Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Lady In France

I am traveling overseas.

Yes, I am.

A blog post that I've contributed to Lady Jennie, la femme du maison from the photographically and poetically exquisite A Lady In France, is published there today.

And she blogs from France. Because she lives there. And my blog post is on there, and I wrote it, so, I'm going to say I'm A Lady In France today.

I love blogging.

I hope you hop over the pond, and come visit, where the gracious and intimate Jennie and I, speak of what else? but ze glorious gift of ze food.

Her beautiful blog is addictive to me, with it's peaceful, wise, no airs about her ways.

I know you'll love the way she writes, and the things you learn about living in a different culture. You leave with a feeling of knowing  a bit more of something than before you clicked over. I like her, I truly do.


Comments closed. Hop on over, please,  and meet the lovely Lady Jennie


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