Monday, September 5, 2011

Important Zombie Things I Forgot To Tell You And A New Toy I Like

These are Dagedars

Back to regularly scheduled programming: Monday is Baby E post day. If you're new here, welcome. Click on the Baby E page  to learn more about Baby E.  Baby E, take it away:  

Hi, everybody.

I have to tell you about zombies because Halloween is almost here.

Sorry about not doing a post before today for a long time it's just that I've been busy with my family.

(First of all, I'll get to the picture later.) Mom, put that sentence in those half circle things.

Parentheses, honey?

Yeah, parentheses, Mom.

Well one thing I forgot to mention in my last zombie post: on Halloween, don't go by a graveyard, that's for sure. And if you just happen to get those fake brain gummy candies, if  a zombie attacks you--feed it that because that'll slow him down enough for you to run away because zombies are slow.

And I have to tell you this because we went to the store and Halloween stuff is out.

And what if this would happen, so you have to write this down because this is very important zombie protection stuff:

True Zombie Safety Tips:

  • Buy your brain candy early because that is why people buy it fast from the stores. To have it.
  • Also, still, buy it early.
  • Have rocks in your pocket from a creek to chuck at the zombies because sometimes this slips their arm off and it takes them five minutes to put it back on and that also stalls them. So just keep doing that.
  • Run away. Remember they are slow.
  • Practically the only thing that can kill a zombie is something right through the head. That's about the one thing.
  • Zombies do have brains and if you hit them in the head, they will have to stop.
  • Chuck a rock at their head, so their head pops off because that takes twenty minutes to get back on.
  • So aim for the head and don't waste your rocks.(That is their weak spot.)
  • If you run out of rocks just run away.
  • If there's a zombie apocalypse the only way to be safe is to hide up in cold mountains. Because the zombies freeze in the cold and they really can't get you.
  • Zombies are not that smart: at all. There's two types of zombies. Make sure you know which one because one is sort of safe and one isn't.
  • This is a BIG safety tip: 
  • No. One: the safe zombies: the safe ones are the ones that are just too dumb to do anything and they just keep walking over each other and crashing into each other and losing body parts and they really just don't do anything but walk in circles.  They are safe.
  • No. Two: and there's the bad kind. These are the ones that start zombie apocalypses and try to go after you and these are the bad ones. These are the very bad kind. Stay away from these guys. With these guys, hide away in the mountains.
  • Even if you do die in the cold, it's better than becoming a zombie because it is bad to be a zombie because you live forever and walk the world as a zombie for the rest of the world.

Now, for my new favorite toy: a Dagedar.

Dagedar are like balls with little guys painted on them and they come with race tracks and jump tracks and you roll the balls down and race your friends and stuff.

The picture on top is of Dagedar. Here is the race track:

They are cheap: the track is $12.99 for one as long as your arms open and has a loop and a jump and cup to catch them in after the jump and the Dagedar are two balls for $5.00.

They also have clip carrying cases and power launchers with ramps that grab them and shoot them super far.

Also, they have these vortex things that I don't know what they do yet because I just got interested in Dagedar.

Next week I will take a picture of the ones I have and put it on here.  I have to get more to show you. I will show you the race track, too.

I will have close ups, too.

That's about it. Tell your kids to get ready for Halloween and to go see the Dagedar choices at the store. And go to the website, too.


I mean, go to the Dagedar website, not the zombie website.



  1. Those Dagedars look pretty cool. I think my daughter would like to play with them.

    I did not know that it was possible to buy brain gummy candy. I'll have to keep my eyes out for it the next time I'm at the store.

  2. Baby E, you are just full of zombie knowledge!

  3. Baby E, thank you for the zombie info. Who knew rocks would come in so handy?

    the Dagedar looks awesome. I should get one for me! Er, mean, my son.

    And welcome back, so good to have you every Monday again.

  4. Wow- I never knew there were so many Zombie rules!

    I have not heard of Dagedar. You must be on the cutting edge with toys!

