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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dead Sea Whaaaa?

Last Spring Break, instead of going away on vacation, we decided to stay home and hit up all the museums and other things we never seem to have time for during the year. My husband and I didn't tell our three boys the next day's agenda, and the kids would find out the day's plans on that morning. Made for some frustration, but also provided that awesome element of surprise. Surprise makes any occasion special. Every morning they'd wake up and ask with true enthusiasm, Where are we going today? Baby E would be the most excited, things are still new to him. With every disclosed plan over breakfast, he'd pump his fist in the air and shout, Yes! We'd clean up the table, pack snacks, and go.

One day during the week our plans were to see The Dead Sea Scrolls. This trip required planning, advance ticket purchase, arriving at a specified time: a real coordinated effort and I was so excited to tell them. We are going to see The Dead Sea Scrolls! I announced while waving our tickets over their corn flakes.

I had to order the tickets for the exhibit two weeks ago and the exhibit is on loan from FOUR separate museums, along with private collectors. This exhibit has taken years of international negotiations, and cost a great deal of money in terms of insurance and being on loan. Cool, huh? I caught my breath but my eyes were still on fire. My mood was contagious, and they were fascinated. Baby E seemed to ponder the information, but with a quizzical look in his eye.

This exhibit contains articles that are over 2,000 years old! I had all their eyes and ears. These articles were stored in tall clay jars. A shepherd found them when he was throwing rocks down a cave. He said that every time he threw a rock into a cave's opening, he'd hear the shattering of a clay pot.  They stared at me, waiting for my next word. All in all, they found eleven caves full of these tall clay receptacles. When they opened the jars, do you know what they found? They found some contained the Dead. Sea. Scrolls! Still no peep from Baby E, I did find it unusual that the fist pump was absent to the day's featured event. Had he become jaded by all the fantastic fun awesome mama had planned?

While in the car on our way, the chatter continued.

Mom, how did they hold the scrolls together?

Mom, how do they know they found all the scrolls?

We can ask those questions when we get there, I told the older two boys.

I glanced in the rear view mirror, trying to catch Baby E's face. He was just taking in the conversation, but looked ill at ease.

You feeling okay, Baby E?

Yes, mom. But how do you know we'll like this?

Because it's over 2,000 years old! Cool, huh?

I guess so.

We finally arrived at the museum and rushed in to pick up our special Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit tickets at the will call Box.

Ah! The tickets! Let's go!

Everyone ran ahead, but you know who dragged behind.

What is wrong, honey? I studied Baby E's eyes for a hint.

Nothing. But, are you sure every one wants to see this?

Oh, yeah, this is huge, I explained, Big stuff. Like the kind of thing you'll tell your kids about.

He walked on, not saying much, holding my hand tightly. We waited in our assigned queue for the 10:30 exhibit showing.

There's a lot of people here, aren't there? I said, in attempts to get a conversation going with him.

Yeah. I just can't believe everyone wants to see this. He sounded so skeptical.

Of course! I said, who wouldn't be interested? Just think, 2000 years old!

He quietly chewed his upper lip as we waited. Mom, is that all we're going to see? he wanted to know.

Is that all? I echoed incredulously. We'll be here an hour, reading about the discovery, and how they pieced everything together. You'll love it -- I'll tell you about everything we'll look at. We'll even get the audiophone guided tour, alright? He still didn't seem reassured.

The velvet ropes were unclasped, and it was finally our turn to enter the exhibit. The mystic music was playing in the background, there were painted sand dunes on the walls, there were the placards, the grainy photos of the initial discovery, the stories, and finally, at the end, the clay jars! With the Dead Sea Scrolls!

Baby E stood in the middle of the exhibit, hands up in the air. Well, where are they?! His exasperated voice broke the silence in the exhibit.

They're all right here, I shushed him, see them?

No. Where are they? The dead sea squirrels you said we were going to see today. The ones they found 2,000 years ago? 

I give you Exhibit A-----The DEAD Sea Squirrel as in, the amphibious creature that lives both on land AND sea, and that has been DEAD for 2,000 years.

