Monday, April 4, 2011

I Consider This Day Seized

Me and my blue ribbon from my scout's Pinewood Derby

Monday, and Baby E post day. As he announced it earlier, "I had a great life today." Here's his week's highlights, and thank you so much for being a good friend to him. xo


It's me and this is going to be about a lot of stuff that was great.

We had a crazy storm yesterday and there was hail so we put a bowl outside to collect some. My mom ran outside to do it and it was so funny because she was running and we could hear her say, "ow ow owow ow OW!" when she was getting hit by the hail.

It was so cool to see the tiny balls of ice. My dad heard the hail hit the windows and jumped up in his pajamas and ran to put his car in the garage so it wouldn't get hit.

That was funny to see him run outside in his pajamas.

I like to play these games.

I like to play hobo stick, without the running away part. I like to get a big scarf and put all the stuff I like in it and then my mom helps me tie it around an empty long gift wrapping tube and I like to walk around the house and go outside with it and play hobo stick.

It is not dumb.

I like to play  police escort. This is not dumb, either. I like it a alot. I like to escort anybody in my house around, and be their police escort. I walk next to them and make the sounds myself and escort them to where they are going.  I like this game. My mom likes it and calls for a police escort upstairs. When someone calls, I make the sound and go get them. My brothers say that it's dumb.

It is not a dumb game.

I like to play businessman. And my dad told me I look real. I wear my dad's computer holding bag on myself and carry it around the house with my hat on. I do look real.

I think I want to talk about stuff I learned so you will tell your kids.

I think that when someone talks to you in their underwear that you don't pay attention. When my brother talks to me in his underwear about my games being dumb in his underwear, I don't pay attention.

Friday was great. My mom started me in Tae Kwon Do classes in February, and I am doing good.  I got tested for my yellow belt on Friday and got it and my teacher, you call him Master, said I am doing really good. And I was testing right after school, and my dad came home early to watch!

He saw me break a board and do my form and say my tenets and everything was perfect and I got my belt put on by the Master and my dad saw it.

Everyone laughed when I saw my dad come in and I said, "that is a well committed dad!"

On Friday, after the testing, we went to celebrate my new belt with french fries from McDonald's.

I was saying to myself, "Consider this day seized!"


It's still raining and thundering here.

I want to play outside soon.

My mom forgot to tell you that I had a part in church and I read it really well.



  1. Congratulations on your yellow belt. Keep it up...the tenets are very important and help you be an even more super-duper kid than you already are :)

    p.s. hit your parents up for Dairy Queen PLUS french fries next time. A belt is a big deal!

  2. You definitely seized the day, my friend. I just love days like that! :) Congratulations on your new belt!

  3. I'd hire Baby E to be my police escort any day!

  4. Hey dude:
    I love you, man. I think you're awesome. If you lived in WV, you and my son would be great friends. He's been doing karate since last fall. He likes to whittle sticks until they have a sharp point. Sharp enough so that when he throws them (out in the yard of course), they stick in the ground.
    I would tell your brother (if I were you) that only dumb people think other people's games are dumb. It's kind of like me telling my kids, "Only boring people get bored" when they tell me they're bored.
    Have a swell week. Continue siezing.

  5. We are SO collecting hail in a bowl the next time it hails. Your mom is one smart cookie. And you are no slouch yourself, Mr. Non-Running-Away-Hobo.

  6. I love your posts, Baby E! Keep writing! You always make me smile!

  7. its so cute that your son does kids think my blog is stupid

  8. Congratulations. Awesomeness, 100%. Love your writing!

  9. Wow Baby E,
    You have seriously awesome parents!
    I need to remember this stuff so when my daughter is your age I am cool too.
    How special that your mom ran outside and collected hail! I've never even thought to do that!
    And I must remember to always get off of work early for after school activity testing. Very important!
    You have taught me a lot here today Baby E!

  10. My son loves the hobo stick game!

    Once he said that he didn't want to have a bath for a few weeks so he could better get into "character."

