Wednesday, February 1, 2012

You Can Blame Me

My husband is a good, decent man. Vice free. Dedicated to home and family. Wears his boxers till they look like lace doilies to keep food on the table.

Such a good man.

Being married to the last boy scout in America has made me realize I must set the record straight: any veering off the straight and narrow for this man is

I apologize (sort of) for what my husband's life has become. Here. At Aiming Low. Where we strive for the mediocre in parenting.



  1. I can't wait to read this! Your Boy Scout must be in the same troop as my Boy Scout. Heading over to Aiming Low for a laugh :-)

  2. Every good man only becomes great once he is corrupted by a good woman.

    Zen enough for ya? :)

  3. Awesome. So wonderful to see you spreading your beautiful words in so many corners of the web. Off to check you out now.

  4. *snicker* I ADORED your post, Darling! My Big Bag Of Man Candy is still in a delicate stage of denial with regards to the coffee consumption I have forced upon him. He starts even the most random of sentences with the disclaimer "I've never been a coffee drinker, but...." (this includes such statements as "I'm off to take the trash to the curb" and "I need to swing by the bank on the way home"). Sweet, sweet man. He'll come around eventually :)

  5. Whew, I had no idea where that was headed! Just give that man his coffee and let him regain his boy scout demeanor... and try hard not to run out. He's obviously worth his weight in coffee!

  6. love that photo. a mantra, if i ever become a dad.

    voted fer ya, twice. good luck:)

  7. Boxers until they look like doilies... I love it. Mine is an Air Force guy and I have thrown him so far off his military ways I'm not sure he knows how to salute anymore.

  8. You had me a doillie boxers because that's what my husband does...don't they ever feel a draft?
    I tried to follow the link and it didn't work and I tried to access the site but it didn't work either. Site down?

  9. LOL! And you were utterly supportive and understanding :-) It is fun to share addictions with your spouse! My hubby and I both have the same addiction for coffee. Now if only he would share mine for Doritos...that way he wouldn't look at me with judgmental eyes when he finds me in the stairwell at 11 pm with a family size bag in my hands...



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