Monday, April 25, 2011

I Do Not Want To Get Out Of This Day

My mom puts streamers outside of our bedroom doors
It's a late Monday start. As Baby E said, "why does the week have to start with a Monday?"

It's Baby E Post day, and he wants to talk about his birthday last week. From the picture above, you can see that I hang streamers outside of their bedroom doors during the night, so that on their birthdays, they wake up to this as the first thing they see. I can't take the credit for this idea, I saw it in Family Fun Magazine years and years ago.

The kids love waking up to the streamers. They count on it.

Now, here we go, with Baby E 's birthday recap. Thank you so much for stopping by!!


It's me. This is a picture of me waking up on the morning of my birthday.

My favorite color is orange.

Orange. I love orange.

Well, for my birthday, I got this cool thing called a Fushigi. It's a hard clear ball.

It's really cool. Cuz you can make it look like it floats and stuff but it doesn't really. It's just like fake magic.
But it's still cool.

And nobody knows that it's fake magic.

Oh, yeah, and I also got a brand new DVD player. Me. And it's not one of those little kid ones. It's one of those big grown up ones. Like the ones where the screen can turn 360 degrees. And it has like a touch screen. It's a bar where you just touch. No pressing buttons.  Or anything.

And my brother got me a DVD for it. I love SpongeBob and he got me the best one. The Season Six Volume two one.

I also got some stuff for my Capsters. Capsters are bottlecap art. See, you get a background you cut out from a magazine and then you buy some charms, little plastic charms and then you glue them in the bottlecap with clear crystal glaze and you wait for them to dry.

Guess what? We had orange cake. With orange flavor frosting glaze. I love orange. And orange juice. And orange slices.

My favorite T shirt is orange.

And my favorite fleece is orange.

I got a bunch of cool books that I like. 

Oh, yeah, I need to talk to you guys about something. To your kids about something.

It's this cool thing called "moshi monsters."  It's really cool.

It's this online thing where you can pick a guy, pick a monster you want to be, and then you can walk around and play with friends and catch little things you call moshlings.  And, for my birthday, I got the Moshling guide so I know how I can get all the moshlings.

I want your kids to play it and not talk about it anymore.

Here's a picture of a monster you can be. My favorite is General Fuzuki, the warrior wombat.

You can have a house and it's free.There's a card game, too. A real one and one online. They're both the same practically, though. There's a cool map online so you can see where guys life and stuff and you can get money and stuff to buy cool things for your monster house. You can buy seeds to catch moshlings.

Supercool, but you need an email so you need to ask your parents before you can go on.

Bye. My mom is going to let me do my moshimonsters now.

Next week I will tell you about Easter and my favorite Easter basket surprise.

Oh, and thank you very much for saying Happy Birthday to me. Thank you.



  1. Sounds like you had a fantastic birthday, good for you!

  2. Sounds like you had a great day, Baby E. I'm going to have to check out that fake magic, magic ball, because I really like to fool my kids sometimes. Thanks for the tip.

    Oh, and I agree about Mondays. Today, I'm pretending it's Wednesday. Bye.

  3. Sounds like you had a great birthday.

    When I was a little girl my mom's favorite color was orange. We had an orange couch and orange carpet in the living room. The kitchen counters were orange, too. It was very bright but you might have liked it.

    Thanks for the tip about the moshi monsters. I'll show the link to my 8 year old.

  4. What a great birthday. I am going to have to use your mom's idea and start putting streamers in the doorway for my kids' birthdays too.

    I need to look up Fushigi, sounds really neat.

    Great to hear from you Baby E and can't wait to hear about your Easter!

  5. What a fabulous birthday, Baby E! Thanks for the tip on the online game, my boys will love it! And they also want that Fushigi ball. :)

  6. That really is some Super Cool stuff Baby E! Glad you had such a great birthday ; )

  7. I love the streamers outside the bedroom door. I've never had orange cake before. That DVD player sounds really cool.

  8. Sounds like a lot of fun. I love the streamers outside the bedroom door-awesome.

  9. It sounds like a Perfect your mom makes everything special. I love how u are celebrated and all your favorite things are given. Plus anyone who has a favorite color like Orange is totally cool in my book. Hoping your whole birthday month is fantastic

  10. Baby E, I feel the same way about Mondays too! So happy to hear that your birthday was awesome from the very beginning when you opened that door. Please tell your mom thanks for me because I am going to adopt that idea for my own two boys! Sometimes I wish my mom were more like your mom and I am 40 years old. :-) I do wonder whether my kids wish that their mom were more like someone else so perhaps that was a very nice thing for me to say...