I won't even tell you how much he didn't enjoy the laughter he brought to that entire hall that morning.



Thursday, February 16, 2012

But It's Not A Gun




And my collective 17 years experience with this.

No boys? Come read what it's like.

Then send me flowers.

My post up today, at Aiming Low, How to call it a gun when mom says no guns.

Hope to see you there.


**HEY! Have you all met Lynn from AllFookedUp ? She writes a blog where there is never a dull moment. She also features funny bloggers on her Thursday series, Go Ahead, Amuse me. She invited me to guest post there, and my post is up today, where I talk about striking out with my pick up lines at the mom's meat market: the park. Stop on over and get to know Lynn, and email her your own funny post to be featured on her Go Ahead, Amuse Me Thursday series.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

We Return To Our Regularly Scheduled Program

First day of school for my three today, I miss them, but I know everyone is happy to be where they are right now.

Including this blog, which is back to our Thursday Bring The Funny? She Can series, where I feature what I feel is a golden nugget of a funny blogger. A blogger I know you will be happy you've met.  Because these people need to be outed!

Today's feature is TWFKAB, or the blog The Woman Formerly Known As Beautiful. And I'm with her husband, who calls her blog name an attempt to "fishing for compliments" action, because I had the joy of meeting this funny lady at BlogHer, and she is still beautiful.

With not a stitch of make up on. I shudder at the bald eagle eyed appearance I'd have made at BlogHer sans any face spackle.

But, no matter: she is funny, forget the gorgeous--we are here to feature the funny.

Her name is Shannon Colleary. And I'd follow her just because it's so fun to say that name in my Lucky Charms voice, "Shannon Colleary." Love saying that. TWFKAB describes herself as a former actress turned L.A. screenwriter...her posts are like mini stories.

You can follow her on twitter at @shannoncolleary and get lots of interaction from her, along with straight out tweets, like this:



8 Aug


6 Aug

Funny, funny lady to follow on twitter, and she never ignores your tweets. A nice touch.

Shannon was a BlogHer '11 Voice of The Year Honoree for her post, Celebrity Stalkers. A classic, sophisticatedly funny post. She writes with a brain, you'll notice that right away.

And if you want to read what the worst pick up line on the dance floor in 1991 was, go here.

If you're crushing on a mommy online, or at the playground, Shannon offers you some mom on mom flirting tips with her post "Mommy Flirting."

But, if pressed to give ONE reason to follow TWFKAB, it'd be this one: she is someone who doesn't pretend to be anything she's not. Her post here, "I Love You, Lucy.." goes right to me, where I know just what she's talking about. 

The Woman Formerly Known As Beautiful is still beautiful, and will always be beautiful, because she is without a presumptious bone in her body.

How can this be? Beautiful? In L.A.? Funny? And just a nice person?

I don't know, but get to know Shannon, she'll feel like an instant best friend.

I leave you with this teaser, from the BlogHer Voice Of The Year honoree post, "Celebrity Stalkers" 

".....Case in point.  Last week after rolling my kids out of the minivan at school I took refuge in the Urth Cafe on Beverly Drive.  I was just about to enjoy a sugary, caffeinated drink derived from a chai-type bush, when I found myself put upon by Katie Holmes.  I was forced to sit right next to her.  It wasn't my fault, there were no other open seats.

I struck an aloof demeanor.

Still, I could sense that Katie desperately wanted to speak to me.  She was in the clutches of some frowzy woman who was probably a Scientology stooge ready to taze the starlet should she have any independent thought and Katie seemed desperately lonely...[READ MORE HERE]


Comments closed, please click over and meet Shannon for yourself.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bring the Funny? Daphne Can

I begin my mornings with a visit to one of my very first blog loves,; one of my favorite favorite blogs. When I saw this video at her site, I knew I had to repost it here.

"Daphne the Explorer" is  Daphne Brogdon, her blog is coolmom. Daphne was one of my first friends on the internet, and she helped me through a tough year. She is beautiful, very funny, kind and down to earth.

