Friday, July 6, 2012

Too Much Internet Can Make You Feel Too Normal

The days of questioning angst, hours spent madly scribbling away in the pages of my seventh grade diary of How No Single Living Soul in this universe could possibly understand what it feels like to be meee. Introspection's weight upon my fragile esteem as I would determinedly search my mind for the perfect words that would fill in that day's journal entry; words that would come as close as possible to describing my feelings exactly. This pretty much describes how I would spend my Saturday afternoons when I was twelve years old. For me, who else was there to talk to that would understand, besides me?

If the internet, and facebook, and twitter, and texting had existed back in the days of Charlie's Angels, would I have grown up to be someone who writes to connect?

It's a question I ponder today at Aiming Low. With the immediacy and ease of today's instant virtual connection, maybe our children don't have to turn inward to find someone who understands them anymore. Is Social Media making our kids feel too normal? Let me know what you think, at Aiming Low, where mediocrity is what we hope for.

**I Hope your Fourth was great!


  1. My opinion of social media for the younger generation isn't positive. I think they spend entirely too much time connecting online, texting and tweeting and not enough time connecting to the things that matter... like family.

  2. Ahhh good ole teenage angst. O_o

    I'm going to have to agree with Ms. A. Way too much time seems to be spent online rather than developing real life social skills. Do kids still climb trees nowadays?

  3. What's a tree? Sorry Vixen, couldn't resist.

    I love how you stop by my blog and do serial commenting on my last three posts. Always the best when you come by.

  4. I love the questions you bring up here. the way I interpret it, you are asking whether the immediacy of being connected all the time could stop someone from looking within, from being introverted? I would have to say no, not really. If anything, I believe online communication helps create a lot of eloquent introverts who would have otherwise not been able to speak out loud. Of course, after blabbering about above, I suspect that I am answering the wrong question.

  5. Is it normal that my girlfriends and I used to dress up like Charlie's Angels and run around pretending to shoot bad guys?

    On second thought, don't answer that.
    I'm off to Aiming Low.



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