Wednesday, February 15, 2012

And Their Legs Turn To Jelly?

The mysteries of the woman.

What turns one to jello doesn't even cause a bed of sweat in another.

Like an accent. Some women just about spontaneously combust at the sound of a trilled r.

I ask you today, at FunnynotSlutty, to 'splain to me the allure of the espanish accent.

I'd love to understand the effect that the men in my family have on the world.

Happy post Valentine's Day! 



  1. I'm down with the accent, but it's more the Irish/Scottish kind. Yum.
    Clicking over now.

  2. I love a nice accent as long as I don't have to work too hard to understand it, then it becomes frustrating.

  3. For me, an accent is impressive because it means the man can speak more than one language.

    You see. I'm all about a person's intelligence.

    It's not the least bit shallow or sexual or omigod hot or anything.


  4. Clicking over :-)



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