Her blog is very, very funny videos of  life and parenting  moments. She sneaks in a bit of adorable sappy every now and then, but Daphne can work a video like you wouldn't believe.As a reader commented there,"Just wanted to say that i was having one of those horrid days and a friend showed me your site and i have had a smile on my face since thanks for brightening my day…."

That's exactly what every video there does for me, too. I leave with a smile on my face.

Daphne is a stand up comedian, mom of two, and also hosts TV Guide Channel's weekly series The Fashion Team. She is married to the fantastic L.A. Chef, Mark Peel, who is executive chef/owner of Campanile Restaurant and co-founder of La Brea Bakery. He has appeared on Top Chef, and Good Bite. When Mark's latest cookbook, "New Classic Family Dinners" was released and I purchased it, he was kind enough to sign a copy for me.

She is always funny. This funny. You're my girl, Daphne. And I think you are a Bring The Funny--She Can instant classic.

You will love this blogger.

COMMENTS CLOSED. Please visit and see what I mean: she brings the funny.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bringing The Funny: This One Can

I strive to be professional in the relationship I have with the bloggers chosen here for Bring The Funny? They Can Thursday feature.

Professional with a capital P.

I don't want to be accused, or have it be whispered, that there is favoritism, or, worse yet: that only curly headed bloggers are picked. I am NOT like that. I love all hair headed people: even if they're straight and swingy (the hair or them.)

But, this one.. this one? Things got messy--she got me.

I fell hard for @jillsmo.  

I just want to sit next to her on the sofa and hold her hand, and try to stroke her curly massed head, and share trials and tribulations, with some gin and tonics thrown back...<oh, look at me, trying to be cool. Who am I trying to kid? I can't throw back G&T's...I get the jello legs.>

Jillsmo writes Yeah.Good Times. And I loved her own words profile:   


My Photo
I have 2 beautiful boys: Child 1 is 9 and has autism. Child 2 is 5 and OMGDOESN'T. I have this blog because lots of random shit goes through my head throughout the normal course of a day and I need a place to put it. Mostly I just ramble incoherently about nothing. I also curse a lot. Sorry, Mom.
Just my type. EXACTLY my type.  Who can explain chemistry or the siren's call of a like minded soul?

@Jillsmo is someone to follow on twitter, only if you hope to always find a friend who can make you laugh that messy snortle guffaw:


14 Jun

Jillsmo has been in a book (see page 125 here)  

Her posts? Always ready to give her the "Queen of You Better Put on the Depends before you stop here."

My first vlog! Well, actually not really.

I've got some blogging buddies who have been bugging the shit out of me to make a vlog (video blog). Yeah, that is so not gonna happen, sisters. I've got a face that's perfect for radio and anonymous blogging, no damn way any of you are gonna see it. (I can't help but notice that the one person who has been bugging me the most is really effin' hot. Don't think I didn't notice that about you, Jess).

Okay, so Saturday night I was drunk (I KNOW, right?????) and decided to make a video of me playing Rock Band. There's no bass part in this song so hubs held the camera. Before you watch it, though, some disclaimers: Did I mention I was  (READ MORE HERE)

Jillsmo writes with the treasure of an ability of making you feel understood. As though you've weathered something together, that binds you.

Once you follow this girl, you just can't quit her.

Mostly because she'll hunt you down. She's ballsy like that.

I love you, Jillsmo!!



You'll fall hard.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bring The Funny? Oh, This One Does

Oh! You want to know more about me? Really? That's awfully swell of you. I'm Shari and I'm a chronic Fabulous-chaser. Once I even confessed out loud that I wished I had Type A+ blood because A just wasn't good enough. Yes, I am exhausting. And exhausted. (But that might just be because I popped two babies in my 40's and now understand why the girls in Little-House-on-the-Prairie days had kids by the time they were 15.) I write this blog for all those moms I adore, the ones who can't give up the fight to be Fabulous and are slowly coming to terms with being Almost.

It's Bring The Funny? She Can Thursdays here today. Where I share, since it's the only right thing to do, the fabulous talented, funny, pee in your pants hilarious, bloggers I have been lucky enough to find.

They make my world better.

