Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Moth

Have you heard of The Moth?

The Moth is a New York City based nonprofit organization dedicated to the art and craft of storytelling: It was founded in 1997 by poet and novelist George Dawes Green, who wanted to recreate the feeling of sultry summer evenings in his native Georgia, when moths were attracted to the light on the porch where he and his friends would gather to spin spellbinding tales.

The Moth now travels around the country hosting storytelling events in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, and other cities. I have my tickets for the show in Milwaukee on May 17. I can't wait.

The Moth offers a weekly podcast, which provides free audio of stories from all types of Moth events.

You can pitch your own true story in a minute or less right there if you'd like to take the chance at having it put up for listening at the site.

Two months ago, I recorded my pitch at The Moth, and waited. And waited some more.

I found out today that my story, 1 minute 53 seconds long, has been posted for listening and voting.

In one minute and 53 seconds, I tell you what I remember of the last day I had with my father, up until the moment he decided to take his life the day before Thanksgiving. It's told from the point of view of a 6 year old child, and what she makes of the day as it built up to be my father's last day with us.

I remember every second.

I'm going to ask you to please click over to The Moth, spend the less than 2 minutes listening to my story, then voting by clicking on the row of stars next to my name. It's called A Child's Point of View and the author is me, Alexandra R. *MOST IMPORTANTLY, if there is anyone you know that has thought of taking their life, please have them listen to this -- I hope it sends waves of insight on how far and for how long the ripples of a suicide extend.

Thank you so very much.

 Everyone's got a story


  1. Oh Empress, that story touched me! That's how children see things. We always think it's totally our fault. Everything that happens. I want to hug your 6 year-old self!

    smooches girl - this was awesome

  2. oh this is so cool...i did not know about it...thanks for the great hit empress and i will def jump over and throw you a vote...

  3. Congratulations on making it into The Moth! (And so sorry that this is your story to tell, now and forever.) Much love, always.

  4. I listened. I voted. And I cried a little. xoxo

  5. {hugs} to you.

  6. Oh beautiful you, of course. Of course. xo

  7. Such a huge coincidence. I was driving home late from the theatre last night and I heard The Moth for the first time on NPR and I thought, "What a great concept." Now this morning I've heard, and voted for your contribution. I have no words.

  8. I didn't know that your father took his own life. Or if I did I've forgotten and if I haven't said it before, I'm sorry for that loss for you. And to blame yourself when you're six years old, so sad. I voted for you. Of course.

  9. I listened and voted. As I sit here at my computer, a mother (my friend) sits in her home 30 feet away from me struggling with the death of her son two years, two months, and 20 days ago. He was my daughter's age, 19, at the time he took his life in his dorm room at Marquette. It is the most heartbreaking and difficult thing I have ever been witness to and its daily. Thank you for this post.

  10. I listened and voted. That was more moving than my words can express.

    And I love this idea. I live off the beaten path, and it would be fun to make a small 'one horse town' version of this.

  11. Gah - I'm in the library without headphones. Email me later with the website and remind me, will you?

  12. I love The Moth. I've wanted to get down to LA to hear it live. I'm so thrilled that your story was accepted. Getting over to the site and listening now...


  13. Oh shit. I don't wanna do this. I can already feel my throat doing that emotional throat constricting thing.

  14. I knew it! I knew I shouldn't have listened. I hate crying before noon. I'm so sorry. That was so powerful and so brave of you to share it. Thank you and big giant hugs. Oh! I just realized I forgot to vote. Duh. Doing so now.

  15. Oh dear...oh dear, dear, dear. Thank you for your bravery and always sharing.

  16. Well, I'm breathless and speechless after listening to your story. (I voted 5 stars, of course.)

    Just beautiful and real and sad and moving and so many, many great things.

    So proud to know you, Alexandra.



  17. THANK YOU to ALL OF YOU: for listening, for your love, for your comments.

    I hoe you tweet this out, pass it along, have anyone that needs to hear this, hear this.

    Because this is what suicide leaves behind.

    For 40 years after, this is what suicide leaves behind.

    Thank you SO MUCH.

    I love you all, I am grateful for you, and THANK YOU.

  18. Oh, Alexandra, even though it wasn't your fault, the guilt must have weighed so heavy on your young child heart. How awful a burden to bear.

  19. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
    You posting this means so much. You are saving lives.
    Thank you.

  20. ---thank you for telling us your story aloud, A.
    You took my breath away with your authentic voice.
    How can a chocolate candy bar become so unbelievably heartbreaking?

    I voted for you, of course.

    What a great site. Xx

  21. I love the Moth. Congratulations on getting your story posted. I voted for you of course. Your story was truly touching and heartbreaking.

  22. Congratulations on getting your story on The Moth. I know your words will help someone.
    My vote comes with a hug.

  23. So heartbreaking that your 6-year-old self felt responsible. I wonder if it had occurred to your dad what thoughts you would have to live with? He must have been very desperate to escape his pain. You are quite amazing, you know.

  24. Thank you all, so very much.

    For me, blogging will never be about number of comments or will always be about the amazing people I"ve met, and that are now in my life.

    Thank you so much.

  25. {{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}}

    The story could have been told in an overtly sensational way. Because it was. It was seminal for you. Your family. But you told it in such a plain, straightforward way. It made it much more powerful. The sheer fact of what happened is enough to hit anybody that listens with the impact that you don't even see coming. I am not making any sense. I am mourning with that little girl. {{{hugs}}}

  26. Oh Alexandra, it broke my heart. Thank you for sharing this. I'm so sorry for the little girl you were, carrying that guilt because she truly was so innocent. You are an Amazing person.

  27. Oh my! I can't even imagine how you felt as that 6 year old girl, thinking your candy bar was what caused your father's suicide. I'm so very sorry. I voted for you.

  28. God, Alexandra. I just can't believe how amazing you are. Your ability to articulate pain in such a beautiful way... I know you are helping people every day. I'm so sorry for what you had to endure. But what an incredible woman you turned out to be. Thank you for sharing. I listened and voted. xox

  29. I remember going to the Moth about ten years ago in NYC. It was a small event back then.

    I can't wait to read your story. I am teary eyed before I have even begun.

    xo, Ilana

  30. Oh Alexandra!!!!! I hope you still don't blame yourself and the candy bar!!!! You bring me to tears!!!

  31. I'm a huge Moth fan and a huge Alexandra fan. I'm so proud of you and so grateful to you for speaking out about suicide. Off to listen-vote-promote

  32. it's quite a story, and a painful example of the hurt suicide provides. thanks for sharing. for me, the story continues and does not conclude until you and your father have found peace.

  33. I've never heard of the Moth but will return tonight when I have sound on my computer. Best wishes, Alexandra, and thanks, as always for opening up your heart. XOXO



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