Monday, June 6, 2011

Funny Things That I See and Funny Things That Happen To Me

Happy Monday! It's Monday, which means Baby E Post Day. And he's been in a great mood. I am handing over the blog to him, he's ready to go:  Thank you for your kindness in supporting and encouraging Baby E's posts. He does look forward to his turn on the blog.  You're the best.


It's me, Baby E.

I didn't blog for awhile because I just was too busy. But it's quiet now and I'm done doing everything I wanted to do today, so now I will blog. I'm going to do my post now.

Well, today me and my dad were watching a basketball game on TV, and this big basketball player dude (wait...I can't stop laughing..OK..)

This big basketball player dude was about to make a shot and then this other big dude was about to block it.

And then the dude who was about to make the shot jumped up to shoot it and then the dude who was blocking it jumped up, too, and the guy who was shooting slammed into him and so the other dude who was blocking (I'm laughing again, wait...) he flew into this old man's lap who was watching the game and the old man was so surprised that the big dude fell on him so he started to fall and then he was hugging the player so he wouldn't fall down off his chair so they both fell over with the old man hugging the big dude who was so big and sweaty.  It was so funny that they showed it during the rest of the game over and over. The player was all sweaty.

And you could see the old man wiping the sweat off his pants.

And the old man's cap was all crooked when they picked the big basketball player off of him. And he was like stunned. It was so funny.

I have this game called Bull's Eye Ball Game and when you start it up it goes dundundundundun BRAAAAAAAAAAWWWWLLLLLLLL!!!!!  That sounds like a tiger barfing to me.

Everything is funny on some days, and a lot of funny stuff happens to me.

This is the stuff that makes me laugh: funny jokes. Funny comics. Funny shows like The Regular Show. ( This show isn't for little kids, they say the word "crap" a lot. Like, they say, "oh, crap" and stuff.)

My dad plays cheap old songs on the radio that are really outdated. Like the "Dinosaur Rex" song, it goes "Dinosaur Rex, Dinosaur Rex"  (NOTE FROM MOM: the song is actually Panama Red, 1973, by New Riders of the Purple Sage..and they sing   "Panama Red, Panama Red," Baby E had me laughing on this one.)

If you want your kids to play educational games you can go to Kindersite or Cool Math Games.

Turtles are funny to me because they look like little old men.

We have a crazy cardinal bird in our yard that my mom is going to do a post about it.

He attacks our front door window every morning before 5:00 and it sounds like someone is knocking. I can't tell you more because my mom is going to do a post about it but he wakes us up every morning because it is loud like someone knocking on our door.

Oh, yeah, I saw a toad in our sandbox. This is funny because he moved and I screamed because it was a surprise.

I also think random cartoons are funny like when they combine real with the cartoon that is funny because it can't be like that really.

There's this one soccer team that I played and they were like mad because when I got a goal they didn't like it.

This is how I got the goals: when they try to trick me (mom, put this in parentheses: they TRY because I'm too smart for them ) they tap the ball and pass it lightly to one of their teammates but I'm smart and I know that as soon as they touch the ball the play starts and so I just run up and take the ball. And then they don't have very good defense and they're goalie usually plays pretty high up so there's like nobody in front of the goal and so I get goals.

Well, I think that's enough funny things that you can handle.

Well, one last thing. 

My brothers make me laugh.

Especially when we do home videos and my brother sticks his face right in the camera and makes slurpy sounds and my dad gets mad and tries to turn the camera off before we do that. But sometimes we still get a chance to do it before he turns off the camera.

It's so funny.

This picture is my brother that does it. He can walk in this picture. He has crutches now.

My mom says to tell you that it's only for awhile, and he'll be OK soon.



  1. Baby E, you are brilliant, truly. I think turtles look like old men too!

    This scene with the basketball dudes and old man with hat - I'm going to Google it and see if there's a video for it, because it sounds funny.

    Also? Glad to hear your brother is walking again and that he's OK. That worried your Mom I think.

    Love your post Baby E!

  2. I just absolutely love how you're all over the place with your thoughts. You are FUN!

  3. Oh, Baby E! You're awesome!

  4. Baby E, you're a real piece of work. Bet you keep your mom on her toes.

  5. Nice to see Baby E back on the blog. I loved the statement about turtles and how they look like old men. So true.

  6. Baby E you are starting to sound a lot older in your blog posts!

    What a crazy basketball game to watch, sounds hilarious.

    My kids play soccer too but are just starting so it sounds like they could learn a lot from you.

    Have a great week and I hope that cardinal doesn't wake you up early all week long!

  7. Yes, you know what's funny?

    Baby E needed a blogging break.

    Just like the rest of us.

    Makes me laugh, but, yeah, he said, "I just want to rest for awhile from my posts."

    He then said, a few weeks later, " I feel like I wanna do it now."

    We're all just alike.

    So funny.
    Thanks for the love today!

  8. I love how his thought flow from one area of his life to another! Great job!

  9. e,

    haha...thanks for the laughs today. there is a cheap old song called "Everyone do the Dinosaur", really is it terrible, but funny. turtles DO look like old men, haha. tigers barfing...hmmm...will have to check that out next time i am at the zoo.

    so it is summer where you are right? any big plans for the summer? my boys are going to lego camp for a few weeks, but probably be mostly by the pool.

    good to see you back today e,


  10. Well, I'm glad I decided to stop by for the first time when Baby E was doing his post. I didn't see the basketball dude falling on the old man, but it sounds funny. I can see he likes to laugh, which is a great thing and probably makes for some really funny videos with his brothers.