Today's featured blogger is Dusty, of Earth Mother Just Means I'm Dusty, aka @DustyEarthMom

Our story is a love story.

I followed Shari to her home, Earth Mother Just Means I'm Dusty, after reading one of her essays on the internet.  Dang, the woman was funny.

It was snowy, cold, January here, and I sat, holding my coffee mug in my hands to try and make me think I was warm. Her post that day was on her morning: how at the buttcrack of dawn, the doorbell rings, on of her many baby pugs (she is a pug lover to the level of concern, IMHO) had gotten his blue collar tangled up in her fantastic red hair during the night (since, you know, she SLEEPS WITH HER DOGS) and PuggyBaby goes jumping out of bed to defend the castle taking her scalp along with him.

I was slapping my knee and just about needed my son's inhaler with all the wheezing and chortling I was doing at the visual she left me with.

I commented, she visited, I visited, she commented, and we have been that way ever since.

She was my first follower. And she accidentally made her MAMA ROSE my second follower.

She loves me as if I were a pug. Big pugloves me.

Following Dusty on twitter? oh, a gas: @dustyearthmom

Shari Simpson

31 May

Her posts? Like one of those people you know who is really funny but they don't know they're funny. Which is one of the best kinds of funny:

Shut Up and Get Me a Harvey Wallbanger

1. I grew up in a suburb of Chicago in the 60's and 70's. My dad was a Chicago fireman and my mom was a hairdresser/waitress/belly dancer.
DIFFERENCE: I am not a bellydancer. Thank God my husband doesn't stifle my creativity so badly that I rebel by wearing veils and a navel jewel. However, I do occasionally walk around with dollar bills stuffed into my bra. He likes that.
2. A sample dinner conversation between my parents generally went something like this: DON: "What the hell is this?" ROSE: "It's Chicken Kiev." DON: "What the hell is Chicken Kiev?" ROSE: "Can't you just try something new once in a while?" DON: "Shut up and get me a Harvey Wallbanger."
DIFFERENCE: A sample dinner conversation between me and my husband generally goes something like this: HUSBAND: "What's this?" ME: "It's Walnut-Lentil Loaf, a tasty vegetarian alternative to meat loaf." HUSBAND: "So there's no actual meat in it." ME: "Right. That would be the 'vegetarian' aspect I just mentioned." HUSBAND: "So it's not really meat loaf." ME: "Right. That would be the 'alternative' aspect I just mentioned." HUSBAND: "Okay. Yum."
3. My father used to write the date with his finger on dusty shelves to [READ MORE HERE]*********

Dusty is more than I can tell you here. Witty, talented, so funny, and a good woman. In fact, jewels are being pounded into her crown as we speak.

Comments Closed here, so you'll pay Dusty a visit.

Further enticement? She read for the part of Molly Ringwald in Breakfast Club. Yeah, she's that kind of cute.

I love you, Dusty. xo

Happy Bring The Funny Thursday!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bring It

Finding The Humor

Without sounding too allthat, I am so happy with the rep that Bring The Funny? She Can, is getting.

Seriously. There was a fantastic tweet last week that had me beaming: "Sold. I will follow all your recs from now on."

Thank you, and oh, yeah, how I appreciate that.

To do a feature on another blogger takes me a little over 2 hours of solid time. I read their posts, I skip around, I see what the comments say, I scour their tweets, I rearrange the info back over here.

It's solid time. And to know that people are really liking it, and really enjoying meeting bloggers they may not have come across, it's worth the time for me.

And blah blah blah, with all that, to say, Welcome! To Bring The Funny? She Can.  A Thursday feature where I highlight a blogger I've been following that genuinely makes me laugh out loud. Not computer acronym LOL, but real life Funnnnnneeeee.

Today, please meet Melinda, from Finding the Humor.

