Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hazards of Summer

My husband thinks he was born with a grilling spatula in his hand. He assumes there's nothing to barbequeing: any one can do it. A can of charcoal lighter, a Weber grill, some briquets, and there you go.

But life, the great teacher, has taught him to bow down and make room for another: a griller who respects the power of the untamed fire flame.

At Aiming Low today, Lessons Learned from a once cocky grill-meister.

Respect the CharBroil, y'all.


  1. My husband thinks he the grill master too. He tends to struggle with chicken but hot dogs and hamburgs he is the man!I will have to point him in the direction of Lessons Learned.

  2. I must admit that I won't let anybody else cook on my outside grill. I also think I'm darn good at it! I'm not sure everyone would agree with me, but I think so!
    I'm back from your post. You are so darn funny! Let's just hope that OSHA never gets involved with backyard grilling safety...

  3. Uh oh, sounds like somebody screwed up BIG TIME!

  4. Burger-meister, Meister-burger.

    Name that quote...

  5. I have no grilling skills...none!

  6. The Big Tuna bought me my own Weber Grille for my birthday a few years ago. I am griller, hear me roar.



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