Monday, July 30, 2012

We're Just Visiting

What does a little girl think, when she sees her family continue on as if they don't even realize they're in America? Why don't they even want to try and fit in with Americans?

What thoughts and answers pop into a five-year-old's head as she notices other families staring at her at the beach, curious about what her family packs and takes for a day in the sand?

There can only be one reason for this determined behavior... we are just visiting. My post today at TikiTikiBlog -- where I'm proud to be featured monthly.

TikiTiki -- cultura, color, y sabor!

A Latina blog celebrating Latin culture


  1. To the exotic and mysterious among us: May you always feel like Princesses even when you grow up! What a wonderful story from your childhood. I can almost taste the mango and the coffee! I'm so glad you weren't just visiting.

  2. Maybe I need to go somewhere else to achieve that exotic, mysterious feeling. Heck, I feel quite out of place, right here, but not exotic, or mysterious... more like different and strange.



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