Here, let Melinda tell you about herself: "I talk too much. Since everyone I know is tired of listening, I have turned to the internet to find a new audience. Feel free to turn the volume down if I'm too loud.
I began following Melinda about a year ago. What makes her so fun, just like what makes things funny, is the unexpectedness there. Her blog looks so sweet, and then you read her posts and it's stuff like this:

Soul Train Dancer Wannabe

Growing up during the exciting emergence of old school hip hop, I fondly remember the very first 45 record I bought with my own money: Double Dutch Bus. Hold on, I have to sing a few lines…

…There’s a double dutch bus comin’ down the street
Movin’ pretty fast, so kinda shuffle your feet…
Good times.
I looked forward to Saturday morning’s Soul Train and danced around the living room and down a pretend line of observers cheering me on.

Yes I have done break dancing…sort of

Ok not the spin on your head kind. A close friend of mine was (and still is) a rockin’ DJ who was a dancer in the only white break dancing group I knew of in the area. We’re talking the Grandmaster Flash days! There is a lot of pressure when your dance partner is that good, so I actually learned enough of the robot, cabbage patch, and running man to spoof them along with 2 other girls for a church youth group talent show. Strangely enough that never came up as a required skill in a job interview.

My kids wonder why I score so high on those moves on the Kinect dancing game. Shh…secret.[READ MORE HERE]
A woman as dorky as me. I love it.

Twitter? Need I even say ANYthing? Of course, look at this:


Sometimes the stars line up just right and a friend sends you a Wonder Woman swimsuit. Can't wait to horrify the kids!!
30 Apr

Every post is a good one. On twitter, @findingthehumor, Melinda will crack you up. 

Add Melinda to your reader, follow her on twitter. What good is it to be alive if you're missing out on even one funny person?

Right? I thought so.

And, you're welcome.


You guys are the best!  Happy Thursday! 

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Oh Yah. Bring It.

It's Bring The Funny? She Can Thursdays: where I'll be showcasing fantastically funny humor bloggers that I've been secretly, and guiltily, keeping to myself.

As I promised during blogoversary week, I'm going to be mature this New Blogging Year, and share them with you. Because it's the right thing to do. The world needs me to do this. Also? It weighed heavily upon my soul.

Bring the Funny? She Can Thursdays is thrilled and full of bloggy crushness to showcase {nicegirlnotes}.

I can't remember how I found her, but I do remember falling in laughterlove with the first post I read there. It was How To Dance in Polite Social Situations.  Cracked my a** up.

After that, I spent about an hour that flew by over at her site, on her Best Of page.

It doesn't hurt that she's adorable, too.

So, you may wonder, what makes {nicegirlnotes} so unique? Just another AMAZINGLY funny blogger, right?

Well, she is also CRAFTY. Not as in like a fox, but as in projects that are very cool.

Check out this How To Make A Portable Crayon Holder For The Sake Of All Mankind! yeah!

I've told you that she's funny, crafty, but {nicegirlnotes} also can tell a story in a way that will make you pee your pants. Like the one she tells in Culotte Hell.

I subscribe to her by email, because I don't want to miss a post. Posts like these that are just too wonderful:

When I was a kid, I had brief encounters with different “lessons.”  Piano lessons when I was 3 (ended because my teacher moved away), art lessons when I was 9 (ended because she refused to teach me how to draw stick figures OR because I hated it), exactly one guitar lesson (ended because he was rather creepy and my ever-trusting mom finally acquired a ‘stranger danger’ sensor), and I finally stuck with karate for a few years.  (Seriously?  Don’t challenge my nunchuck skills.) [READ MORE HERE]

You can follow this little cutie at {}

And, of course, she is just as awesome on twitter @NiceGirlNotes

Roo {NiceGirlNotes}

Oh dang, I have 777 followers on Twitter. NO ONE unfollow me. And no one new follow me. I've reached Twitter-Nirvana.
12 hours ago

You'll be lured in by the tutorials (the drawer doll house), but you'll become a full-on follower because of the humor (dancing lessons.)

I know, I find the best. No need to thank me, now, go and follow the funny, witty, smart {nicegirlnotes}.


You guys are awesome, thank you!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bring The Funny? She Can...

It's You Must Get To Know Thursdays: where I'll be showcasing fantastically funny humor bloggers that I've been secretly, and guiltily, keeping to myself.

