Monday, February 28, 2011

Blogoversary Day 3

Day 3 of The Blogoversary
So happy to have you here today, for Day 3 of the week-long blogoversary celebration!

Thank You, for celebrating along with me.

You all know how to make things fun--and this blog is here one year later, because of your kind visits. So, honestly--thank you.

It's Monday, and Mondays are the day that our son, Baby Emperor, aka "Baby E," gets to vent, and post, on this blog.  Believe me, he waits for this day, and writes furiously in his journal on a daily basis, in anticipation of Monday Baby E Post Day.

Today, we are running Baby E's first post. It originally went up, at no planning of my own, but at his request. He was tired of me always blogging about him, and he--in the meantime, having no chance for his say.

We ran his ventpost, and received many, many requests to feature more "Baby E." We decided to give Baby E Mondays, and he's been posting on Mondays since.

Here's what he had to say, that first Monday of his, when we began with "Baby E Speaks:"

Me and My Mom at Lego Discovery World in Chicago

Our youngest, Baby Emperor aka Baby E., has just put his foot down.

For the past two months, since I began this blog, it seems to him, that whenever he speaks I RUN and grab one of the blog tickler notebooks I have stashed all over the house, in anticipation of fodder. He has noticed this.

In my defense, the boy doles it out continuously. Today, finally, he has declared his limit. After an incident this morning, he saw me running for the notebook in the laundry room. I heard him shout after me, "Don't put that in your blog, either!"

So, in all fairness, it is his turn to turn the tables today. He speaks, he dishes out the dirt, he airs the dirty laundry.

Here is all the scoop that Baby E finally gets to voice. It's His Turn....buckle your seatbelts and put up the lap tray...

I swear to type the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, as dictated to me by Baby E: I am his fingers:

"Mom has a crazy chocolate problem. I have to stop her from getting any in stores. Like The Chocolate Factory place here...she wanted to buy a little paper bag there for 6 dollars. She'd eat worms if they were covered in chocolate. She is crazy. Well, not really crazy, but pretty crazy.

She also likes coffee. Like another crazy problem. She always has it. 24/7. I have to stop her all the time from her friends inviting her. Well, she doesn't like tea, though. Yeah...not so crazy...but pretty crazy.

She always runs away from librarians. (whispering: Mom, can I tell the part about why?) OK. This is the part about why: cause she always has late fines cause she didn't finish the book on time and she has to finish. So she hides in the car and I have to go in the library for her. Well, see, for instance, yesterday I was walking out of the library and I happened to have a librarian walking out with me, and Mom practically stomped on the gas when she saw me walk out with the librarian. When I got in the car, I heard lots of deep breathing and like, so, ummm...she sends me in to do her dirty work.

She fights with people at the bank (whispering: can I tell the part about the bank thing?) OK. Here's the bank thing that happened yesterday. I was sitting down reading books at the bank, and all of a sudden I heard this, "Nuh-uh " "Yuh-huh" "But this is supposed to be a free bank!"

And I went over and heard mom say "what do you mean you won't put in a check cause it's from a different country??" and something like that.

She calls BuildaBear "BuildaBear then try and pay your mortgage." She says I have to say that comes from one of her favorite comedians in the world,  Jessica Bern. Jessica Bern is funny. My mom laughs out loud with her and then says," you can't read this one."

My mom is awesome. She is funny. We laugh. She loves me. She makes me do school. I don't like the math part.

I'm done, mom. Can I please have lunch now? I really wanna have lunch now. Like really now. Like I need to...dying of starvation. dying. really dying this time. Don't make it late like you did yesterday, either."

*Score. Tied. EVEN.*

"Mom! Lunch!"


Thanks for being here today. Later this week: lessons from a first year, my first interview,  a surprise weekly feature introduction AND a giveaway!!! Oh, only 7 days...will we make it??


  1. I had no idea that you started your blog after mine! Wow!! I'm so impressed with you! And I love Baby E. Seriously. I just had my blogoversary last week, and today is the last day of my giveaway. it was a fun week. Happy Blogoversary!!

    --The Drama Mama

  2. Baby E is awfully good at this blogging thing, and even before he had any practive, too!

    The rest of us should probably watch out, huh?

  3. SO fun to see where Baby E posts got their roots. Love that guy! Happy Blogoversary, Empress! xoxoxo

  4. I look forward to reading his posts as well...

  5. Baby E vent posts are the best for sure!

  6. I seriously love this post. So perfect. I love that he asks you if he can tell the story behind the statement...and then you let him...and then I get to laugh.

    Baby E rocks my face off!

    Happy Blog-o-week-o-versary!

  7. He totally cracks me up. Baby E, pre-Poncho Villa 'shache days. Happy Day 3!!! :)

  8. Happy Blogoversary!!! He is so funny how he turns the tables on you!

    It cracks me up that you are always running from the law, the librarian law. ;)

  9. I love Baby E! I'd never seen that post. He's full of personality. Love it!

  10. E,

    it was nice to revisit your first post. honestly i am a little crazy too, as i always have my coffee. i think it is something that happens as you get older. believe it or not you start to lose some of that energy you have so much of. at least that is my excuse for crazy. smiles.

    oh and the librarians, yeah we have someone in this house that does the same thing, not mentioning any names. i will say my library card still works though.

    so how did your tae kwon do test go the other day?

    have a great day,


  11. I love this - Baby E is quite the blogger! Too cute that he makes fun of your "notebooks" for blogging fodder. Every single time now that something funny happens in our house my husband starts shouting "Content! Jot it down mommy!" Love the pic of you two at Chicago Lego Land - we're actually taking my oldest son there during my spring break at school. Looks fun!

