Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bring The Funny? Oh, This One Does

Oh! You want to know more about me? Really? That's awfully swell of you. I'm Shari and I'm a chronic Fabulous-chaser. Once I even confessed out loud that I wished I had Type A+ blood because A just wasn't good enough. Yes, I am exhausting. And exhausted. (But that might just be because I popped two babies in my 40's and now understand why the girls in Little-House-on-the-Prairie days had kids by the time they were 15.) I write this blog for all those moms I adore, the ones who can't give up the fight to be Fabulous and are slowly coming to terms with being Almost.

It's Bring The Funny? She Can Thursdays here today. Where I share, since it's the only right thing to do, the fabulous talented, funny, pee in your pants hilarious, bloggers I have been lucky enough to find.

They make my world better.

Today's featured blogger is Dusty, of Earth Mother Just Means I'm Dusty, aka @DustyEarthMom

Our story is a love story.

I followed Shari to her home, Earth Mother Just Means I'm Dusty, after reading one of her essays on the internet.  Dang, the woman was funny.

It was snowy, cold, January here, and I sat, holding my coffee mug in my hands to try and make me think I was warm. Her post that day was on her morning: how at the buttcrack of dawn, the doorbell rings, on of her many baby pugs (she is a pug lover to the level of concern, IMHO) had gotten his blue collar tangled up in her fantastic red hair during the night (since, you know, she SLEEPS WITH HER DOGS) and PuggyBaby goes jumping out of bed to defend the castle taking her scalp along with him.

I was slapping my knee and just about needed my son's inhaler with all the wheezing and chortling I was doing at the visual she left me with.

I commented, she visited, I visited, she commented, and we have been that way ever since.

She was my first follower. And she accidentally made her MAMA ROSE my second follower.

She loves me as if I were a pug. Big pugloves me.

Following Dusty on twitter? oh, a gas: @dustyearthmom

Shari Simpson

31 May

Her posts? Like one of those people you know who is really funny but they don't know they're funny. Which is one of the best kinds of funny:

Shut Up and Get Me a Harvey Wallbanger

1. I grew up in a suburb of Chicago in the 60's and 70's. My dad was a Chicago fireman and my mom was a hairdresser/waitress/belly dancer.
DIFFERENCE: I am not a bellydancer. Thank God my husband doesn't stifle my creativity so badly that I rebel by wearing veils and a navel jewel. However, I do occasionally walk around with dollar bills stuffed into my bra. He likes that.
2. A sample dinner conversation between my parents generally went something like this: DON: "What the hell is this?" ROSE: "It's Chicken Kiev." DON: "What the hell is Chicken Kiev?" ROSE: "Can't you just try something new once in a while?" DON: "Shut up and get me a Harvey Wallbanger."
DIFFERENCE: A sample dinner conversation between me and my husband generally goes something like this: HUSBAND: "What's this?" ME: "It's Walnut-Lentil Loaf, a tasty vegetarian alternative to meat loaf." HUSBAND: "So there's no actual meat in it." ME: "Right. That would be the 'vegetarian' aspect I just mentioned." HUSBAND: "So it's not really meat loaf." ME: "Right. That would be the 'alternative' aspect I just mentioned." HUSBAND: "Okay. Yum."
3. My father used to write the date with his finger on dusty shelves to [READ MORE HERE]*********

Dusty is more than I can tell you here. Witty, talented, so funny, and a good woman. In fact, jewels are being pounded into her crown as we speak.

Comments Closed here, so you'll pay Dusty a visit.

Further enticement? She read for the part of Molly Ringwald in Breakfast Club. Yeah, she's that kind of cute.

I love you, Dusty. xo

Happy Bring The Funny Thursday!


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