Friday, April 22, 2011

How To Win Friends and Influence People

It is truly humbling to be asked to write a Feature Post.

When Studio30Plus asked me to be a Featured Writer at their site, I sadly had to tell them that though I was so very flattered, I couldn't honestly say yes, since I was over 30. 

Way over 30.

They thought I was being funny.

It has since been explained to me that you only have to be OVER 30, not BE 30, to be a member of this online community of over 700 writers. 700 more people and blogs to discover, I love it. 

And so, the post I wrote for them today, about How To Win Friends and Influence People, is here, at Studio30Plus, on their front page.
Long story short: I am now a part of Studio30Plus -- even if I still hated how very, very  faaaaaaaaaaaaaaar down I had to scroll to enter my year of birth. I'm glad I joined, and am flattered and grateful to have been invited there.

Studio30Plus is going to be a lot fun, because they want to take over the universe. That sounds like fun. And look at all the cool stuff they do over there:

"Studio30 Plus, the brain child of Jerrod from The Yellow Factor and Jules from Mean Girl Garage, began one snowy, wintery day in January 2010. Looking for a place where bloggers over the age of 30 could meet up, exchange ideas, make some friends, and find new blogs to read, they put their minds together and formed this growing community.
It's the Studio's hope to one day take over the blog universe of 30 + bloggers with the enticement of Featured Bloggers, birthday celebrations, and forum questions. There is even an annual awards event, highlighting the best blogs the Studio has to offer. Awards such as Funniest Blog, Best Blog Name, Blog You Want To Make Out In A Dark Closet With, etc.  Pretty prestigious stuff.
This is a steadily growing community of fantastic writers and one day...the taking over the universe thing...that will happen.
If you aren't a member yet, we want you! If you are a member of Studio30 Plus... we are so glad you're here!"
You've got to join.  Please meet me over at S30P (coolkidtalk), read my post there, and then sign on as a member. I would love you to have the same fun as me over there.

It'll be a good day. 

Thank you for your kind support, you all are the best. Hope to see you here.

**COMMENTS CLOSED: please come visit at Studio30Plus. I'd love it.


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