Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bringing The Funny: This One Can

I strive to be professional in the relationship I have with the bloggers chosen here for Bring The Funny? They Can Thursday feature.

Professional with a capital P.

I don't want to be accused, or have it be whispered, that there is favoritism, or, worse yet: that only curly headed bloggers are picked. I am NOT like that. I love all hair headed people: even if they're straight and swingy (the hair or them.)

But, this one.. this one? Things got messy--she got me.

I fell hard for @jillsmo.  

I just want to sit next to her on the sofa and hold her hand, and try to stroke her curly massed head, and share trials and tribulations, with some gin and tonics thrown back...<oh, look at me, trying to be cool. Who am I trying to kid? I can't throw back G&T's...I get the jello legs.>

Jillsmo writes Yeah.Good Times. And I loved her own words profile:   


My Photo
I have 2 beautiful boys: Child 1 is 9 and has autism. Child 2 is 5 and OMGDOESN'T. I have this blog because lots of random shit goes through my head throughout the normal course of a day and I need a place to put it. Mostly I just ramble incoherently about nothing. I also curse a lot. Sorry, Mom.
Just my type. EXACTLY my type.  Who can explain chemistry or the siren's call of a like minded soul?

@Jillsmo is someone to follow on twitter, only if you hope to always find a friend who can make you laugh that messy snortle guffaw:


14 Jun

Jillsmo has been in a book (see page 125 here)  

Her posts? Always ready to give her the "Queen of You Better Put on the Depends before you stop here."

My first vlog! Well, actually not really.

I've got some blogging buddies who have been bugging the shit out of me to make a vlog (video blog). Yeah, that is so not gonna happen, sisters. I've got a face that's perfect for radio and anonymous blogging, no damn way any of you are gonna see it. (I can't help but notice that the one person who has been bugging me the most is really effin' hot. Don't think I didn't notice that about you, Jess).

Okay, so Saturday night I was drunk (I KNOW, right?????) and decided to make a video of me playing Rock Band. There's no bass part in this song so hubs held the camera. Before you watch it, though, some disclaimers: Did I mention I was  (READ MORE HERE)

Jillsmo writes with the treasure of an ability of making you feel understood. As though you've weathered something together, that binds you.

Once you follow this girl, you just can't quit her.

Mostly because she'll hunt you down. She's ballsy like that.

I love you, Jillsmo!!



You'll fall hard.


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