    And that's awesome that you collected hail. Wouldn't it be cool to see it under a microscope before it melted?

  11. A yellow belt? Now Baby E is even more kickass than before.

    PS It doesn't surprise me that all of the games you like to play are "not dumb", because you are pretty awesome. I imagine that you only spend your time on things that are likewise awesome.

  12. Great job on getting your yellow belt! That's wonderful. And celebrating with fries? You can't beat that.

    My brother, sister and I used to play businesses when we were young. It was AWESOME. I suggest making up some business cards.

    Great job seizing the day.

  13. e,

    sounds like life is great! way to go on the pine wood derby and the yellow belt!

    oh we like imagination games too and hobo stick and police escort dont sound dumb at all. will have to intro my boys to them tonight.

    ha. yeah i have a hard time taking anyone in thier undewear seriously. smiles.

    hope you have a great day!


  14. Tell your mom that you need your own blog! No, Hobo Stick isn't dumb, it's really fun! Brothers always say stuff is dumb. It's their job. Nice work in the Pinewood Derby! My twin nephews (who are hilarious because they don't even look like BROTHERS, let alone twins) are working on their cars now. I'll tell them what you learned about no one will pay attention to you if you are in your underwear. They will love that!

  15. Baby E, you seized that day! And congrats on your Pinewood Derby ribbon, my son always loved his races.

    And I have to agree with you on the underwear thing. I find it totally impossible to take anyone seriously (or even listen to them) when they are wearing only their underwear.

  16. I wish my girls would play police escort. I love your favorite games!

  17. I think "I had a great life today" would make a perfect slogan to put on a tee shirt. Go to and do it!

  18. Oh. My. Stars. I only needed to read your masthead and I knew I needed to scroll down and click follow. Now my day has been seized as well.


    great job on the yellow belt!


    I want a police escort, can you explain this game to my son so we can play it over here in Kansas??


  20. I missed your day last week Baby E. You know what? I know someone who almost went to the olympics with Tae Kwon Do. I'm good friends with her and her master. His Dad is very famous in Korea for Tae Kwon Do.

  21. What a great post and great post idea (which I may totally steal, by the way). The underwear thing is so true. Congrats on the pinewood derby!

    Oh, and those are great games.


  22. I don't pay attention when people talk to me in their underwear either.

  23. I think those are great games and TOTALLY NOT DUMB at all! :-)

    Glad you had an awesome week!

  24. Congratulations on the yellow belt! I'm going to tell my husband what you said about talking in his underwear. Now he will understand why I don't pay attention. Have an exciting week, Baby E.

  25. "I think that when someone talks to you in their underwear that you don't pay attention."

    Out of the mouths of babes.

    I'm going to be giggling for a while...

  26. Baby E: don't listen to your brothers in their underwear.
    Your games are AWESOME.

    Auntie Pat

  27. No, your games are not dumb! They sound fun.
    Never listen to a brother when he's in his underwear. Actually, I find it helpful to never listen to the brother at all.

  28. That underwear advice is fantastic!

  29. WeeE, you are rocking that uniform, dude. And congratulations on the yellow belt.

  30. Police escort sounds like fun!!

  31. My goodness, YOU must make life so much fun for all those around you! You are not only entertaining but wise. Congrats to you on your accomplishments!

  32. From Baby E:

    Thank you. I know these games are not dumb.

    My brother is like the brother on Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

    But when he wears underwear I am not going to listen to him.

  33. I have lot to learn from you baby e

  34. Way to go yellowbelt!!
    And I don't listen to people in their underwear either.

  35. I am so glad I linked over here from Wait in the Van today! I had no idea that I did not have to pay attention to people in their underwear, and absolutely cannot wait to start living my life with this new knowledge. I am also not sure which sounds better: hobo, or police escort. You sound like you really and truly know how to have fun! Glad you had a great week.

  36. Businessman! Well, my, you are so businesslike! You're a pro.

  37. "I think that when someone talks to you in their underwear that you don't pay attention." Truer words were never spoken, Baby E.

