Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Always A Thrill


Do you have it?

I've been diagnosed with it. Maybe you're afflicted, too.

My post today, syndicated on BlogHer , tells the full story."But They're Home With You Now" -- stop by, please and read-- if you're able to,  leave me a comment. I would appreciate it so very much.

I am always thrilled to be syndicated on BlogHer. What BlogHer does for the small blogger, can't be measured in dollars. It's priceless encouragement, validation, dreams of writing made real.

If you are here, through BlogHer, for the first time, how exciting for me and Thank You! Please, poke around, look at my favorite posts on The Empress' Best page.  I hope you like them. 

Thank you, BlogHer, for choosing my post, and thank you, Reader:  for visiting today, and for clicking over here, and supporting this woman, who just wants to write.


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