Thursday, September 1, 2011

We Return To Our Regularly Scheduled Program

First day of school for my three today, I miss them, but I know everyone is happy to be where they are right now.

Including this blog, which is back to our Thursday Bring The Funny? She Can series, where I feature what I feel is a golden nugget of a funny blogger. A blogger I know you will be happy you've met.  Because these people need to be outed!

Today's feature is TWFKAB, or the blog The Woman Formerly Known As Beautiful. And I'm with her husband, who calls her blog name an attempt to "fishing for compliments" action, because I had the joy of meeting this funny lady at BlogHer, and she is still beautiful.

With not a stitch of make up on. I shudder at the bald eagle eyed appearance I'd have made at BlogHer sans any face spackle.

But, no matter: she is funny, forget the gorgeous--we are here to feature the funny.

Her name is Shannon Colleary. And I'd follow her just because it's so fun to say that name in my Lucky Charms voice, "Shannon Colleary." Love saying that. TWFKAB describes herself as a former actress turned L.A. screenwriter...her posts are like mini stories.

You can follow her on twitter at @shannoncolleary and get lots of interaction from her, along with straight out tweets, like this:



8 Aug


6 Aug

Funny, funny lady to follow on twitter, and she never ignores your tweets. A nice touch.

Shannon was a BlogHer '11 Voice of The Year Honoree for her post, Celebrity Stalkers. A classic, sophisticatedly funny post. She writes with a brain, you'll notice that right away.

And if you want to read what the worst pick up line on the dance floor in 1991 was, go here.

If you're crushing on a mommy online, or at the playground, Shannon offers you some mom on mom flirting tips with her post "Mommy Flirting."

But, if pressed to give ONE reason to follow TWFKAB, it'd be this one: she is someone who doesn't pretend to be anything she's not. Her post here, "I Love You, Lucy.." goes right to me, where I know just what she's talking about. 

The Woman Formerly Known As Beautiful is still beautiful, and will always be beautiful, because she is without a presumptious bone in her body.

How can this be? Beautiful? In L.A.? Funny? And just a nice person?

I don't know, but get to know Shannon, she'll feel like an instant best friend.

I leave you with this teaser, from the BlogHer Voice Of The Year honoree post, "Celebrity Stalkers" 

".....Case in point.  Last week after rolling my kids out of the minivan at school I took refuge in the Urth Cafe on Beverly Drive.  I was just about to enjoy a sugary, caffeinated drink derived from a chai-type bush, when I found myself put upon by Katie Holmes.  I was forced to sit right next to her.  It wasn't my fault, there were no other open seats.

I struck an aloof demeanor.

Still, I could sense that Katie desperately wanted to speak to me.  She was in the clutches of some frowzy woman who was probably a Scientology stooge ready to taze the starlet should she have any independent thought and Katie seemed desperately lonely...[READ MORE HERE]


Comments closed, please click over and meet Shannon for yourself.


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