Thursday, February 16, 2012

But It's Not A Gun




And my collective 17 years experience with this.

No boys? Come read what it's like.

Then send me flowers.

My post up today, at Aiming Low, How to call it a gun when mom says no guns.

Hope to see you there.


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  1. I don't think there's a video game out there, that isn't about destroying something, with something. Not sure if that includes blow dryers as weapons though.

  2. I was recently surprised to realize my 4.5 yr old singleton didn't know what a gun was ( a laser gun came with a toy robot). He thought it was a cell phone. Then he thought it was a hammer.

    We hadn't meant to not teach him about guns and gun like objects. But we limit TV to shows I can bear listening to. And he doesn't yet play video games. And somehow, until he began 2x/week preschool, he rarely hung out with boys his own age or older who might have clued him in. Lots of boys a bit smaller who I guess he failed to therefore instruct in the way of the boy.

  3. well, you are just popping up all over the place, girly! off to check you out now :)

  4. Loved it. I remember a play date when two boys came over to play with our three girls. The girls were constantly making sounds and the boys were in constant motion.



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