Wednesday, June 22, 2011

SluiterNation Recruit

I've blogged many times about how one of the great things about all this blogging business is the feeling of belonging.

When I first began doing this posting, visiting, commenting, meeting of bloggers, one of the blogs I followed over from a comment on another site, was SluiterNation.

I followed Kate home because the comment she had left was smart, I could tell she had read the post, and there was a humorous quippy tone to her voice.

She was someone I could see myself being friends with.

SluiterNation, written by Kate Sluiter, is that type of blog: you feel you would be welcome anytime. She has that way about her posts: you feel part of something.

I was flattered and eager to contribute a guest post to SluiterNation, when Kate invited me to her site.

The topic she chose for me?


What a perfect post choice for a blog like SluiterNation.

I hope you click over and visit me, or come meet Kate, if you haven't already.

She is instantly likable.

<Thank you, K. It is a pleasure, and a joy to be at your site.>



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