Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Madonna

Madonna put on a show. A BIG show. The reviews are in, and split down the middle.

What's your opinion?

SprocketInk lent me their space to tell you my feelings on The Material Girl. *you know, because the world is waiting to hear*

Hope to see you there!

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  1. Even though I don't think Madonna has to prove herself to anybody, I think her performance was great!

  2. I thought she did an okay job... however, when I see anything like that, it gets clouded with my thoughts of just how many dollars go into such elaborate productions. ALL THAT MONEY!!!

  3. OK, I'm not going to argue. Who am I to judge (btw: are you and I going to tweet during Idol?) ((see what I mean about not being worthy to judge Madonna?)) But what was up with the gladiator/viking/cheerleader melange?

  4. I already commented there, but I'll say it again here. She put on a seriously good show.
    Great, great recap.

  5. i just poked my head in to see if the game was back on. i saw her dancing and singing and ducked back into the kitchen for more food. i know you believe this instantly, and you should:)

  6. I just love her and always will. I enjoyed that show tremendously! Even the hubs said it was good and he was impatiently waiting for it to be over.

    I've been 'vogueing' ever since Sunday! It's not pretty.



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