Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bring The Funny? She Can...

Lori Dyan

It's Get To Know Thursdays: where I'll be showcasing some fantastic, funny, humor bloggers that I've been secretly, and guiltily, keeping to myself.

As I promised during blogoversary week, I'm going to be mature this New Blogging Year, and introduce you to these fantastic bloggers. Because it's the right thing to do. The world needs more humor.
Lori Dyan  is the feature funny lady today, on Bring the Funny? She Can Thursdays. She is a blogger you Must Get To Know.

If I were to link up every post of Lori's that has made me actually laugh out loud, not just the acronym LOL....this post would go down as one of the longest I've ever put up.

Lori is that kind of funny. Laugh Out Loud kind of funny.

The giggly, guilty pleasure, "Oh...She IS waaaay bad" funny.

You can start here --where you will have to click and see the woman she calls Miss BJ--who also happens to be her lookalike.

Lori makes me feel like I'm at a 7th grade slumber party, all over again, where the girl who knows everything we're not supposed to know about, has me in a corner telling it all to me...while I take it in, wild eyed and gaping mouthed.

See if you don't agree, with this post here.  Nothing like a little yeast imbalance talk.

She is hilarious on her blog, and to follow @RestlessLori on twitter?

::Just mistook new naturopath's rock garden for a parking spot. #firstimpressionfail 6 hours ago::

Very Good Times. 

Stop over and meet Lori. I can't tell you enough what a very funny woman she is.


The Return of Stinky McSmelly Pits

by Lori Dyan

I recycle. I compost. I use SLS-free shampoo and I even buy organic if it’s on sale. But I’ve recently learned that my loyalty to all things environmental has limits, and those limits begin and end with my armpits.

I’d heard the scary statistics linking the aluminium content of antiperspirants and breast cancer, so I decided to try out a more natural alternative. The lady at my local health food store recommended a crystal deodorant. I was skeptical that a chunk of salt could keep rank odours away, but decided to give it a try.

The following morning I applied it vigorously under each arm. By lunch I felt wet and sticky (and not in a good way) so I re-applied. By dinner I reeked..[ READ MORE HERE ]



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