  11. I want to be as awesome as Baby E when I grow up.

  12. Baby E, you've got a great life and a great outlook. You could teach adults a lot.

  13. Baby E,

    Thank you for this wonderful post today!! I think I ready the "tiger barf" part three times and laughed so hard!! My co-workers might have wondered what was going on!!

    I have never noticed before that turtles look like old men but you are totally right!!


    You must rock at playing soccer!! Way to go!!

  14. I think we all need a rest every once in a while, Baby E. Glad to see you're back! :)

  15. Thanks, Baby E! Always good to hear from you!

  16. This *is* a lot of funny stuff to try and handle. I may need to come back and re-read the list several times. Loved it, Baby E!

  17. Turtles always reminded me of Robert Mitchum in his later years.

  18. I've missed Baby E posts. His recreation of the basketball game had me giggling. I'll have to Youtube the clip--sounds hysterical. And turtles totally DO look like little old men :)

    What a sweet photograph.

  19. Baby E rocks the house! Love it!

  20. Any chance there's video of that basketball game? I keep laughing imagining it. That sort of thing cracks me up! Love it.

    We have that same Bull's Eye game! We took the batteries out and just play it without the annoying voice. LOL

  21. Baby E-

    I can't tell you how many songs I've sung the wrong words to in this lifetime.

    I had a friend who thought the song "Our Lips are Sealed" by this group called the Go Go's was called (are you ready?)

    "Ollops the Seal."

    She really thought it was about a seal. Named Ollops. Which makes a lot less sense than a dinosaur named Rex, I can tell you that.

    Nice job today, E.

  22. Baby E, you have outdone yourself! I was busting a gut with this post. I loved the story about the big sweaty basketball player (I read it twice) and I actually said BRAAAWWLL out loud and cracked up because it TOTALLY DOES SOUND LIKE A TIGER BARFING!

  23. Baby E,that was just the right amount of funny things to finish my day just right. I think the song should really be Dinosaur Rex! Sounds like a good one : )

  24. Oh, Baby E- you and I are on the same page.
    Turtles do look like old men... and that was the first time I enjoyed anyone talking about a basketball game.

  25. E-
    Good to see you back on the blog! I hope you're having a great summer with your family.

  26. Baby E, you have so much life and energy. You always make me smile.

  27. Baby E, you make Monday's so much better ;)

  28. Oh, Baby E, I will never look at turtles the same way again! I had to look at a picture of one just now, and yes, it looks just like an old man! In fact, this particular turtle looks like Don Rickles. You can ask your mom who is and maybe she can show you a picture.

    A few weeks ago, I forgot to close the back door and fell asleep on the couch. About 2:00 in the morning, I was awakened by a yelp - a little green frog was hopping across the living room floor and had scared one of the dogs right out of his sleep!

    Have a good week, Baby E.

  29. "Everything is funny on some days, and a lot of funny stuff happens to me." So true, Baby E. And I think we have this in common. And you're already learning blogger etiquette (ask your mom about that word), by not stealing her crazy cardinal idea for a great post. Well done, young man, well done.

  30. Baby E., my guilty t.v. watching is the Regular Show and Adventure Time. And I do believe that I might be a little older than you. Just a tad! And no, I do not let my 6 year old twins watch it. m.

  31. dude. turtles DO look like old men.

    so wise this one.

  32. So based on the theorem "Post hoc ergo propter hoc," the old guy at the basketball game must have looked like a turtle.

    Or it was a turtle and not an old guy after all.

    But a turtle wouldn't wear pants. I don't think.

    I forget where I was going with this.

  33. Oh, you guys and your shenanigans! Life certainly is funny with you around!

  34. I agree, Baby E. Turtles DO look like old men!

  35. Yup, I don't think I can handle any more funny Baby E. You know what? I'm friends with a French pro basketball player, the captain of his team. Their team has one more game to go and if they win, they'll be the champions of all of France!

  36. Thanks, Baby E, for making my day brighter.

    I'm still laughing thinking about the sweaty big basketball dude.

  37. Dear Baby E,
    Loved the sweaty b-ball player story. Maybe I SHOULD start watching the NBA, even though it makes me yawn non-stop.

    Also, can I tell you a bird story? There are several birds at this kids museum we take Chalupa too. And they dive-bomb my head every time I go under their tree - trying to protect their nest. You'd think I would remember this.

    Lots of funny stuff.

  38. Wow, that was so much better than listening to the actual sportscasters tell it. But I'm still not ready for sports, baby E. Not yet.

  39. i know exactly what shot you're talking about with the old man. i was watching that game with my husband. old people are funny. :)

  40. I love when you blog Baby E, it's like we get a glimpse into childhood again and I love that.

    plus I have two little boys (twins) who are 3 now and I can just imagine what they'll have to say when they get to your age, that makes me giggle

    happy Summer, little man, can't wait for your next post.

  41. LOL - your too cute.



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