  12. That Baby E is wise beyond his years, he is.

    And picturing you hiding from librarians and fighting with bank people? Is all sorts of fun.

    I hope you're enjoying your lovely week, my dear!

  13. that is SO funny ... I didn't join you till later, so I'm so glad you reposted this :)

  14. He's still so funny! Next time you come to Legoland, let me know, girl. Seriously.

  15. Good to see some of the older stuff that I missed the first time around - love it :)

    and I guess I'd better think about what I'm feeding Sicky Girl for lunch today!

  16. So cute! I can see why you gave him his very own day. LOL!

    Happy Bloggiversary! I'm only a month from mine, but didn't really start regularly posting until a few months later sooo, we're going to just say that I'm still only 6 months or so old. :D


  17.'s so awesome that he does this. My daughter kept a livejournal for years and i printed it all out and saved it for her. It is so amazing to see her thoughts from so long ago.

    Congrats again

  18. Coffee and chocolate - sounds about right to me!

    I can only imagine what my children would say! And family is fantastic blog fodder.

  19. We have a Lego Discovery World in Chicago???

    Yay for Baby E teaching me stuff.

  20. The start of the Baby E posts- glad you shared this!

  21. Love this Baby E. post! I especially love the picture of the two of you. I love me some Chicago but I had no clue there was a Lego Discovery there.

    Told you I would be here everyday!

    PS.What day is the cake going to be served?

  22. Shame, shame, Empress! Using Baby E as a pawn in your library shenanigans!

  23. I think you were born to be a blog family! Baby E proves it (-:

  24. So great! I'm kind of new to your blog so it's awesome to see all this stuff. Love Baby E!

  25. I'd like to see what doesn't make the cut from Baby E's insights. I think he sees and says more than we see here. ;)

  26. Happy Anniversary to Baby E! Love your posts, kid.

  27. A - remember how we first bonded in our hatred of librarians after my librarian post and you requested a librarian poem? One day, my friend.

    Hilarious reading about your former coffee-addiction.

    Baby E, you have been brilliant since the beginning. Enough said.

  28. I love that Baby E used to ask permission to tell stories, key words- USED TO.
    Is this hard for you to read? Since it mentions the c word? (c-o-f-f-e-e)

  29. You're all so sweet to be here today, for Baby E.

    He was so little...look...

  30. I love me some Baby E...and this post? Cute beyond words. mostly because he rats you out. I love those parts :)

  31. Baby E is my favorite blogger - he is so honest and forthcoming! Happy Day 3~

  32. Even sweeter the second time around... and the memories he will have! Love this, and you!

    Let the celebration continue!!

    You weren't serious?... Chocolate covered worms?! That would be crazy!................ Right? ;)

  33. You've come a long way, Baby. E. :)

    I love your posts. Someday, I hope you and Boy Wonder get to meet.

  34. Vintage Baby E is the right way to start off the week.

  35. I can relate. Every time something funny happens in our family, my 12 year old daughter looks at me with at pained expression and say, "You are not going to put this in your blog, are you?" The answer is usually yes.

    And your anniversary picture of the green dancing woman with the beehive hairdo? I am always reminded of my mother with her died black, beehive hairdo of the mid 1960's.

  36. Aw, where it all began. I will always love Baby E for his observations on the overuse of blowup decorations on lawns during the holidays.

  37. Happy Blogoversary Baby E!! On DAY 3!!

  38. Love it!!! My Tween is always sure that I am blogging about her. I swear that I am not, but she is too smart!
    I love that he knows you so well. My baby thinks she is my BFF.

  39. Where the hell have I been? I didn't even know it was your blog birthday. Too busy with that stupid job, school and family. Damn it.

  40. I love Baby E days and love that you have included his first post. Such a wise little man he is, but you already know that. Happy Day 3 to you!

  41. Awww, this is great. He is so cute! I wonder what my kids would have to say if I let them dictate.

  42. How absolutely sweet-as-pie is this?! I love the photo of the two of you and the way Baby E dictated "do school." Does he still say that? And for the record: I, too, am crazy, love chocolate, coffee and blog fodder! XO sweet friend!

  43. I love reading his posts! I think JDaniel has heard similar conversations at the bank.

  44. I love this flashback, because it's new to me. What a wonderful little man you're living with.

    Happy blogging, my dear. Never stop.

  45. Gah! How did I miss the beginning of your anniversary week?! I must be living under a rock... only my rock looks like a mountain of vomit stained laundry.

    Happy Blogoversary! You are such an inspiration -- writing lovely posts, forging online friendships, and supporting everyone!

  46. Eeeeeep! I'm so glad I had the chance to read the first of many wonderful Baby E posts. I love these. LOL @ the librarians part. Uhm, I would send my child in to the library to return the books, too :p

    Happy, happy blogoversary, dear! *MUAH!*

  47. I think Baby E is a great blogger in the making. Actually, he's already a great blogger!

    Apparently there is some hoopla recently about people complaining that some bloggers are "exploiting" their children? I say you have found the best way to deal with that: Let your children blog about YOU! Quid pro quo. Nicely done.

  48. I heart Baby E so hard.

    And screw the bank. What the hell? NO FEE MEANS NO FEE!

  49. Baby E is a really cool kid! I can't believe he has been doing this all year and I am just now finding out!

    He really is a baby emperor.



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