Monday, June 27, 2011

What Kids Really Want To Do In The Summer

Happy Monday!

I've been lucky enough to gain some new readers this past month, thank you so much to all of you for visits here. Last year, I began "Baby E" post day, on Mondays, where I give our youngest, "Baby E," his space here on the blog. We call him Baby E, because he is the Baby Emperor, and we do all adore this youngest one. He's a good little brother, and a wonderful youngest son. 

It's a grey and overcast day here in Wisconsin, it might rain later this afternoon - a perfect day, for a Baby E post. Here's hoping he makes you smile, and reminds you what it's like, to be a kid in the summer.

Happy Baby E/Monday Post Day!  

Hi! It's me, Baby E, and it's finally summer.

I told my mom that I want to do a post on what kids want to do in the summer, because the wrong stuff happens to us.

This is my favorite thing to do:

Me and my brothers having lunch outside

I like to be in the backyard, playing in the stuff we have: like what my mom calls "the slip-n-die," and with our dragon water sprinkler, and with our water guns, and to be in our tent, and then have our mom bring us lunch outside. That is my favorite thing to.

When it's hot and sunny that is what I like to do.

But when it's cold outside, like today, I like it when my mom plans stuff. Like the museum, or the art museum, or the zoo, or a movie, or my favorite thing! Our "summer reading basket" shopping.

But on the cold days only.

I told her I only like "family outings" on cold days.

Not on summer days.

She told me she has to plan ahead and she can't plan the weather but I think she should just plan ahead to do our family outings on cold days only.

She also makes us do stuff: in the summer, we still have to read chapter books, and tell her about the book, we still have to work inside and outside of the house, we still have to do the family bike ride! and we still have to take classes.

My mom says these things are good, and I do like them after I start them. Right now, I am taking a "make your own instrument" class, soccer school, and "Outdoor Art Classroom."

Those classes turned out nice.

I do like to do other stuff. I do like to go places. But on nice days, I want to be home and play.

What  I don't like to do in the summer, is take classes where they make you dress up like Old-Time Paper Boys and do plays:

Like this.

Stuff like, where I don't get when my mom says, "This is good for you!"

She loves this picture. She is laughing right now. I am kinda getting mad but feel like laughing right now, too.

OK. Now I am laughing.

She says this is good because it's good memories and now I can say I was in a play.

My mom is crazy.

I love my mom.


Next week I can't wait to tell you about our "Summer Reading Basket" shopping.

It is so awesome!! And I want to give a card out for Barnes & Noble for your kids to use to start their Summer Reading Baskets and my mom says I can! I hope they buy the books I tell them, too.


P.S. I like to do my posts.



  1. This is awesome! And I'm eager to read more about this summer reading basket!

  2. You know I love Baby E posts!

    Baby E, I can't wait to hear all about your books. And I think it's awesome that you do so many cool things over the summer - you're so lucky! I didn't have nearly as many neat things to do when I was your age.

  3. Baby E, I think it's very wise to save family outings for cold days. I would probably do the same thing.

    Can't wait to see what you have in your Summer Reading Basket!

  4. I happen to love this look on you, Baby E! Also, one day I think you'll understand why momma thinks this IS good for you :) Here's hoping your kingdom has a fantastic summer this year!

  5. It sounds like your mom makes summer pretty darn fun for you! And since she lets you play on the slip and die, she gets extra cool points.

  6. Happy Summer, Baby E! Sounds like a good one! Can I come over and play?

  7. I'm surprised you don't like plays, Baby E! Your mama is a natural for the stage.

    I forget how much younger you are than your brothers until I see you side by side with them. I bet your mom hopes you stay her Baby E forever.

  8. You've got a writer on your hands! Love it!

    And by the way, you clearly need to do a better job of predicting the weather. Clearly.

  9. Baby E, you got yourself a good mama there. I love the picture too. It's good to expand your horizons.

  10. e,

    ha. glad you are having a good summer e and getting to do some of the things you enjoy. you would get along well with my logan. he does not like outings unless it is cold either. he always asks why we want to go somewhere. slip n slides are a lot of fun too.

    he took a improv class last week where they had to dress up and act out characters. you look fine as the paper boy. smiles.

    did you get any good books in your summer reading basket? logan is liking 'the boxcar children' and of course star wars books. cole is reading sports chapter books now.

    hope you have a great rest of the summer. great to see you again.


  11. My mom is crazy! LOL

    Please get on that planning the weather thing, okay crazy lady.

    I love Baby E.

  12. what?! The Empress can't predict the weather?
    who knew?
    and I love the play picture...

  13. It all sounds great to me! I wish I'd have grown up in your house...

  14. I love that picture too. The summer reading basket sounds like lots of fun!

  15. Oh my stars...isn't he precious! I loved reading in the summer when I was his age..loved the pool on summer days, too ;-) enjoy your day Baby E!

  16. Baby E,

    It IS a bummer when we moms have to plan stuff and don't know the sun is going to be out.

    But it sounds like you end up having a pretty great summer with your family (despite the Old-Time Paper Boy costume).

    Thanks for telling us about it.

    p.s. I like your posts, too.

  17. Gosh I really love your posts Baby E! I have two little boys who are twins and are 3..I really hope they grow up to be as entertaining and smart as you are!!! Thanks for the that pic of you, you were in a play!!!!

