Friday, February 17, 2012

The One Thing

There is one thing I will stop in my tracks and respond to.

There is one thing I will never stop fighting for and writing about.

The very thing that makes some hide in shame and pull their world in even closer has become the one thing that I cannot be loud enough about.

Post Partum Depression. The shame, stigma, and isolation it can cause. The suffering of all involved.

One of the best predictors of PPD recovery is social support and a network of concern.

I'm grateful to be posting at PPD to Joy, the amazing Yael's site today, on what to do if you or someone you know is trying to make it through just another day. I was that someone barely hanging on 17 years ago, and now I am a PPD survivor. I made it through to the other side, something I wish for everyone. NEVER GIVE UP.

If you know of someone, please have them stop by. If you were that someone, please let others know that reaching out is the one best thing you can do for yourself right now.

Thank you so much for reading, and thank you, Yael, for having me.

Post Partum Depression is my 'something be be passionate about.'

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.



  1. I'll definitely stop over. Keep spreading awareness! You're doing a wonderful thing.

  2. Thank you so much for your guest post today. I love having your unique voice at my place. Hugs to you,

  3. I am so grateful to women who wear their hearts on their sleeves and pour it all out! So imortant to be there for eachother and PPD should not be dealt with alone...

  4. Thanks for continuing to write about this Alexandra! I just left a comment there but didn't see it, so I don't know if it went through or not?

  5. High five for talking about this important issue.
    xo jj

  6. Thank God you'll be a warrior for PPD!!!

  7. I can only imagine how incredibly difficult dealing with PPD is. I'm glad there are resources out there for those women who need the help.

  8. PPD is terrible and can make you feel so isolated. At the time you are going through it, you don't imagine anyone else can possibly understand. It's always such a relief to know that others ARE out there and have experienced it AND survived!

  9. I think it's great that you are talking about this. It can be so painfully isolating. I felt isolated while I was dealing with PPD not just because my family didn't know it, but I didn't even know it. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this post!

  10. BRAVO Alexandra! It is such a good thing you are know you have my admiration and respect (and love) always...

  11. I discuss this with every strung out new mom I meet.

  12. I did not face this struggle, nor did any of my close family members or friends.

    That I know of.

    But as you said, many people hide this from others out of some sense of failure or weakness.

    I am grateful to women like you who take up the flag of support for those in need.


  13. Although i did not experience this in my 3 kids when giving birth to them.

    But i felt the need to share and support those that struggle and experiencing PPD.I'll share this to my friends.

  14. Your huge heart and the way you reach out is helping so many people. xoxo.

  15. I'm so glad you are so passionate about PPD. I love this about you; there are so many of us that need your voice (and others like them) to find our own. I struggled with PPD too and needed the women around me to tell me I was okay, that getting help was ok, that there was a way through.

    You are that voice for so, so many women. Yay you!

  16. Thank you, Alexandra! I suffered horribly from PPD with my son and it still helps me feel less alone and a failure as a mom when I read about other women who have been through it. Especially, when they are incredibly beautiful women and loving, amazing moms, like your self!!!!

  17. My hope is that any of you know of someone, or THINK someone may be going under that dark storm of PPD, please stand by them and make sure THEY GET HELP.



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