  11. wooo hoooo

    Happy Birthday Kiddo

    Love all the orange too!

    that is all

  12. What an awesome birthday! Can I come live at your house for my birthday this year? ;)

  13. e,

    great to see you! sounds like you had a great birthday! love the streamer idea...and orange is such a cool color...we had a yellow SUV and it got wrecked and i told my wife the other day i wanted our next car to be orange.

    nice...moshi monsters sounds boys like to go online and play with their webkinz and go on for clone wars...

    hope you have a great monday!


  14. Sounds like you had a kickin' birthday, Baby E. And orange is a stellar color, one of my favorites. The cake sounded so delicious. Your mom was making my mouth water by telling me all about it on Twitter - wasn't that so mean of her? Next time, tell her to Fed Ex me some.

  15. Everything Orange, a DVD player and Spongebob toons? Birthday Awesomeness! (p.s. DoodleBob is my favorite episode, EVER).

  16. I love birthdays. I am happy yours was da bomb!

  17. Orange you glad your mom put streamers up for your birthday? Couldn't resist. I am so glad that you had a great birthday. Have you ever seen the movie "The Goonies"? It was my favorite growing up. Maybe your mom could rent it for your brand spanking new DVD player...hint hint ;)

  18. So orange and monsters...what about orange monsters?

  19. So glad it was a good day, Baby E! You need to come to Austin - LOTS of orange here. But it's burnt orange...

  20. Happy birthday!!! I think you should do a vlog with your Fugishi...

  21. I am so glad you had such a great birthday!

    I have seen the commercials for those Fushigi things and they look really cool.

    Capsters sound like fun. Do they come in a kit, or do you just make them? I think my daughter would really enjoy making some.

  22. Sounds like a wonderful birthday!

    I love the word Fushigi, the color orange (although yellow is truly my favorite) and the birthday streamers!

    So. Much. Fun! :)

  23. Thanks for letting us know how fun your birthday was! I love all things orange, too. I even had an orange car! It was kind of like driving a pumpkin. A really BIG pumpkin.

  24. Your...what do you call...moshimonster? Well, it resembles my son's Chilean Monkey. I think moshimonsters may have copied Chilean Monkey and now maybe I should be earning some money...
    I'm kidding! Love your posts buddy!

  25. Orange is my favorite color too. Happy Birthday!

  26. Aw, what a sweet way to start a birthday!

  27. Orange you glad it was your birthday?

    I'm sorry, E...I couldn't resist.

    Belated wishes to you!

  28. I love orange, too kiddo - Orange and Blue.
    Happy Belated!!

  29. happy birthday to you, birthday boy e!

    i think you would get along with my husband, he loves orange too. this year i am going to steal your mom's idea and hang orange streamers up - but i will do it on his car door instead of his bedroom door so he is surprised on the way to work!

    i think you and i would get along too - you collect capsters and i collect milk caps, which is almost sort of the same thing. kind-of.

    happy birthday again and can't wait to hear next week about easter!

  30. Your mom rules at this stuff. I'm a big fan of bd streamers too. Orange or even just toilet paper.

  31. Great Baby E birthday recap. Love the streamers. And great gifts.

  32. What a cool birthday! I love the streamers outside the bedroom door - I'm going to take that idea!

    I love Spongebob, too! And I love the pajama bottoms :)

  33. Orange rocks!! I love the streamers!! So glad you had a great birthday!!

  34. What a cool birthday you had Baby E. I like that streamer idea. We usually get the whole family together to wake the person up and sing them Happy Birthday first thing.

  35. i love the color orange.
    and i love how you give so much love to other writers and friends. no matter what your blog consultants say, what's special about this place is the generous energy of the publisher:)



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