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Sunday Best - I'm a Celebrity Look-A-Like Link-Up

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 Lifetime Movie Network Originals Present: Celine!!!

A Lifetime Movie Network Original
The Empress, as played by Celine!!!
Stephanie, of DramaMama, asks: "If there was a movie made of your life, what would be the movie, and who would play you and why?"

The answer is the 2008 Lifetime Original Movie, "Through the Eyes of the World: The Greatest Singer in the World: Celine Dion!!!" (and you do need the 3 exclamation marks when speaking of Celine!!!)

Sad to say, as much as I'd like/beg for it to be Sophia Loren to play my life, as Nives Mongolini, in The River Girl, 1955, where she was the steamy hot sultry temptress of a small Italian village, I couldn't give that answer -- not with a clear conscience.

Nope. All evidence points to me having to be played by Celine Dion, and end that sentence complete with a deep hand flourishing gravity defying bow, beginning at the forehead and ending at the knees.

I have been told more times than I can possibly recount, from strangers in the check out line at supermarkets to my son's open jawed science teacher, "do you now you look EXACTLY like Celine Dion ??"  And not as in, "wow, you are so beautiful, you look just like Celine",  nor as in "oh, you are so tall, you look like Celine," but as in "wow...your face is so long, you look like Celine," and "your mouth and chin and lips are really weird, like Celine Dion."

The eery similarities between us, continue:

We begin with the uncanny similar facial structure that Celine and I both share: looooong faces, generous chins, and a pretty good jawline for a woman. We move on to both Celine and I, at age 12, when we'd both stand in front of any mirror, holding a hairbrush for a microphone, pretending to sing, and calling out,"maman! It's me...on the radio!"  ala Celine, and  commence to belt out a haunting, long, drawn out dramatic dirge.  I was forever holding diva concerts in the bathroom, the more heartwrenching and painful the song, the better I felt.

Celine's life and mine paralleled each other's throughout high school, also. Like Celine, I was often "without the shoes and always losing the boyfriends."  The boys would tell me, as they told her, "but you are too skinny, and flat," but I, like her, knew I was beautiful. I, like her, "felt the beauty I had" And we'd both beat our chests with our fists whilst we stared out into the distance, slightly focused to the left, with a ferocity in this declaration (not to be confused with delusion).

Like Celine, you can make me cry -- like that! Snap! "And the tears...they come to my eyes."  Just to hear my son say, "maman! and I am in tears."  It is too hauntingly beautiful, the name...the name! of maman!

I conclude, with these undeniable identical occurrences in Celine's, and my, life:

*Celine's husband paid for her braces, mine paid for my retainers
*Celine often publicly states that her life, her life, it is like a dream!! I often find myself feeling the same way:  walking through my life in a foggy dreamlike state.

*In the 80's, I had been known to wear my tuxedo dress backwards.

*My eggs are old enough to be in wheelchairs, too. I think my last one dropped sometime last summer.

*I am really skinny and look like stretched out Silly Putty.

* I want to be Canadian, please.

*Celine has hit the longest, highest note on record. My neighborhood has heard me hit some pretty good ones over here, too, when the windows are open for the summer.

*Celine has been known to burst into tears, at the thought of the happiness that surrounds her.  I, too, have been known to burst into tears when I look around and see what surrounds me.

And, finally, like Celine, my children will tell you that I am "here, there, wherEVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR they are...I, will be there with them, too................" --  seeing what they're up to, what mess has to be swept up, finding out who is eating in their bedrooms....

Because, I.Am. Celine Dion, ! the greatest mother! in the world!

I rest my case.



  1. Totally.



    In college, my friends said Sandra Bullock would play me, but I can't see it.

  2. Long lost twins, hands down.

    You're the prettier one though.

  3. oh yes, i totally see it empress...i wonder if she realises how much she looks like you...wonder if she will link in with your pic as well...smiles.

  4. I wonder if she would play you.

  5. Definitely some similarities there, only I'm betting you were ALWAYS beautiful and she? Definitely had an awkward phase.

  6. YOU and Celine are absolutely beautiful-- with or without the backwards tuxedo.
    xo jj

  7. I still maintain that this is one of your best posts. I think it's what made me truly fall in love with you.

    And when you headline your big Vegas show, I'll be there.
    Happy Sunday, A!

  8. Oh yes! Totally see it! But...did you marry a man old enough to be your father??

  9. The egg in wheelchair comment just made me snort with laughter.

    And, did you know you're gorgeous?

