Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 6 Of The Blogoversary---No, Say It Isn't So.

Day 6 of Shake It Shake It--I'm going to miss this lady

Awwwww...Say It Ain't so...Say It Ain't So...Day 6 of blogoversary week. 

Thank you ALL for being here, you made this so much fun.

During this week of truly celebrating how amazing blogging has been in my life, I have decided to use this time to introduce a new weekly series here:

"Get To Know" Thursdays.

This Thursday series will be about the people I've met, that bring the funny.

Humor is necessary in my life. I've blogged, here and there--no real details, on the importance of laughter to me, and to my home. I may depend on it more than most, I know this. It's why I keep the PPD button up on my site.

Humor, to me, is more than just telling a joke. It eases my day, it takes the edge off of a tense situation, it builds intimacy like that, it stimulates, it relaxes, and makes me feel at peace--all at the same time.

I am drawn to funny people, and feel an instant kinship with them.

There is a release, and a relief, with humor. When you are barely hanging on, because of life's battles, there is humor, to provide you the respite you need. Sometimes, you just need a 3 minute break from it all. Just a mini vacation.

My love, for the people, that can clear my mind from the grey clouds, even if only for the time that I'm there, is why I've decided to start "Get To Know Thursdays."

The very first blogger in this series is FranceRants. I met France, through a tweet from Ann Imig, where she invited us to follow France. I clicked over, read this post, and became a follower.

The next week, I read this, and became a regular.

I hopped around, and then did decaf coffee spits ups  to these fave posts of hers:

Silent Birth Rant.   Ohmygosh. Do you love to laugh out loud? I do. And I was slapping my knee on this one. I know, I know, I'm a dork that slaps my knee when something is funny. But, this take on Kelly Preston's silent birth story killed me.

Then, there was France's Sandra Lee Rant. How she describes what her niche would be on The Food Network Channel is one smartass sentence after another. I knew I liked this woman, no doubt, after this post.

Her latest post, is previewed here:   Meditation Rant

How did a lesson in meditation get me kicked out of a 60th birthday party?

Well, let me tell you…

In the summer of 2010, I had the unexpected opportunity to get a free meditation lesson by a trained professional.  It happened at my neighbor Evelyn's 4th of July party, where I met a couple that were another neighbor's friends from way back when.  Harmony and Ziggy (all names in this story have been changed mostly to protect me) were from Northern California and were the free loving hippie type, which is exactly what I'm not.

Their hippiness attracted me, so I approached Harmony and Ziggy and began bombarding them with questions (Are your shoes made from hemp?  Do you shave your armpits?  Is that a henna tattoo on your leg, or is it just dirt because you don't bathe often in effort to save water?).  Not only did Harmony and Ziggy tolerate me, they actually continued to talk to me and soon we were in a discussion regarding spirituality and meditation.  They revealed their thoughts on spirituality (Which, I still have no idea what they were talking about) and I revealed that I had just tried to read a book by Thich Nhat Hanh to learn more about meditation but only made it to the third paragraph.  [continued here ........ ]

You MUST  get to know FranceRants.

Seeing as we're all friends here, and confessing our humor dependencies and all.

Thank you, France, for kicking off the new and only series here, "Get To Know Her Thursdays."

Now, go, visit France, and finish up her Meditation Rant....

Only 2 days left of the Blogoversary Week. Yet to come: THE giveaway, and a nice little cherry on top of this wonderful sundae week, on Saturday. A sundae, even though it's Saturday. It's Okay.

THANK YOU, for being here. You don't know what it's meant.

Off with ye now, to France's...

love you guys, xo


  1. I love France! I found her because you tweeted to me that I should read her and I always do what you tell me on Twitter; and for a reason! :)

  2. I'll say it again: you are one of the most generous bloggers I know, a true connector. I am happy and proud to call you my cyber-friend.

