Sunday, February 27, 2011

Shake It -- Shake It Like It's A Blogoversary

Day 2 of Shake It Like It's Your Blogoversary
Hey, so good to see you here on Day 2 of the celebration week of this blog's 1 year anniversary.

It was beyond sweet and wonderful to read your comments from yesterday. Thank you.

I'm printing that stuff OUT and folding it up nice and tight and carrying it with me in my breast pocket to pull out and read whenever anyone tries to tell me I'm NOT all that.  Like at the post office. Oh, yes, I am--all that, and pulling it out.

I might just laminate it, too, and tape it to my dashboard. Yes. That would be cool.

Today, during weekaversary, I am celebrating my very first guest post. It was for  LOL., and ran on April 23, 2010. I WAS SO PROUD.

The post was called, "Hasten, Children, The Hour is Nigh," and I had SO MUCH fun writing it. Here it is:

Me: “Children, 'tis morning! get thee down, do not be as fools!”

2nd Oldest: “What is she talking about now?”

Oldest:  *sigh* I think she wants us up and downstairs for breakfast.”

Baby E:Do we have to come down already, Mom?”

Me: Hast thou not heard my words? Do ye not hear? That I have had need to raise my voice to you, yet you have not quickened your step? You think that all is well, but I have asked you to complete the task assigned unto you—and yet it is to be seen!”

Oldest:Alright, Mom, we’re coming down….but we have off today, and all week, remember?”

Me: “Off? It is slovenliness! You speak of slovenliness! I have not languished in my bed, and yet I am renewed of strength and spirit! I strike while the hour is present, I have shown you this ten times by ten times, so you may see it as truth. But you still have no faith in my ways!”

Baby E: "Mom, I don’t want to have breakfast now. I want to just stay upstairs and play with my Legos for awhile first. We're off, Mom.”

Me: “Laughter? Play? You shall hear neither until our tasks are done on this day. And when your stomach cramps with hunger, then where shall you look for what was once laid before you? No, child, no, I warn you to be careful of which master you choose to serve.”

2nd Oldest:We’d better go downstairs, I know her.... she won’t stop.”

Me: “Do my sons refuse their mother? Is it because I am a simple woman? Is it because I do not strike fear in your heart? No, it is not fear that I want you to act upon, but love….yes! love, for what else is there for me to give? Children, come, come! That I may quench thy thirst, and warm your bellies with that which I have labored to set before you.”

2nd Oldest: “*sigh* Don’t tell me, let me guess, Mom’s been staying up late watching The Ten Commandments again.”

Oldest: “Yup. Easter time.”

Me: “Come, my oldest, for my love for you is stronger than any fierce wrath which you may have, O my teenage son. Come to me, all my sons, arise! to greet a day, let us go forth, let the trumpets sound! and let us surrender our hearts to the treasures of a day of which we have never seen!
The Caravan awaits to take us to our journey. We must go with all speed!”

Baby E: “Does that mean we're supposed to get in the van? Guys?”

I was so excited to be featured at my friend, Robin's, site, Laugh Out Loud. She was one of the very first bloggers I met. If you'd like to be part of the all star line-up of the best of the sit-down comedians at LOL, send your funny post or story to  If you're featured, then you can proudly have the LOL button up on your blog, too.  I hope you try it.

See you tomorrow for more of weekaversary! And, thank you for being here with me this week, and celebrating. There'd be no party without you.


  1. Oh my! You made me realize I blew right through my own blogoversary, and didn't even get myself anything. I may have to give myself the silent treatment.

  2. I LOVE that movie too!! So funny. You. You are fabulous. Happy Day2 to you! :)


  3. I totally remember reading this on LOL!

  4. Happy Blogoversary!!!!!! You r all that for sure.
    This post was spectacular...soooo funny and fantastic.
    So glad to know you.

  5. One of my favorites, I read this here and on LOL, cause that's how long I've been on ya.

    Told you I'd be here all week!

  6. Love it! So clever. And congratulations on your 1 year (and stretch it out all week...that's what celebrating is for!)

  7. I laughed out loud the first time. Still has all of its magic.

    Is like a 12th Night countdown without the religion and only lasting 7 days?

  8. That was LOL HILARIOUS! It's now one of my faves :)

  9. lol. cant wait to see if God really looks like charlton heston...