  10. You do look a lot like her! Take pride in your beauty and that you can have a gorgeous famous look-a-like! ...and be thankful that your eggs are just in wheelchairs and not your husband ;)

  11. In the picture you posted, I don't see you looking just like Celine, Maybe your eyes look a little alike, but I don't know. I think you're much prettier and your face is serene and inviting.

    What I am concerned about though (per this picture) is your nubby handless arms. I did not know this about you. Do you blog with your toes? Very impressive...

  12. I 'm sorry. I really tried to walk away from posting the comment about your handless, nubby arms, but I JUST could NOT. I had to go for the joke.

    This is why I get in trouble. Alot.

  13. Hilarious post!

    You look like Celine's much prettier younger cousin!

    (And I Loved France Rants' comment! LOL)

  14. I can totally see it! Although unless you have a waterpark in the backyard in your mansion in south Florida, there are some differences. Very funny post!

  15. You get the prize for the funnies Celebrity Look-Alike post! This was too much. Especially when read with a French-Canadian accent.

    PS: You are much prettier than Celine. And she has magicians and make-up artists working on her for hours.

  16. you are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo MUCH prettier than Celine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  17. I know what you are trying to do. You're trying to pull a John C. Mayer with Celine!
    I'm onto you and I will alert the Google bots!

  18. Oh, wow, there really is a resemblance, but I agree with the others--you are prettier. That's a great shot of you, except the missing arms (still trying to figure that out).

  19. Yes, I can see the similarities, except that you are SO MUCH PRETTIER than her, and I know you're less annoying!...I'm French and from Quebec, I grew with Celine shoved under my nose long before the English population had to tolerate her. You're last comparisons were hilarious. And you can be Canadian anytime. I'm sure there are enough of us who would make you an honorary citizen because you're so fabulous.

  20. It's not you who wants to be Celine, but Celine who wants to be you! Celebrities desire our hard-won depth and character. They often look up from a man on man on woman on hermaphrodite tryst in a suite at the Santa Caterina Hotel where Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton first quenched their adulterous lust, and realize their salacious lives are inconsequential compared to our day-in-day-out, in-the-trenches. shit, pee, poo, yak in which we barter; sweat upon our brows, a sag in our tits, but character just seeping from our sweaty occasionally flatulent pores. Oh that Celine only wishes she had your down to earth laboriousness. For you her Love Will Go ONNNNNNNN! And I'm a little drunk.

  21. Yep. I see it too. But for the record, you look gorgeous in that picture. As does Celine Dion. I wouldn't take offense. No evidence of the backwards tuxedo though?

    ps: I get Jennifer Aniston constantly. Which was flattering 15 years ago but now I'm not so sure.

  22. I don't actually see the likeness. I think you are really quite beautiful but i suppose what the hell do i know right?

  23. How's your Vegas show going? Oh! Wait! I was confused!! You actually do look a little like Celine but a prettier version. And I bet you wouldn't have acted as weird on Oprah.

  24. I am banging my fists on my chest in celebration of your likeness. You are the greatest blogger in the WORLD!!! (three exclamation points necessary there as well)

  25. I can totally see the resemblance. But I think you are SO MUCH COOLER than the Celine ;)

    Also, who is this France Rants who just made me spit my coffee all over my computer??

  26. you BRING the funny and the Poignant, how awesome is that????

    You are CELINE, look at you, you gorgeous musical vixen you!!!! xo

  27. As always, you write the best posts! Thanks for the laugh!!!

  28. I adore the use of THREE exclamations points when referring to Celine!!!

    And love this post.

  29. Okay it's true. She would DEFINITELY play you in an SNL sketch. Or you could play her---even better.

    But if this is a futile attempt to say you are anything less than gorgeous than I CALL BULLSHITE ;)

  30. I'm trying not to be so jealous of you and Celine being skinny.

    It's a good thing being skinny if you ask me!

  31. Wow! You are stunning! I can see the resemblance to Celine but you are more beautiful!

  32. Yep, the resemblance is there, but I'm betting you didn't have the team of make up artists she has.

    I'm thinking I probably hit some high notes when the windows are open, too... hmmmmm.

  33. It's uncanny.

    I had no idea that your heart could go on.

    PS Paying for the braces / retainer? GENIUS.

  34. Yep, I can see it. And I think you're both beautiful.

    I would be pleased to grant you Canadian-ness. Tomorrow is Canada Day, so make sure to celebrate appropriately. We like to have fun up here :)



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