Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Just Plain Old Good Looking

Do you know what good looking is?

The visceral kind of hotness where a married woman asks herself if merely looking at pictures of Mr. Good Looking is cheating.

Or the kind of smokin' where every theater seat in the house should come equipped with an oxygen mask that drops down like the ones in airplanes because whenever Mr. Good Looking pops up on screen you gasp uncontrollably and scream at the same time?

Come to Sprocket Ink and see what the best looking man who ever lived is up to. (How is that even knowable? -- who cares)


  1. I'm thinking Daniel Craig or Ryan Gosling. Well, at least that's my vote.


    Brad Pitt?! They've got to be kidding. No matter how I size this guy up, he's always too too Wally Cleaver for me.

    Right this very second, Jean Dujardin gets my vote.

  3. Darn for the spoiler. I was going to tell you, you got me hook line and sinker, I am on my way. I'm kind of a Matt Damon girl myself.

  4. oooh, i know what you mean. and now i will click on the link to see what you think is good looking! it better not be a pic of carrot top.

  5. *Screaming and needing oxygen*

  6. I refuse to look! We're people too, damn it!

  7. I was so disappointed! Have never been a fan of Brad, now Hugh Jackman? 'Nother story entirely! And Michael Pitt. Mhm. Those lips and my imagination are smokin! lolol

  8. Why am I not on this list??

    And for the cheating thing, it's only bad if your man gets jealous... or you call out, say, Chris O'Donnel's name in bed. Then and only then will there be hell to pay...



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