Monday, February 21, 2011

Putting My Dad In Trouble

Me and My Dad at an Air Show

Hi! It's me, Baby E. I finally get to post today. It's snowing all day today and yesterday so we are home.

I can stay in my pajamas all day if I want to, my mom said. And my dad is even home today!

I want to go outside soon.  My brothers don't. I'm going to have my mom call a friend to come over.

This is what I'm going to read today from my journal:

I'm the kind of person that doesn't like dreams. I started dreaming like 2 weeks ago, and I only like the good ones. I had a bad one where I went to look for my mom and I went to the garage to call her name and a ferret was in there and I saw him and tried to run back in the house. My mom says this dream is because a lot of squirrels are hiding in the garage for winter. I didn't like it. I wish we could just sleep and not have those dreams. I just want to get the night over with and get the next day started, with no dreams in between.

When my mom works, my dad is in charge of us.
He does crazy stuff that I write down in here to tell my mom about it.
Like, he says "No!No!No!" 500 thousand times. About everything.
He doesn't feed us until we are almost starving, and then it's easy stuff.
He doesn't let me do the computer.
He forgets I need a shower and to brush my teeth.
He lets me fall asleep with my clothes on, on the sofa.
He likes to listen to the TV too loud and always has it on.
Those are things I write down to tell my mom.

I love Tae Kwon Do, and I love to go. I can go every day  if I want to.
My favorite thing to do is everything. I like the sparring, and I like to walk away and feel like a wounded warrior. My mom laughs when she asks me how class went and I say, "I'm tired like a wounded warrior."

I'm testing again next Saturday and I am practicing 100 times a day and I am ready.
You should really tell your kids to go to this because it is fun. BUT if he's kind of sassy, tell him NOT to do it because the Master won't accept that.

I'm still reading 39 clues, but I'm making myself go slow because the series is almost done for me now. What I don't like about series books is that you finish reading them and then the series is done.  The next book comes out April 29, that's when the 11th book comes out. You can go to the website and see. That is a long way off. For my birthday, I'm going to get the whole set so I can read it again.

But I just don't like how you read the books faster than they can write them.

The website is cool because you can do missions, like in the book, that are games and are cool.

I am having a banana morning. "This banana is good, mom." I like them when they're cold out of the refrigerator.

I can sing and dance really good. I want to skype so you can see it.

Oh! I like to give myself new hairdos after my shower when my hair is moldy. When it dries, the crazy hairdo is gone.


P.S. Oh, and this picture is of me and my dad at the OshKosh Air Show. He likes to fly airplanes and to fly in them.


  1. I loved Tae Kwon Do once. Cost me $3000 but totally worth it.

    She's that famous hooker from the Philippines, right?

  2. it's so cool that you have your son do this. I can't imagine what it would have been like to have had this sort of stuff available when my kids were younger. One child did keep a LJ account when she was 13. I printed them all out and they're amazing.

    Way to go Baby E...although, you don't really look like a baby to me.

  3. Great post! Life was usually so much more simple then. Journals and diaries are such a good way to hang on to memories. I used to have journals and notes from my youth. I lost them in a move, but I loved pouring over them and feeling things that I felt a long time ago. For some reason, I never really put the bad memories in there.

  4. I kept journals, too, when I was young (and still do) but not as lively as these! I love every entry. And I loved reading series. I understand how you feel when they end! I'm going to check out the link you posted. Have a great snow day (it's okay if you're inside and not out on the road!).
    Ann Best, Author @ Long Journey Home

  5. If yours is as good as mine at shaking his bootie, I suggest a skype dance-off.

  6. Baby E, I love that you have so many wonderful thoughts to pass along! Good luck with your Tae Kwon Doe, I'm sure you're very good at it.

    And you're right that the Masters don't like the sassy. Even moms don't like that.

  7. You keep bananas in the fridge?! I've never heard of that! Good luck with the testing! Fingers crossed for you - though I'm sure you don't need it. :)

  8. e,

    you so need to skype or vid the singing and might be the next internet superstar.

    good luck with your test in tae kwon do...i know that is a lot of fun. hoping to get back into karate with my boys.

    i do let them fall asleep in their clothes...and i get in trouble for that too. we tend to do some crazy things when i am in charge and get into trouble.

    we did fingerpainting once and got it all over the kitchen table and ourselves, so then i went to run a bath for the boys to wash off and when i came back they had run through the kiving room...leaving blue foot prints all over the white carpet...and then it would not come i checked the bottle...and it wasnt fingerpaint...yeah we got in lots of trouble for that one...

    any way, enjoy the banana...and have a great day.


  9. What a great idea to let your son post. I love how he tells on dad. My 7yo tries to tell on her dad but then she gets in trouble by him.

  10. I love it.

    Reminds me of
    "Dad is us the chocolate cake"
    Routine of Bill Cosby

  11. I love Baby E's posts! They always make me smile :)

    Rock on, E!

  12. Bananas right out of the fridge?


    I will have to try this. Thanks for the tip!

