily life communication. Good reading on what finding your voice does for you in this world.


--I am proud to be featured today at Jessica's site, FourPlusanAngel . So honored that she thought of me when she decided to pull together a Summer Smile Festival at her place, with the likes of funny funny blogging women like Poppy from FunnyorSnot, JulieCGardner, Kelley'sBreakRoom, and Leslie of Bearded Iris.

I write there today about the slapintheface a first vacation as a mother is. Yah. Things change.

Thank you so much, Jess!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How To Be Cool In Another Language

There is such mystery and seductiveness that surrounds those that know another language. Something about words that you don't know said with an accent so different from yours, that piques your interest and draws you to them, leaving you wanting to be so close to that person.

I'm happily visiting the brilliant blogger, Nancy Kho, at her always interesting blog, MidLife MixTape, where I'm guest posting today, handing out tantalizing tidbits of phrases you can quickly learn to say *and be sexy* in another language.

Be hot and BA before tonight's baked chicken and mushroom dinner is set on the table. Come visit at MidLife MixTape for Colombianisms, 101.

Te veo pronto, chica.



**Holy cow! My post is syndicated at BlogHer today! I'm lucky enough to receive an email telling me a post I submitted to BlogHer is being syndicated. It is always a thrill to have a post picked up for the pages there ... validation of the highest order. If you feel like it, please stop by and sparkle/comment/read/tweet/hurray it. Thank you.

And THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH, BlogHer. You have added so much to my life.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Having Fun Getting Dusty

One of the very first two followers on this blog was the flame-haired beauty Shari, of Earth Mother Just Means I'm Dusty. Dusty and I have become comfortable enough at each other's blogs that they feel like our own. I don't remember how we met in the blogosphere, but we have never wandered far from each other.

We've been roommates at BlogHer and have spent time together at humor writers' conferences.

After knowing each other for over two years, we have become a permanent online and offline presence in each other's lives.

It's a thrill to be guesting for Dusty today while she is away in Florida teaching acting to people ages six to eighteen, because she is genuinely talented in that department: quick as a whip and never missing a chance at a good come back.

I'm sharing a story at Earth Mother Just Means I'm Dusty, about what happens when you agree to anything just to get your child *coughBabyE* to finish a task already.

Walk a mile in my shoes, you may have a better understanding of  how I got to be the way I am.

*Thank you.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

When "Good Morning" Leaves You Stumped For An Answer

In Wisconsin, we have this habit.

When you ask us a question, we can't answer it until we repeat it back to you first, like this:

Out-of-Towner: "Excuse me, where is the nearest restaurant?"

Wisconsinite: "The nearest restaurant? You want to know where that is?"

Don't believe me? Try it. Call any area code in Wisconsin and when the person answers, say, "I'm sorry, did I call the wrong number?"

You'll hear this back: "Did you call the wrong number?"

When all is going well in our lives, we can answer simple questions within the snap of a finger. But in some situations, like a nasty hanging-on-to-sanity-by-your-fingernails case of Post Partum Depression, just a "Good Morning! How are you?" can leave you with your mouth open, drooling, stuck for an answer. 

I'm visiting Kim of All Work and No Play today, who was named a Top 25 Post Partum Depression blog, while she recuperates from surgery. She's got her hands full taking care of her two-year-old baby boy and healing. I've prepared a primer of *Quick-N-Ready* responses for those days when you can't string three words together.

Stop over at Kim's where you can clip and paste this so handy you can keep it in your diaper bag copy of "The Guide To Social Responses, For the days you’re having trouble putting three words together."

Hope to see you here.

Beautiful Kim with Chunky


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

You Got Time For This

Found this through my teen son .... and now want it for my ringtone, and my iPod.

Worth the 1:57 of watching. (Though it'll be on repeat 15 more times) Ear Worm of the biggest magnitude.

Oh Lord Jesus there's a faaaaarrrr...

**Now that I've put all of you in such a toe tapping head bopping good mood, I hope you'll come visit me today at Kim Forde's place The Fordeville Diaries and yes, she's as cool as her name. Funny, snappy, clever woman. You'll love meeting her. She's celebrating her 40th, and I've sent her a birthdaygram, telling her Hush, now, it'll be all right. 

Really? Promise? I'll like 40?

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Is Latino Time Real?

I write for TikiTiki, a blog that is a joy and a pleasure to read, as well as to contribute to.

In my post there today, I pose the question/rumor/urban myth?: Is Latino Lateness a real thing?

We'd love to hear if you've had any experience with this, or if it just gets your gussie up to even hear about it.

Happy Saturday!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Lessons Learned

It's been a long time since I've done a guest post. Renee, of Lessons From Teachers and Twits, and I have had this one today in the works since December.

I met Renee through Julie C Gardner [byanyothername], so I knew she'd walk the king of content walk. This English teacher runs a series of guest posts on Fridays worth following. It's called #Lessons Learned; and they're not always lessons from the classroom.

I hope you click over and meet Renee, and read about how sometimes things seem ethereally familiar to us for a reason.

Have a wonderful Friday!

Renee of Teachers and Twits


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Oh Taming Insanity

I am as old as the trees, and it's not a bad thing. There's a certain way of living I've adopted in hopes of increasing the odds of not meeting my demise in a less than desirable manner.

It is my pleasure and joy to be sharing those secrets at Taming Insanity's today. I'm speaking to KLZ in her love language -- the Don't Let This Happen To You way of talking.

Because I love the girl, and I'm a softie for a vulnerable mother of a new baby.

Please hop over and congratulate KLZ on baby boy #2, and outsmart the lifeline on your palm at the same time.

Thank you!!

Taming Insanity
Click here to learn How to Stay Alive


Monday, October 24, 2011

How Do I Talk To My Body?