As I promised during blogoversary week, I'm going to be mature this New Blogging Year, and share them with you. Because it's the right thing to do. The world needs me to do this. Also? It weighed heavily upon my soul.

Bring the Funny? She Can Thursdays is thrilled and full of bloggy crushness to showcase Partly Sunny.   She is today's You Must Get To Know.

Here's the thing about Partly Sunny: she makes me laugh and I like her.

I mean, I like the other amazing Funny Women that have been featured on Thursdays, too, of course...but something feels so familiar about Sunny--I just feel like I know her.

This, from Sunny's About page:  "I started this blog anonymously as "Sunny" or "PartlySunny" in April of 2009 because I blogged all day in my head anyway. "  I mean, you can't help but start laughing at her truthliness. (yes, my blog, I can make up my words.)

Sunny isn't always any one style, any one way. She'll drop things on you, that you don't see coming...which is the kind of thing that will always make me laugh. Like, this: from her "In Short" page:

"Snowboarding goes like this: Ow, my wrists, ow, my ass, ow, my wrists, ow, my ass. It's like a day in prison." 

Of course, she's wonderful on twitter @partlysunnyblog:

"My Google reader is a mess. It's like my form of hoarding."

Here's a peek at how great it is to follow her:

Sacrificial Lamb

If you're a skier, you know there are two cardinal rules of taking kids up the hill for the first time -- go when the weather is good and don't go when it's too crowded. Actually, if you've been a parent for more than about a year, you've usually figured out this general rule for most things (I say a year because until then, you're still clinging to a fantasy world where children fit into your previous lifestyle and can just be carted around like luggage).... [READ MORE HERE]

Please, please, you don't have to thank me. I know. I find THE BEST.

Enjoy! Happy Thursday!

Comments Closed Here because it would be SO extra special and nice if you go visit and leave some bloggy love to this week's crush: Partly Sunny

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bringing The Funny: They Can

It's You Must Get To Know Thursdays: where I'll be showcasing  fantastically funny humor bloggers that I've been secretly, and guiltily, keeping to myself.

As I promised during blogoversary week, I'm going to be mature this New Blogging Year, and share them with you. Because it's the right thing to do. The world needs me to do this. Also? It weighed heavily upon my soul.
We have adhoc mom as the Feature Funny today. And they are Thu-Ree ladies. Funny x 3. THREE LADIES doling out the fun, batting off each other, each one trying to act like they don't care if they're the funniest one or not, which makes them ALL the funniest.

Bring the Funny? She Can Thursdays is thrilled and full of bloggy crushness to talk about adhoc mom. They are today's You Must Get To Know.

In their own words:
Adhoc mom is Paula, a Brooklyn based literary agent who happily traded in a few pairs of unreasonable heels for sensible clogs.
Adhoc Mom #2 is Tonya, who used to bore fellow party guests with talk of biotechnology and contemporary art, now she lulls strangers into a trance with talks of toilet training and any facts she can retain about Yo Gabba Gabba.
Finishing off the trio is Carrie--when her son is awake, the tools of her trade are raisins, Nick Jr. on Demand, play dates, and non-judgmental mom friends.

This is Carrie: 

Please, please, you don't have to thank me. I know. I find THE BEST. Enjoy! Happy Thursday!

While the Cat is Away, the Mice Will Rat You Out


My husband had to go to Hong Kong for business this week, which is completely amazing for him and completely de-mazing for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I feel completely sorry for him that he has to sit alone, undisturbed, for 16 hours while people only talk to him to say “sir, can I get you a drink?” My heart breaks a little, too, when I think of the church-like quiet of a business-grade hotel room with nothing but an internet connection and television to distract him from his grief. I also wipe away a tear when I think how he doesn’t get a home cooked meal and has to choke down the meager culinary offerings of a rich, thriving and world-class city...  [read more...]

 Comments Closed Here because I want you to go THERE and leave them some love

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bring The Funny? She Can...

Lori Dyan

It's Get To Know Thursdays: where I'll be showcasing some fantastic, funny, humor bloggers that I've been secretly, and guiltily, keeping to myself.