  10. That's so funny! Love it when people post old posts from before I knew them:)

    Happy blogoversary!

  11. This is a funny post! Happy anniversary!

  12. Yay Day 2!!! I love that post!!!

  13. I remember that! It seems like yesterday...

  14. Okay - you Bible speech is hysterical. But the line that got me the most:

    2nd oldest saying, "I know her.... she won’t stop."


    Now, I kinda want to upload "The Ten Commandments" even though Easter's not for two more months...

  15. You are hilarious!! Happy anniversary! So glad I found you.

  16. Oh this is this is hilarious, is there no limit to the places your mind can go when you write? Happy Day 2!

  17. Should I admit that I haven't gone through all of your archives and read that one yet? Well I admitted it, and thank you for posting it again!

    Happy day 2 of blogoversary!

  18. You've accomplished much in a year!

    Happy Anniversary Week!!

  19. bahahaha. I thought that was your normal manner of speaking all along.

    I'm still amazed at all you've accomplished in one year! :)

  20. Keep the good stuff coming :-)

  21. Happy anniversary, darling. We're all so very proud of you.

  22. Thank you, all, for stopping by to wish me Happy Blogoversary. As I said before, there's no party without you.

    Thank you!

  23. Sweetheart! It's your blogoversary WEEK?! *Of course* it's a week long celebration! I would expect nothing less! Happy 1 year to you! You're phenomenal, amazing and totally kick ass. I feel lucky to know you! Truly. XO

  24. I've now started talking in an accent
    My family thanks you
    It's for their own good

  25. "Is it because I am a simple woman? Is it because I do not strike fear in your heart?"

    So eloquent of prose and kindness personified ...
    neither simple nor fear come to mind!

    A week of your celebrations, sounds like a royal occasion indeed :)

  26. HA!!!! Does that mean she wants us in the car? Guys?? LOL
    This was a great one. How you made the thou and thee's all make sense I will never know. :)

  27. Before I started reading, I thought "Why is Anne Baxter in this post?". LOL Great stuff!

  28. Sent you some twitter love but just had to stop by and wish you a Happy Blogaversery! So glad we "met"!

  29. Happy Blogaversary to you! I'm so proud and honored to say I knew you when . . .

    You are a force for GOOD in the world and the blogosphere! I've said it before: you are an inspiration to me and truly a wise mama role model for me. Hilarious and genuine! Thank you.

  30. Dude, that's some funny shit. You can go wrong with a Ten Commandments parody. I love it. And that was your FIRST guest post? Sheesh, lady, you're makin' all of us look bad. :)

  31. So happy I made it for Day 2! How did I miss Day 1?? What kind of friend am I?! LOVE YOU, EMPRESS!

  32. Oh, I love it! Wouldn't motherhood be way more hip and divine if we could speaketh like thou dost?

    Loving your week....could we stretch it out a bit?

  33. i feel like you should come to my English class and translate everything I say into Shakespearean.

  34. I love this post! It was such fun to read!

  35. Oh you are hysterical! This is great, I may have missed it then, but it's very kind of you to pull out the fun stuff for me to read now!

  36. That is so great. I want to speak all Ten Commandments-y to my daughter tomorrow. It would be great fun.....well, it would be great fun for me ;-) I'm not sure if she would like it or not.

  37. LOL, loooooove this. I totally thought you must have been watching Ten Commandments, too :p Brilliant, as usual.

  38. Ok, now I have to talk to the girl and the husband like this. And everyone else I run across.

  39. This post was hilarious!

    Ann Baxter, the actor who was my very first crush. Silly me. I couldn't decide whether or not I loved her or Charlton Heston or Yul Bryner in that movie most. He had great muscles. But she was just so gorgeous. My parents thought I was over religious and let me watch the movie all the time.

    While I did get a great education about Israel and their Exodus from Egypt, I memorized the lovely Ann Baxter's face. I memorized Charlton's arms and chest. . . and I drooled over Yul Bryner. I did that in secret though because he was the bad guy and I wasn't supposed to think he was cute. But he was HOT!!!!

    Yet, as a grown, Finished lady, I the pastor have resolved those fine men as works of art and my heart still carries my love for Ann Baxter.

    Am I allowed to say this out loud?



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