A Prayer for my Post Baby Body.

I'm being featured over at Studio30Plus today, with words sent up to the goddess of all post bearing children.

I hope she hears me.

Wanna chant along? [couldn't hurt] I hope to see you here.

Very cool website for bloggers 30 and over

**If you're here from Studio30Plus: Welcome! and thanks for following me home. Look around some of my favorite posts on the Popular Posts page, hope you like them.

Want to know more about Studio 30 Plus? S30Plus is a place where you can read interesting, out of the ordinary posts, and meet bloggers that you may not have met otherwise.

They also have thought provoking weekly prompts that kick your bloggy brain into inspired mode: this week: "These Things I Know."

If you're not a member there, join up. Register, then click on Magazine, and Create a Blog: have others read something a little different from you.

Make your Maudlin Monday something special today.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A ScaryMommy

A blogger's rite of passage, one off the blogger's bucket list, now a member of the society...

I'm talking about being a ScaryMommy.

Today, I am at Jill's site, ScaryMommy, experting on the subject of getting what you want.

I hope you click over, and leave me a nugget of wisdom of how you make things work for you in this life.

Thank you, always, for your support.
Comments Closed

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Sacred Bleeding Heart of Jesus

I write monthly for a blog that I have so much fun preparing posts for.

It's TikiTikiBlog, and they feature my childhood stories of growing up Hispanic in America.

Today, I write of the Latino answer to ADT home security systems.

You'll have to click over to TikiTikiBlog and find out how you can protect your home, day and night, the Latino way.

Hope to see you there, and thank you!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

You Are Enough, Child Friendly

Thank you all so very much for the birthday wishes yesterday.

I had a wonderful day full of handmade cards and time with my family and more sticky hugs than a person has a right to.

Last year, for my middle son's fourteenth birthday, I gave him something I wish I would've had during the troubled times of adolescence. I wrote him a list of all the wonderful things that make up who he is. I asked him to keep the list forever, and to turn to it whenever the world had him doubting his worth.

I write about that list at Just Be Enough today. I hope you'll click over.

Thank you, as always, for your support of my writing. It means so very much to me.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Why I Keep The Button Up


When I think about who I am, and all that played into it, there are several chapters that play the largest part in the story.

Some are wonderful parts of my life, others--though, not wonderful, are still key.

There are struggles that can make us feel that they define us. There are struggles, that after we work our way through all that these challenges put before us, bring us to a connection with others that some may not understand. But for the ones who happen to have been in that same chapter at one point in their lives, the connection is vital.

During one of the most difficult periods in my life, I truly felt like I would never find my way back to who I was.  But, I did.

Please stop over, read my story at Robin's place, Farewell Stranger. Find out why I still keep my PPD Survivor button up, and will never take it down.

Thank you so much.

Comments Closed

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pioneer Woman's Not The Only One Getting SPANXed

Pioneer Woman gets it done, in public.

I'm thrilled to be accidentally among the cool kids over at The Suniverse 's place today, explaining what it is that I and the lusty redheaded Pdub share our love for.

If you don't know Sunny, or follow her on twitter, you're missing out on a very funny, smart woman.

Clever, cool, and takes the dorks among us under her wing.

Such a nice woman.

I hope you stop over, and see why I jumped on the SPANX bandwagon.

They made me a vision I couldn't resist...

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Party Invites Don't Matter

"Imagine feeling taller. Imagine feeling stronger from the inside out. Imagine knowing and BELIEVING that you are strong. It is time to carry the weight of empowerment instead of the weight of our flaws on our shoulders."

These words are from the Just.Be.Enough collaborative website: a place where you can read, meet, and talk about the things that we allow to cloud our vision of the miracle that we are.

We are enough.

Today, at Just.Be.Enough, I have a story of a day recently that had me thinking I needed to be more.

I'm grateful to have a place where I can go work through these thoughts, and along with that and the support of others, feel not so alone when these moments come upon me.

I hope you click over, and that after you do, you consider submitting your story of just being enough.

JBE is an amazing community, and I am proud  to be a part of it.  

Monday, August 22, 2011

Childhood Stories

I've written a childhood story on growing up Hispanic in an American culture.

It's being featured at TikiTikiBlog, where I am thrilled to be a contributor.

I hope you'll stop by and learn a bit more about me and my wonderful grandmother, and her answer to all illness: THE BANDANA.

Thank you.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Finding The Moments That Count

Have you ever paused your life to step out of the hustle and bustle to pray or meditate or just rest? 

This is the question posed by Jdaniel4's mom, in her series, "Pause Life For a Moment."

I get to answer that today, as the guest post on her site.

I hope you'll join me as I tell how a split second decision on my part, changed the morning for my 16 year old son.

I appreciate your support, and encouragement, of my writing.


Thank you.


I hope you'll click over, and meet Jdaniel4 's mom, and think of your own "Pause Life for a Moment."

Monday, July 11, 2011

Mama Wants This!

Alison and Monkey of MamaWantsThis!

See these two sweet faced angels here?

Beautiful, aren't they?

The taller, older one started a blog this past March.

And she has become a force of nature.

You see her everywhere, tweeting, RTing, commenting, posting, encouraging, supporting. Being a love to all she has met.

I am honored to be her Guest Blogger Interviewee today.

I so enjoy a good self indulgent interview.

How else can we moms get any attention, like, ever?

Please join me at Alison's blog, Mama Wants This. Click over and meet her, and see for yourself why Alison's loveliness of spirit is the reason she has a growing community, quickly building around her.

Love you lots, and thank you for the lovely visit, Alison.

COMMENTS CLOSED. Please come visit at Mama Wants This.


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