Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Year Was 2010 B.B. (Before Blogging)

I've been posting this month about the value and the anchor that blogging is in my life. If you've ever clicked over to my About Page, I tell you about four or five times how blogging saved my life. This isn't hyberbole. I feel so very fortunate to have a computer, to have google searched the Top Bloggers of 2008 that were featured in a Time magazine I picked up four years ago, and to be writing this post today because of blogging.

With that first click onto a Top Blogger Blog in 2008, I stepped through a portal that took me into a level of friendship, companionship, support, and was three fourths of the reason I was able to make it through what would happen to me two years later, what I have come to call The Great Depression of 2010.

I had read blogs for about two years before I decided to begin my own in 2010. In those two years of visiting the few blogs I came to depend on, I had no idea how many thousands more existed. My online world then was limited to a few emails for school and work purposes, and my handful of blogs that really became my contact with someone I felt a connection with.

Details aren't important, but there were many stressors in my life in 2008. I know I was able to survive the depression that grew out of the anxiety and panic that had been showing their punky faces on a daily basis because of the early blogs I had found. No one person should be expected to carry the burden of another, and with that same reasoning, no one blog/blogger should be all things I needed. I had the humor bloggers I followed that kept me from forgetting how to laugh, and there were the important balancing ones for me: the blogs that understood the overwhelming emotions I was enduring at the time. They were in the same space as I was then, and were working their way through and lighting the path ahead for me. They let me believe light existed on the road ahead. They took me along as they searched for happiness, new states of mind, survival. These bloggers became the Never Surrender! heroes of mine.

From one of the humor blogger sites I followed in these Pre Blogging Days, I found a blogger that became my solid wall to lean on with the road we shared. I followed a blogger home, Britt Reints, because of the comments she'd leave there; she spoke with truth, as well as with grace.

One post of hers (read it, it's fabulous) in particular, had me visiting her words again and again over the long winter. It was about how very difficult, exhausting, all encompassing it was to learn to survive with depression...but, still, even with all that energy expended, she would never quit. She'd keep on going, no matter how empty her tank felt.

I found my strength on her site, which is now called In Pursuit of Happiness, because there is something about not being judged, not being told to just take a happy pill, not being reminded how people have it worse than you, that makes you decide to take up your own shield and spear and blow your conch, charging into battle.

Britt, for all that you've done for me and so many others, over the years, I thank you.

You are one of my Great Depression Slayers of 2010.

 Thank you, Britt. I love you.

Big P.S.: please read Britt's About Page. You'll be blown away by her sincerity and determination.

**This blogger was one of the handful so implicit in my making it through the winters and the seasonal depression they bring, before I began my own blog in 2010 and became a part of this incredible online community. During this month, I'll be highlighting the bloggers I call "The Great Depression Slayers of 2010." To the crucial ones I clung to before I began blogging, the ones that pulled me through, I thank you.


  1. Britt tells the truths of her life that I can never tell about mine. So brave.

  2. Isn't it amazing what bloggers and blogging can do? I am so happy that you found something to help you get through those difficulties. And now you help others. That's full circle and that's beautiful.

  3. I'll definitely check her out! In the past couple of months, I've felt myself slipping back toward my old depressive tendencies. I *think* it's mostly due to pregnancy hormones, but I definitely want to keep ahead of the darkness, especially as I deal with the normal third-trimester discomforts. I'm looking forward to your other posts!

  4. I'm headed over there now....I'm so glad that you found blogs and blogging. The blogging world wouldn't be nearly as lovely without you.

  5. It comforting to find out we aren't the only ones who struggle. I admire the bloggers who are able to share openly about it.

  6. Lovely post. My non blogging friends don't understand how important these online connections are. During my darkest days, my online friends kept me going.

  7. and Britt is as lovely, honest and true in real life as her words she graciously shares with us. If you need a lifeline, her approach to everything that is thrown her way will keep you on track - glad she was yours :)

    and as for Pinterest ... you can totally do it!