As I promised during blogoversary week, I'm going to be mature this New Blogging Year, and introduce you to these fantastic bloggers. Because it's the right thing to do. The world needs more humor.
Lori Dyan  is the feature funny lady today, on Bring the Funny? She Can Thursdays. She is a blogger you Must Get To Know.

If I were to link up every post of Lori's that has made me actually laugh out loud, not just the acronym LOL....this post would go down as one of the longest I've ever put up.

Lori is that kind of funny. Laugh Out Loud kind of funny.

The giggly, guilty pleasure, "Oh...She IS waaaay bad" funny.

You can start here --where you will have to click and see the woman she calls Miss BJ--who also happens to be her lookalike.

Lori makes me feel like I'm at a 7th grade slumber party, all over again, where the girl who knows everything we're not supposed to know about, has me in a corner telling it all to me...while I take it in, wild eyed and gaping mouthed.

See if you don't agree, with this post here.  Nothing like a little yeast imbalance talk.

She is hilarious on her blog, and to follow @RestlessLori on twitter?

::Just mistook new naturopath's rock garden for a parking spot. #firstimpressionfail 6 hours ago::

Very Good Times. 

Stop over and meet Lori. I can't tell you enough what a very funny woman she is.


The Return of Stinky McSmelly Pits

by Lori Dyan

I recycle. I compost. I use SLS-free shampoo and I even buy organic if it’s on sale. But I’ve recently learned that my loyalty to all things environmental has limits, and those limits begin and end with my armpits.

I’d heard the scary statistics linking the aluminium content of antiperspirants and breast cancer, so I decided to try out a more natural alternative. The lady at my local health food store recommended a crystal deodorant. I was skeptical that a chunk of salt could keep rank odours away, but decided to give it a try.

The following morning I applied it vigorously under each arm. By lunch I felt wet and sticky (and not in a good way) so I re-applied. By dinner I reeked..[ READ MORE HERE ]


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Get To Know Thursdays

Featured Humor Blogger: TheSuniverse
During Blogoversary week last week, [which was so much fun, thank you], I announced a weekly Thursday feature that I'll be hosting here.

It's called Get To Know Thursdays: where I'll be showcasing some fantastic, funny, humor bloggers that I've been secretly, and guiltily, keeping to myself.

I'm going to be mature this new Blogging Year, and introduce you to them. Because it's the right thing to do. The world needs more humor.

This week's featured humor blogger  is TheSuniverse. 

And you'll have to get used to calling her TheSuniverse, because she prefers to remain Sunonymous. I wish I were funny enough for that to be my joke, but it's hers.

I followed Suniverse home from a tweet. [She's a lot of F.U.N. on twitter, you'll need to follow her @thesuniverse ]

She tweeted out this post.

With this post? Instant kindred spirits. She spoke a language that I understood. She spoke it like a long lost college girlfriend that would make me laugh hard enough for beer spit ups. Beer spit ups are good, people.

That post had me smiling for a long time, I thought I'd just go back again and revisit, whenever I felt the need for a good laugh. And, then, Sunny comes back at me with this one.

More guffaws and knee slapping from me, oh, yeah, I was serious about this girl now.I was following, I was RTing. I had stars in my eyes over that post.

Then, she moves in with the killer, and I'm just about to pack up and move across the street from her house.

All with this one.

I had already promised to love her till the day I die, and then she still seals the deal with this post on being assaulted by a bug and its eventual death at the hand of her boobs. Her.boobs. Oh, and this post on getting stuck on the phone with a longtalker. CanNOT miss that one.

What does TheSuniverse say about herself? Let her tell you, herself:

No sugar coating, just the real thing. And, as I said earlier, it's like finding that one college girlfriend you had, that you now miss so much. The one that would make you laugh hard enough for beer spit ups.

I love you, girl.

Stop over, say hi, and meet TheSuniverse. There's really no one out there like her. And, now, I don't have to miss my college friend anymore.

