Saturday, July 14, 2012

I'm OK Until I Touch It

If you don't have a scale, then you don't have to look at how much you weigh.

If you don't use a mirror, then you don't have to see how you look in last year's swim suit.

Without ever posing for a picture, you can sail down that river called DeNial for ever.

BUT what do you do when you've given in to too many nights of "I'll skip the gym this time." You know, where your body reaches the point of  "feel" reminders of how you spent most of your winter: as a couch potato.

My Aiming Low post today: When you're old, flabby, and touchy.

Aiming Low, where we strive for the mediocre.


  1. Wait till you get my age... it does get worse!

  2. Actually, I think maintaining low standards is one of the keys to happiness.

  3. But I did go to the gym! 2009....... For 8 minutes.

  4. You are a wiser women than Mother Goose.

  5. I've been thinking about this one lately, because it's maddening. I'm not worried about my weight, but it bothers me that even though I'm more physically active and stronger than I have been, well, probably ever, I'm squishier.

  6. I saw this there! Too true...



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