  8. very cool...will def check her out...i like these highlights that your doing...def cool to acknowledge those that have helped you along..

  9. It amazes me that it's possible to find a new blog every day. There are many that I follow but few that I lean on. Yours is one. And for that, I think you.

  10. I'll go off to read Britt's post now. And I'm proud to be one of your first fans. :-)

  11. Oh my gosh. A, I'm so extremely touched. I don't even have the words.

    Thank you. xo

  12. your comments about my dear friend gave me chills. i love that she is so much to so many.

    while i am blessed to not battle depression, i admire those who fight through the grey.

  13. I am so thrilled that our beautiful Britt has been such a touchstone for you. She's truly a light at the end of any tunnel.

    Also happy that you made it through. Depression sucks, but you win! :)

  14. So sweet. I believe that we should always let people know when they have touched us. It's a gift to all.

  15. I am enjoying this new world I've found. I don't even remember how I found your blog but it was the first I followed and for what ever reason it hooked me.

    Someone in my life always says, "Well it could be worse." I just hate that!

    Heading over to read about your friend, Britt.

  16. Wow, I can comment, I've never been able to do this before - huh, Blogger finally let up on me!

    I loved, LOVED this post - blogging has opened up an entirely new world for me, and as cliche as it sounds, I've kind of found myself through my writing.

    Heading over to Britt's blog right now.....

  17. I feel the need to say again how blown away I am by your determination to give back.

    It's inspiring to say the least and at the most, your posts here will compel other bloggers to be generous with their time, words, recommendations.

    With their hearts.

    So here's to those helping others -
    even when they don't know how much.

  18. You are paying it forward via your blog and your support of your friends. You know that, right? Because you are one of my depression slayers & I am so thankful. I am so excited you wrote this. Going to go thank the woman who inspired you. XO

  19. Why don't you live next door?!

  20. Thank you, all for stopping here and indulging me while I thank those that made such a huge difference in my life 2 years ago.

    I was at a loss, and no one in my real world could understand...but online, I found people who got me, people who steered me, and people who made me laugh.

    I made it through, and I've never said thank you to them.

    When someone does this for you, they need to know, right?

    Thank you. For stopping here, reading here, commenting here. THANK YOU.

  21. I didn't have time to check over when I first read this. This morning I had some time. She will not be on my blogroll, as I don't want to miss any more of her amazing posts. Thank you for sharing Alex. She really is somethin special.

  22. ----Beautiful.
    I love love love that you found this 'blogging world' as a way to get thru your darkest days.

    Words have continually saved me, as well. What a superb platform to release, cry, let goooo.

    So glad you are here. Xx

  23. I know that blogging opened a part of myself that had been closed so long I didn't know I missed it. Until I felt that joy in not only letting it all spill out but finding there were other people doing the same that I could connect with.

    I'm so glad you took that first step. We would all be missing something special if you hadn't : )

  24. One of the most thought provoking and positive posts I've read in a long time. I say this as person who has also had many issues and struggles. I also have heros...

  25. I am just loving this series you are featuring here, girl. What a wonderful way to give back to the ones who gave so much back to you.

  26. People don't understand how much they can mean to us when we are in such a deep dark tunnel with no light in sight.
    They give us the strength when we are too weak.
    You were an integeral part of my survival last year and I will never forget that. When I see a blogger or twitter person in that place, I remember you...and how your hand helped me.
    I'm so glad that you had this wonderful person in your life during that time.
    And I'm so glad that you blog.
    This is an amazing community.
    And if this is too sappy of a comment, I will throw in a random word like vagina to make you smile.

  27. You know how I feel. You're one of the friends who helped pull me out of a dark place too. Thanks for paying it forward, the way you've been helped. If I could even offer you a smidgen of what you've given me...

  28. Thanks for reminding me what fun it was to discover my favorite bloggers! It's so much fun to "visit" them and make my day feel a little more interesting.

  29. You know, a lot of us feel this way about you.

    smooches to you, wonderful woman



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