I introduce you to, TheSuniverse:

Because you would have asked me anyway

I tend to write more about myself and my crazy here than about anything else.  But I do have interests and opinions beyond worrying that I was allergic to the new pinconning cheese I picked up on the recommendation of my cheese lady [Of course I have a cheese lady. You don't have one? GET ONE!] to put in my mac & cheese and then not only not eating any of the mac & cheese, even though I forced myself to take a bite of the pinconning, which subsequently made me stand in the bathroom looking at myself in the mirror, staring diligently at my face to make sure that I wasn't swelling from an allergic reaction but which only made me realize that my features are lopsided so maybe I'm not allergic, I'm just a Harlequin mask . . . I have no idea where I was going with this [READ MORE HERE]  ....


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 6 Of The Blogoversary---No, Say It Isn't So.

Day 6 of Shake It Shake It--I'm going to miss this lady

Awwwww...Say It Ain't so...Say It Ain't So...Day 6 of blogoversary week. 

Thank you ALL for being here, you made this so much fun.

During this week of truly celebrating how amazing blogging has been in my life, I have decided to use this time to introduce a new weekly series here:

"Get To Know" Thursdays.

This Thursday series will be about the people I've met, that bring the funny.

Humor is necessary in my life. I've blogged, here and there--no real details, on the importance of laughter to me, and to my home. I may depend on it more than most, I know this. It's why I keep the PPD button up on my site.

Humor, to me, is more than just telling a joke. It eases my day, it takes the edge off of a tense situation, it builds intimacy like that, it stimulates, it relaxes, and makes me feel at peace--all at the same time.

I am drawn to funny people, and feel an instant kinship with them.

There is a release, and a relief, with humor. When you are barely hanging on, because of life's battles, there is humor, to provide you the respite you need. Sometimes, you just need a 3 minute break from it all. Just a mini vacation.

My love, for the people, that can clear my mind from the grey clouds, even if only for the time that I'm there, is why I've decided to start "Get To Know Thursdays."

The very first blogger in this series is FranceRants. I met France, through a tweet from Ann Imig, where she invited us to follow France. I clicked over, read this post, and became a follower.

The next week, I read this, and became a regular.

I hopped around, and then did decaf coffee spits ups  to these fave posts of hers:

Silent Birth Rant.   Ohmygosh. Do you love to laugh out loud? I do. And I was slapping my knee on this one. I know, I know, I'm a dork that slaps my knee when something is funny. But, this take on Kelly Preston's silent birth story killed me.

Then, there was France's Sandra Lee Rant. How she describes what her niche would be on The Food Network Channel is one smartass sentence after another. I knew I liked this woman, no doubt, after this post.

Her latest post, is previewed here:   Meditation Rant

How did a lesson in meditation get me kicked out of a 60th birthday party?

Well, let me tell you…

In the summer of 2010, I had the unexpected opportunity to get a free meditation lesson by a trained professional.  It happened at my neighbor Evelyn's 4th of July party, where I met a couple that were another neighbor's friends from way back when.  Harmony and Ziggy (all names in this story have been changed mostly to protect me) were from Northern California and were the free loving hippie type, which is exactly what I'm not.

Their hippiness attracted me, so I approached Harmony and Ziggy and began bombarding them with questions (Are your shoes made from hemp?  Do you shave your armpits?  Is that a henna tattoo on your leg, or is it just dirt because you don't bathe often in effort to save water?).  Not only did Harmony and Ziggy tolerate me, they actually continued to talk to me and soon we were in a discussion regarding spirituality and meditation.  They revealed their thoughts on spirituality (Which, I still have no idea what they were talking about) and I revealed that I had just tried to read a book by Thich Nhat Hanh to learn more about meditation but only made it to the third paragraph.  [continued here ........ ]

You MUST  get to know FranceRants.

Seeing as we're all friends here, and confessing our humor dependencies and all.

Thank you, France, for kicking off the new and only series here, "Get To Know Her Thursdays."

Now, go, visit France, and finish up her Meditation Rant....

Only 2 days left of the Blogoversary Week. Yet to come: THE giveaway, and a nice little cherry on top of this wonderful sundae week, on Saturday. A sundae, even though it's Saturday. It's Okay.

THANK YOU, for being here. You don't know what it's meant.

Off with ye now, to France's...

love you guys, xo


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