  3. Hot damn! I could use a good laugh right about now.

  4. I also followed France based on a tweet you sent out...and she is snort-coffee-through-the-nose funny!!

    I have not visited lately, but I will now! :)

    Happy Day 6, and love the new series! :)

  5. Oh I new blogger to check out - I love that. Thanks

  6. Love the funny bloggers, it is so nice to lighten things up and slap my knee while blog-reading. Off to visit and Happy Day 6.

  7. smiles...lots of to france to read the rest...

  8. Sounds like a good one! I'm off to finish reading.'a mini vacation' is the perfect way to describe it and I Need One Today : )

    P.S. So glad I got thru today. My computer has been refusing to open your site! I about blew a gasket.

  9. Hahaha...I also found France through you. We started communicating because she sounded so much like me. Now we speak by email and I love thank you and Ann and France...

    And any other countries I may or may not have forgotten!

  10. Always need to start a Thursday with a laugh. Happy Day 6! It's been a blast celebrating with you. :D

  11. Love France!!!
    So glad she's featured!!

  12. Let's see if I can shovel aside the mountain of work that was my punishment for going on vacation and take a few minutes to discover a new blog . . .

  13. I like sundaes on a saturday!!!! :)

  14. You are the Fairy Godmother of the whole wide blogosphere.

  15. You like people from France, don't ya?

  16. Karen made me a little scared.

  17. anyone with "rants" as a part of their name has me intrigued already :)

  18. This is just so...fabulous. And kind. And fabulous. And YOU! I'm so honored to call you a friend and myself an eerily easy follower of you! Follow your friend, you say? Done. XO

  19. Thanks for your wonderful support Empress.

    Maybe we should just call you Goddess!

  20. Oh what a good idea. I can't wait to get to know those who make do you do the "decaf coffee spits ups".

  21. Damn, you know the coolest people. I wish I knew everyone you did.

  22. I try to bring the funny. Here's one that was pretty popular recently:

    I'm so excited about your list, I need more humorous blogs to follow!

  23. Thanks to everyone who has gone over to say Hi, to FranceRants.

    I'm looking forward to this series, and the chance to holler out with the fave funny people I've found.

    Thanks for your support all week. You guys are the best.

  24. You really know how to shake it shake it, baby!

  25. France is fabulous and I almost lost my noogies when I read Meditation Rant. I tweeted the shit out of that post.

    And thank you, Empress, for always pointing me in the direction of such quality people.

  26. Thanks for the France referral Empress. You do know all the funniest people. I'm going over there right now

  27. Oh, Yes!!! Love France Rants!

    And so with you on the need for humor - as a fellow PPD sufferer, I am constantly amazed that I've laughed again.

  28. Seriously, lady, that picture makes me LAUGH AND LAUGH AND LAUGH!!! Sorry. Had to tell ya.

  29. Gotta check out France now. Loving the Blogiversary week, Empress? (You still praying for you know what?)

  30. Oh, you are having such fun with this, I wouldn't be surprised to see it morph into a whole month o' fun....

  31. I read France....I'm pretty sure I found her because you tweeted out one of her posts.

    This is a fabulous idea for a weekly feature. Humor keeps me going when the days get dark.

  32. It's been lovely getting to know you through your blogoversary...file me under "better late than never."

  33. It makes perfect sense for you to start your own series! I am looking for to it! I've always relied on you to make trusted recommendations :-)

  34. yes yes. I love the funny blogs. The strange thing is that while I'm pretty dang funny in real life, (that is the first thing most people notice about me!), so I am shocked that I find it so hard to 'write' funny. I usually go to some dark place-I sound like I am always depressed. sigh... (the sigh didn't help, did it?)

    But enough about me... looks like I've got another blog to follow! :)

  35. Her descriptions of Harmony and Ziggy? I love her already. Off to visit now.

    You are a such a good bloggy friend, Empress :) *MUAH!*

  36. Wow, France is so funny. My make up has oozed down my face like a bad mask from Halloween.

    Thank you so much for introducing her. I just went from sad to happy in 60 seconds. I have laughed so hard my sides hurt, my jaws are sore and I have a permanent grin.

    Thank you so much.

    You do a great job here, by the way!



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