Thursday, March 10, 2011

Get To Know Thursdays

Featured Humor Blogger: TheSuniverse
During Blogoversary week last week, [which was so much fun, thank you], I announced a weekly Thursday feature that I'll be hosting here.

It's called Get To Know Thursdays: where I'll be showcasing some fantastic, funny, humor bloggers that I've been secretly, and guiltily, keeping to myself.

I'm going to be mature this new Blogging Year, and introduce you to them. Because it's the right thing to do. The world needs more humor.

This week's featured humor blogger  is TheSuniverse. 

And you'll have to get used to calling her TheSuniverse, because she prefers to remain Sunonymous. I wish I were funny enough for that to be my joke, but it's hers.

I followed Suniverse home from a tweet. [She's a lot of F.U.N. on twitter, you'll need to follow her @thesuniverse ]

She tweeted out this post.

With this post? Instant kindred spirits. She spoke a language that I understood. She spoke it like a long lost college girlfriend that would make me laugh hard enough for beer spit ups. Beer spit ups are good, people.

That post had me smiling for a long time, I thought I'd just go back again and revisit, whenever I felt the need for a good laugh. And, then, Sunny comes back at me with this one.

More guffaws and knee slapping from me, oh, yeah, I was serious about this girl now.I was following, I was RTing. I had stars in my eyes over that post.

Then, she moves in with the killer, and I'm just about to pack up and move across the street from her house.

All with this one.

I had already promised to love her till the day I die, and then she still seals the deal with this post on being assaulted by a bug and its eventual death at the hand of her boobs. Her.boobs. Oh, and this post on getting stuck on the phone with a longtalker. CanNOT miss that one.

What does TheSuniverse say about herself? Let her tell you, herself:

No sugar coating, just the real thing. And, as I said earlier, it's like finding that one college girlfriend you had, that you now miss so much. The one that would make you laugh hard enough for beer spit ups.

I love you, girl.

Stop over, say hi, and meet TheSuniverse. There's really no one out there like her. And, now, I don't have to miss my college friend anymore.

I introduce you to, TheSuniverse:

Because you would have asked me anyway

I tend to write more about myself and my crazy here than about anything else.  But I do have interests and opinions beyond worrying that I was allergic to the new pinconning cheese I picked up on the recommendation of my cheese lady [Of course I have a cheese lady. You don't have one? GET ONE!] to put in my mac & cheese and then not only not eating any of the mac & cheese, even though I forced myself to take a bite of the pinconning, which subsequently made me stand in the bathroom looking at myself in the mirror, staring diligently at my face to make sure that I wasn't swelling from an allergic reaction but which only made me realize that my features are lopsided so maybe I'm not allergic, I'm just a Harlequin mask . . . I have no idea where I was going with this [READ MORE HERE]  ....



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