Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Blogoversary Day 4: My First Interview

Hello! I'm so glad to see you here today, for Day 4, of Blogoversary Week. I am really enjoying all the recapping, and the firsts, and the celebrating, of one year of blogging.

I've written before of the love I have for the people and readers and commenters I've met through this blog. Blogging has provided incredible opportunities in this way.

It really is the most fascinating thing about blogging, after having a place to write. There is no way to write enough about how much I have enjoyed meeting all the people that I've met.

One of the amazing people I have met is Kel, of MomGotBlog. I don't remember how, through some rabbithole, I'm sure. If you're new to her, you'll become a regular:

Kel came up with a great idea of having me do My First Interview and be featured as the Blogger Of The Month, at her place, MomGotBlog.

Talking about myself? My face up all MONTH? Who doesn't like that? Sign me up.

MomGotBlog is also MomGotFood, and MomGotGame, where she writes on her main passions: life, food, sports (SHE SPEEDSKATES!) coffee, wine, and O.P.I. nail polish (you love her already, don't you?)  

Please stop over today at Kel's lovely newly designed site: MomGotBlog, find out a bit more about me, and about Kel.
After all, it is STILL blogoversary week

Comments Closed: Please come say Hello at MomGotBlog.  THANK YOU! See You for Day 5 tomorrow! xo  Thank you, Kel, I am so very flattered, honored, and happy to be your choice for Blogger of The Month. Truly.


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