Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bring The Funny? She Can...

It's You Must Get To Know Thursdays: where I'll be showcasing fantastically funny humor bloggers that I've been secretly, and guiltily, keeping to myself.

As I promised during blogoversary week, I'm going to be mature this New Blogging Year, and share them with you. Because it's the right thing to do. The world needs me to do this. Also? It weighed heavily upon my soul.

Bring the Funny? She Can Thursdays is thrilled and full of bloggy crushness to showcase Partly Sunny.   She is today's You Must Get To Know.

Here's the thing about Partly Sunny: she makes me laugh and I like her.

I mean, I like the other amazing Funny Women that have been featured on Thursdays, too, of course...but something feels so familiar about Sunny--I just feel like I know her.

This, from Sunny's About page:  "I started this blog anonymously as "Sunny" or "PartlySunny" in April of 2009 because I blogged all day in my head anyway. "  I mean, you can't help but start laughing at her truthliness. (yes, my blog, I can make up my words.)

Sunny isn't always any one style, any one way. She'll drop things on you, that you don't see coming...which is the kind of thing that will always make me laugh. Like, this: from her "In Short" page:

"Snowboarding goes like this: Ow, my wrists, ow, my ass, ow, my wrists, ow, my ass. It's like a day in prison." 

Of course, she's wonderful on twitter @partlysunnyblog:

"My Google reader is a mess. It's like my form of hoarding."

Here's a peek at how great it is to follow her:

Sacrificial Lamb

If you're a skier, you know there are two cardinal rules of taking kids up the hill for the first time -- go when the weather is good and don't go when it's too crowded. Actually, if you've been a parent for more than about a year, you've usually figured out this general rule for most things (I say a year because until then, you're still clinging to a fantasy world where children fit into your previous lifestyle and can just be carted around like luggage).... [READ MORE HERE]

Please, please, you don't have to thank me. I know. I find THE BEST.

Enjoy! Happy Thursday!

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