  38. Getting hit with hail HURTS! I will give you that its probably pretty funny to witness someone ELSE getting pelted though :o)

    Congrats on the ribbon. Fantastic derby car!!

  39. My son loves the pinewood derby. Luckily the hail missed us yesterday. But it has done some damage to our home before. Scary stuff.

  40. Big congrats to a day well-seized!

  41. Pinewood derby is awesome! Love these posts!

  42. I wholeheartedly agree that you do not need to listen to people who talk to you while they are in their underwear. Especially when they are telling you you are doing something stupid.
    Hello!!! Pot calling Kettle black!!!

    I need a week like Baby E's - full of awesomeness!

  43. I think you are very wise not to listen to anyone who strikes up a conversation with you in their underwear. And you can tell you brothers I said so.

  44. At least your dad wasn't in his underwear when he moved the car being pelted by the hail! Congrats on the yellow belt - you rock

  45. Congrats on the yellow belt. You said break a board right? Impressive!

    You are so busy and just loving it all. That is awesome!

  46. much I love these posts Baby E!

    Yes, it does sound like you seized the day. I would love to have a police escort wherever I go...excellent game Baby E...excellent :)

  47. The day is seized indeed. I love your games, and the way you find so much happiness in the world.

  48. That's quite the day - McDonalds AND a yellow belt! I hope he keeps up with the TKD; marshal arts can be the absolute most rewarding activity in the world.

  49. I love hearing about life in his voice. He's is having a fantastic week...seizing the day never looked so good. :)

  50. Congratulations! You have definitely had an Wonderful Week : )That underwear thing-So True!

  51. Wow!!! Congrats!!! A yellow belt! That's amazing!
    Your games sound fun - not dumb. Perhaps as the police escort you should arrest your brother until he can say something nice...and put on his pants...

  52. Woo-Hoo on winning the Pinewood Derby! I love your advice about how to be taken seriously! LOL

    I bet your mom is so excited about your post! You did a great job!

  53. This is awesome, Baby E.!

    Congratulations on your yellow belt and I totally don't think your games are dumb. I think I might even pass them on to my boys as they get older.

    I'm definitely going to pass on your words of wisdom about not paying attention to someone if they are telling you something in their underwear, especially to my youngest boy because I'm sure his older brothers are going to tell him his games are dumb sometime in the near future.

  54. Oh, Baby E., growing up so fast! A yellow belt and a police escort, none of which are dumb. And you're right, you can't take people in their underwear seriously.

    Have a great week my young friend!

  55. we had a wicked scary storm in north carolina the other day too. except ours was in the middle of the night and the wind and thunder scared me out of my sleep. the next morning trees were down in the streets and everything. we didn't get hail though so i couldn't collect anything. either way, i'm not as good of a sport as your mom and probably wouldn't have run outside.

  56. Congrats on the belt, Baby E! That's great news :) And hobo stick sounds like a lot of fun (my favorite games are always the ones that require a touch of creativity).


  57. Oh is that why my son and my husband don't pay attention to me? Because I'm wearing my underwear? Hee hee. I'm kidding. I wear clothes but my boys still don't listen. Thanks for the lesson Baby E! I hope that you have a great week!

  58. Yeah, E!

    You should come to the Ozarks to hang out with some of my family and friends. Police Escort gets real there. Along with handcuffs and parole.

    Stay home with your mom, on second thought.

  59. I'm a little late coming here this week, but this was so great to read this morning. Thank you :) Congrats on seizing the day, Baby E!

  60. Baby E, nobody can seize the day like you can, good job! And I think the games you like to play sound very cool and NOT stupid at all. I especially like police escort, it must be a great service to everyone that you escort.

  61. I swear your posts are getting more and more impressive, Baby E. LOVE it, and LOVE "Stuff I Learned" - I swear you can turn this into a book!! Love the whole thing about the underwear! I totally agree with you!! And congratulations on your yellow belt! I can tell how much it meant to you that your dad was there!! My son just started taekwondo too, and he loves it!!! Have a great week!



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