Sunday, July 8, 2012

ICYMI On A Monday, And That's OK

We've been deliriously busy over here having a helluva time over the 4th. Water parks, spine scraping body tube rides, six dollar snow cones, and monokinis made for supermodels worn by middle aged women with stretch marks. And that's just me.

BUT, never too busy to pass up a chance to spread the word on some great internet reads.

My In Case You Missed It, Monday edition, because it's summer and we can do that:

--Why is The Flying Chalupa so easy to love? Because of posts like these: Patience. What we tell our children, what we whisper back to ourselves. (my gosh but I love this girl) 

--John, of The Adventures of Daddy Runs A Lot. Such a great blogger. And friend. If you're not following any guys, this one here is a great start. I love when he talks blog. Love it so much. John, with "The Direction of My Blog."

--And this will blow your mind. Brought to my attention, thanks to the with-it-ness of Ann Imig. A parenting piece on the spoiled children of America, and the consequences of such. In The New Yorker. And, yeah: a must read.

--Still laughing/dying over this bit of genius from The Onion: "Keith Richards's Housekeeper Steeling Herself Daily For Past Thirty Years To Walk In And Find Keith Dead."  *dying*

Love you guys. Enjoy this summer! xo

**Need some parenting reassurance? Want to see my serious side? Come over to and follow my weekly parenting column. Yeah -- I've learned a few things in 17 years of parenting.xo


  1. happy monday to you empress...its the summer so anything goes...hope e had a great weekend...we had rather a bit of fun outside...we went watersliding down waterfalls and then tubing several miles down the river...all in an effort to stay cool....any way, hope the week starts well in your house...

  2. Happy Monday, July, Everything. I feel so out of touch. Miss you. Catching up with my first stops to these recommended reads. xoxo

  3. Can't wait to check those out - thanks!

  4. So happy to be listed among so much awesome, by someone who bleeds awesome :-)

    Thank you, Empress.

  5. That Keith Richards article - oh my. Imagine the daily stress. LOL I shouldn't laugh, it's sad really, but laugh I did!

  6. Wait a minute.

    Keith Richards is still alive?

    (Ha! Either way I love your icymi picks, A. You are the very best.)

  7. OK, so far 2 for 2: I read the seriously unsettling New Yorker article AND The Flying Chalupa's post. Both struck nerves, so thanks Empress of good taste. And Ann Imig. Now on to check out John. The Onion headline was funny too.

  8. Nor to be mean or anything, b u t, Kieth Richard is still alive????!!!!!

    Really, honestly, what I'm dying to know is: what are monikinis????!!!!

  9. Absence of alternativesTuesday, July 10, 2012

    Just read the article in new yorker. Great recommendation! Also am now feeling the urge to go beat up my teenage boy...

  10. The Onion is hilarious. And Daddy Runs A Lot always leaves me chuckling too.

  11. I am heading out to read! They sounds like amazing posts!

  12. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll be interested to read the New Yorker article.



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