Monday, July 16, 2012

ICYMI - Monday Ed.

I am impressed at how long I've stuck with the In Case You Missed It meme: this is my fourth entry, and I still like doing this, I still like reading the ICYMI at other sites.

It's a nice clear, easy way to get the word out on bloggers you want to give some notice to and posts from the week you'd like everyone to read.

This week's ICYMI, Monday Morning Style:

I've been following Brian Miller of WayStationOne for over two years now. His poetry and vignettes always give me the silent moment in my day where I leave his site with a sense of meditation having had happened. This one, became a story in my head, and I love that.

Schmutzie. I have talked and tweeted about the Canadian wonder Schmutzie more times than I can remember. But this post here, on what is in your internet, and how it gets there, needs to be a Pinterest Poster (how ever you all do that)

My talented, hilarious editor at Aiming Low has a great post this week. No, this is not blowing sunshine up her young tiny butt. She posts in her eloquent, funny, wise, poignant way, on working and family and balance. Una LaMarche of Sassy Curmudgeon. Best reading around.

And this. What I've found out for myself: from Daily Blog Tips. How blogging improves your daily life communication. Good reading on what finding your voice does for you in this world.


--I am proud to be featured today at Jessica's site, FourPlusanAngel . So honored that she thought of me when she decided to pull together a Summer Smile Festival at her place, with the likes of funny funny blogging women like Poppy from FunnyorSnot, JulieCGardner, Kelley'sBreakRoom, and Leslie of Bearded Iris.

I write there today about the slapintheface a first vacation as a mother is. Yah. Things change.

Thank you so much, Jess!


  1. i humbly be mentioned by the Empress can now be scratched off my bucket list...smiles...hope you (and e) had a wonderful weekend! lots of lego fun here...and marching down to vacation in missouri at weeks end...woohoo...

    thank you...smiles.

  2. If it wasn't for me, our family would have had nothing for any trip we ever took! Granted I may have over-packed, but we had everything we needed... and then some!

  3. hello your Splendiferousness -- what I love about you is that whenever I read you you're spreading more love. xo

  4. So glad to have you today and can't wait to read the sites you refer to that I haven't read yet, you have the best taste.



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