  13. Baby E you are starting to look much older. I love to hear all of the things that you are doing these days. We have a dad that loves air shows and flying in our house too, he also doesn't feed or change anyone until they are in desperate need either. Those kind of dads are fun I'm told.

  14. My boys like to tell everyone that no one ever gives them any food, ever. The poor starving things.

  15. You better skype yourself dancing! I wanna see. :)

  16. Well, am I ever glad to hear that Baby E isn't sassy. It's a hard trait to get rid of.

    Ask your mom to record you dancing and put it on the blog! We would love to see your dancing.

  17. I think every boy claims they are starving. IF you are like every other boy in America I am sure you are a bottomless pit.. always hungry.. good luck on the test you will do fine I am sure

  18. Have you tried the Warriors books by Erin Hunter? With the spin-off, you could be in books for a very long time.

    My daughter is reading Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing and when Peter's Mom goes away the dad sort of takes care of the kids like your Dad does. They even lose the little brother in the movie theatre.

    But sorry....cold bananas? Gross.

  19. How can you not love a kid who keeps detailed notes on what his dad does wrong while his mom is gone? IMPOSSIBLE!!

  20. Lots of interesting stuff in here today, Baby E.

    You know what? I usually can't read a series until I know all of the books have been published. I hate to wait, too!

  21. Baby E. is going to rule the world someday!!!!

  22. I love that you write down all those things to tell your mother! That is very smart, as she of course needs to be informed of what goes on in your absence. Although you shouldn't need to be reminded to brush your teeth.. ;)

  23. Baby E,
    I must see you sing and dance. I MUST! Also, please include a picture of when your hair is moldy.
    Your faithful servant,

  24. Baby E, there's a song that my grandma used to sing to me about a banana. The last part goes "Now Chiquita bananas like the climate of the tropical equator. So you should never put bananas in your refrigerator. No. No. No no" I used to love that song. But if you like your bananas in the fridge then keep eating them that way. You should always do things that make you happy ;)

  25. Good luck on Tae Kwon Do again, Baby E. Your mom won't tell me what belt you're going for. My kid is now an L1 brown belt.

    You are right, those masters don't stand for any sassiness.

  26. Dad's totally break all the rules. Totally normal.

  27. What a gorgeous, adorable face...and I"m not talking about Mark.

    Don't tell him I said that.


  28. "My favorite thing to do is everything." That is the perfect motto for, well, everything!

    You're a smart one, Baby E.

  29. I am the newest Baby E fan! An excellent post! I especially love the records you keep on what your dad does when your mom is working. Good luck with your Tae Kwon Do test, I'm sure you will do great!

  30. I learn so much about you & the family when your son posts! What a brilliant point of view to add!

  31. Hi baby E. Did someone tell you by now that you rock! I am guessing you have already been told that... That list of your dad is amazing... I wish my mom was so supportive of me so I could have put my dad in trouble too... i am too old now to do that. sigh

  32. Baby E, I say that if you know what your dad is forgetting, then you are old enough to "remind" him that you need to get things like a shower and teeth brushing done. :)

  33. E, My Man, My Homie,

    I totally agree with you on the book series! I LOVE series, but I HATE waiting! It's one of the most annoying things ever. At least you have until April before the next one comes out. One of the books I'm waiting for comes out in Nov!!!

    I love moldy hair. I got mine cut last night and therefore it molded itself. It's going to take me like 15 mins to get it to do something in the not-scary realm this morning. Have a super awesome week!!!! Give your mom a high 5 for me.

  34. OH! "Moldy" as in "moldable."

    You had me worried, Baby E.

    I don't want mold in your hair!

  35. Love, love the picture. And the dad in this house is the opposite - he's always trying to feed people that aren't hungry!

  36. My favorite thing to do is everything. <I love this sentiment :) What a sweet post. I love when Baby E makes an appearance here!

    What a sweet photo.

  37. We love super cold bananas here too. Glad you have them to snack on if dad forgets to feed you.

  38. I love this post by Baby E! The Putting Dad In Trouble Section made me glance over at my husband because this is exactly how he acts when he's alone with the girls. Maybe it's a daddy thing?

  39. By the way, my babies are too young to write what Daddy doesn't do when I'm away. But when I'm in the next room with the door closed for some "me" time, I hear all those "NO NO NO's, loud TV's, and starvation cries."

  40. Oh, good, we're alone now. This is a secret, so don't tell anyone, but I've tagged you for the 7 Facts Award here:

    I hope you'll accept. :)

  41. this is absolutely fantastic...Empress do you ever worry about his brilliance?

  42. Oh, model airplanes. I was confused about how he could like flying airplanes AND flying in them. because I was picturing him as a pilot riding outside the plane. Dangerous, no? Glad my brain kept at the task. And Baby E? Please post the video.

  43. That's a great picture of you and your dad. And I think you are getting better and better at this.

  44. E,
    I especially love that picture of you because of where you are. My son, age 22 yrs old, has been going to Osh Kosh air shows with his grandpa since he was about your age.

    His grandpa has two airplanes, a Cesna and a Bonanza. I don't know much about them. However, my son Jody and his grandpa love them very much.

    Great blog post! Keep it up!



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