Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How To Be Cool In Another Language

There is such mystery and seductiveness that surrounds those that know another language. Something about words that you don't know said with an accent so different from yours, that piques your interest and draws you to them, leaving you wanting to be so close to that person.

I'm happily visiting the brilliant blogger, Nancy Kho, at her always interesting blog, MidLife MixTape, where I'm guest posting today, handing out tantalizing tidbits of phrases you can quickly learn to say *and be sexy* in another language.

Be hot and BA before tonight's baked chicken and mushroom dinner is set on the table. Come visit at MidLife MixTape for Colombianisms, 101.

Te veo pronto, chica.



**Holy cow! My post is syndicated at BlogHer today! I'm lucky enough to receive an email telling me a post I submitted to BlogHer is being syndicated. It is always a thrill to have a post picked up for the pages there ... validation of the highest order. If you feel like it, please stop by and sparkle/comment/read/tweet/hurray it. Thank you.

And THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH, BlogHer. You have added so much to my life.


  1. On my way there - I could use the help since I mostly know phrases about bathrooms and grandmothers...

  2. But will I be able to pull out the appropriate accent when needed like Alex Trebeck?

  3. I spend my time interpreting for my supervisors. I. AM. A Boss Whisperer.

  4. I taught my kids that everyone who speaks with an accent knows two languages.

  5. Oh, off I get... German was never known to be a very sexy language so I could stand to learn a few pointers from you!

    XOXO and I've missed you, sunshine.



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