  18. Hey there E! Just wanted to stop in and say how awesome you are and how very cool your momma is! We have a slip and die too!! The daddy here built it, it goes down a hill and ends in a giant squishy pool of water. My crew is only to go down on their bums!! I even tried it, I have to say it was fun! I have two boys and a daddy who like to come up with crazy ideas!! Can't wait to hear more about your summer!

  19. Baby E, you have a wonderful mom! I like family outings too, but definitely only on cold days. I'm excited to hear about your summer reading basket!

  20. So cute - my mom is crazy - hahaha.
    She's right though - great memories :)

  21. i was there that summer! he looks so cute!


  22. I wonder if you're reading the same type of books Boy wonder is!

  23. I can't wait to hear about summer reading basket shopping and Baby E's book recommendations!

    And I agree that outings should be on cold days only ;)

  24. Dear Baby E,
    Your Mom is a wise old...wait don't tell her I said old....she is a wise owl and the more you learn and learning is good for you. Trust me, I'm 30.
    PS. Is this open for Canadians cause my son loves it when I read to him ;)

  25. Well Baby E, at my house it is forbidden to read chapter books or do any reading whatsoever during the summer. Like, if I see you even reaching for a book, I'll yell, "Hey! Drop it! Let's go for ice cream instead and find a Bouncy Kingdom!" My kids hate it! :)

  26. Baby E it sounds like you have a great summer and a great mom. I can't wait until my little kids are old enough to have a reading list. We also have a slip in die but my kids call it that because they can't say slide yet.

    Hope you are having a fun summer!

  27. Young emperor: I also love that picture, but I don't count because I'm a mom too. We like that sort of stuff and save it so we can show your future girlfriend or boyfriend. The naked baby pictures too. It sounds like you have a real handle on what makes a quality summer. You can tell your mom from me that saving the "family outings" for the cold days is a smart thing to do. After all, if you use them all up on nice warm days, what's going to happen should thunderstorms hit? You'll drive each other crazy all cooped up in the house. Oh wait; that's my house.

  28. Baby E, you could not be cuter. I know that's probably the wrong thing to say to a boy your age, but look at your adorable face and curls! Oh, and you make me laugh very hard, too. Thanks, man.

  29. Hanging out with pretty cool brothers seems to be the perfect way to spend a summer.

    And your mom is beyond crazy, but that's why we love her.

  30. that's really nice that your mom brings your lunch to you outside, i am not so good that way. but sometimes i do order pizza and we eat it on the deck. i love summer, too.

  31. Baby E,
    My daughter has to read her chapter books (in fact, that is what she is doing right now!) during the summer and do work around the house as well.

    A make your own instrument class? That sounds awesome!! What instrument are you making?

    I'm excited to hear about your summer reading basket shopping. That sounds like such a fun idea, maybe I should do it at my house too.

  32. Baby E, I'm amazed that anyone has cold days in the summer! I wouldn't mind having a few of those!

  33. This sounds like a fantastic summer to me!

    Party on...



  34. How about on cold days, you teach witty blogging classes because it's good for us! You are a fabulous writer and I'm glad you are having a good summer!

  35. Baby E,

    My girls used to hate when I would make them do things like that, too. Once I signed them up for a craft camp and after their week of classes, they had to march around the craft store in a line singing a song about the crafts they made while their craft teacher pounded a drum. They were so mad. I hate to say this, but I laughed so hard.

    But guess what? Now that my girls are almost grown, they laugh too and tell me it was one of their favorite memories.

    When I was a girl, all I wanted to do was take my stack of books and sit under the trees and read.

    I'm so glad your mom plans all this fun stuff for your summer. I know you already know this, but you're a lucky guy to have such a great mom.

    Have a great summer!

  36. LOVE IT! Yes, us moms are crazy, but we love you too!

  37. Adorable!!! Love the summer reading basket teaser... can't wait to read more.

  38. I love going to the museums and zoos too! Cant wait to hear about Summer reading

  39. Slip-n-die....this killed me.

    I love hearing what you love about summer, Baby E. I hope you enjoy yours!

  40. I'm rethinking my plan to get a "slip-n-die", although I might still get one just so I can use that term.

    Have a wonderful summer, Baby E.!

  41. This is a great post, and a great reminder of how we used to love the holidays when we were kids.

    I used to love running through the sprinkler, screaming with laughter; thanks for the reminder!

  42. What?? my kids are currently FURIOUS with me because the theatre camps fell on the same week as family reunions and they can't go this year - of course, the slip n' die is always a hit.

  43. Baby E,

    Me and you could hang. We like to do a lot of the same things.

    Have a great summer!

  44. I want to see this so-called Summer Reading Basket, as well. We're all old school round these parts and it's all Harry Potter, all the time. Can you believe I have yet to get them Captain Underpants?! I'm going to be kicked out of the Mom Club for sure. And seriously, you look very suave in your paper boy duds. makes me wanna go watch Newsies.

  45. This is Baby E.

    Thank you for reading my post.

    Next week I will tell you what books I bought and I know your kids will like them, too.


    Thank you

  46. Baby E makes me happy every. single. day. not just Mondays.

    You are such a great mom.

  47. Baby E - I am seriously not nearly as cool a mom as yours is. You are truly lucky. She's funny too!



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