Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bring the Funny? Daphne Can

I begin my mornings with a visit to one of my very first blog loves,; one of my favorite favorite blogs. When I saw this video at her site, I knew I had to repost it here.

"Daphne the Explorer" is  Daphne Brogdon, her blog is coolmom. Daphne was one of my first friends on the internet, and she helped me through a tough year. She is beautiful, very funny, kind and down to earth.

Her blog is very, very funny videos of  life and parenting  moments. She sneaks in a bit of adorable sappy every now and then, but Daphne can work a video like you wouldn't believe.As a reader commented there,"Just wanted to say that i was having one of those horrid days and a friend showed me your site and i have had a smile on my face since thanks for brightening my day…."

That's exactly what every video there does for me, too. I leave with a smile on my face.

Daphne is a stand up comedian, mom of two, and also hosts TV Guide Channel's weekly series The Fashion Team. She is married to the fantastic L.A. Chef, Mark Peel, who is executive chef/owner of Campanile Restaurant and co-founder of La Brea Bakery. He has appeared on Top Chef, and Good Bite. When Mark's latest cookbook, "New Classic Family Dinners" was released and I purchased it, he was kind enough to sign a copy for me.

She is always funny. This funny. You're my girl, Daphne. And I think you are a Bring The Funny--She Can instant classic.

You will love this blogger.

COMMENTS CLOSED. Please visit and see what I mean: she brings the funny.


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