  5. e,

    totally looking forward to the close ups...dont know if i have seen these before. they look like a lot of fun to play with.

    great insight on the zombies. did i ever tell you that i used to lived next to a graveyard. yes, made for some interesting halloweens. zombie apocalypses can be rather scary things.

    we actually got my youngest sons costume yesterday. funny we were both thinking halloween. had some nasty candy on saturday. cheap multicolored skeleton bones from the dollar store.

    someone gave me a pack. they taste like dish washing liquid. was afraid i would blow bubbles all day.

    great to see you e!


  6. Wow! My husband and I just saw Dagedar on a commercial while we were at my parents' house! My parents were all like "those are awful!" -- but my husband and I looked at each other and I knew we both agreed that they Look. So. Cool! I just wish our little one was old enough to play with them!

    And P.S. thanks for all the great zombie tips! I'm going to print them out and hang them on the bulletin board just in case! ;-)

  7. Welcome back Baby E!

    I'm glad to know about zombies and gladder to know about ... what's it called? Dagedar. Because in exactly two months it will be all the rage in France and I'll know what I have to get for my kids for Christmas.

    Also? I was driving in Bretagne (that's an area with a lot of cliffs and beaches on the Western coast of France) listening to the radio and you know what came on? Soul Sista. I only know that song because it was your favorite, and my daughter listens to it in her after school program so she knew it too.

    See? Something shared on the other side of the world.

  8. Thank you, all, for stopping to visit Baby E.

    He had a fabulous summer off,but yesterday he had his post writings ready.

    He was very insistent on the links necessary, and how he wanted this layed out.

    It's pretty funny how territorial he's become about his day.

    Thank you all, again, your kindness to him is heart warming.

    Which is why I want you to be extra careful around those zombies..

    Head for the hills!

  9. This is awesome. Here I am worrying about bills and HV/AC repairs and laundry and the economy -- I really needed Baby E to help me focus on the real problems of the world, ZOMBIES! :-) What would the world be without chidren to help us keep it all in perspective? I'm going to have to share this with my sons when they come downstairs.

  10. i feel totally prepared now if i run into a zombie:) actually, i will rue not stuffing gravel in my pockets as e suggests. my nephews and nieces are talking halloween and which costumes to wear. my little nephew is a star wars nut and i can't imagine him without a light saber on halloween.
    so zombies do have brains, huh? i did know they were slow. i swear!

  11. Whew good thing you cleared that up Baby E because I think my 3 year old would have been pretty scared if he went to the zombie website. Actually I would have been pretty scared too!!!
    Glad to see you back!!!

  12. Hi there! That was some really GREAT zombie information! I didn't realize that rocks helped. I'll be sure to keep some in my pocket on Halloween!

  13. I don't think I've ever been so prepared for zombies. To be honest, I am not much for confrontation, so I will probably just take the brain gummy candy and hide in the hills until the zombie war is finished :)

  14. Baby E,
    Thank you so much for the Zombie tips! I thought I knew everything there was to know about a zombie apocalypse but I didn't know that I should hide in the cold mountains! This is good stuff!

  15. I hope your mom and dad let you play Plants v. Zombies. It is a great app game that you would love. A lot of your tips would come in really handy!

  16. Seriously? Those ball thingys will come in handy during the winter months.

    I am will be buying some for my kids. Thanks Mr. E (I just promoted you from Baby to Mr. due to your awesome zombie tips) for introducing me to those because now I can be a cool hip mom (at least for one day)!

  17. Thanks for the zombie tips, E. I am going to load up my pockets with rocks and slip into my running shoes. And remember to bring a jacket, hat and gloves in case I need to hide in the mountains. But we live in WI so it must be too cold for them, right? I guess it is a good thing we don't live in Alabama or Florida or something where the conditions are just right for zombie apocalypses.

    You make me smile, E. Thanks!
    Enjoy the day!

  18. Baby E needs a Zombie Apocalypse song. If he has an iPod, set it to random, and the third song that comes up is his anthem when the zombies strike and we have to fight back.

    Can you tell I have a little brother?

  19. These zombie tips are pretty exhaustive. Thanks, baby E!

  20. I am glad you are back, but am super glad that you were enjoying time with your family.

    I have some major zombie concerns because I don't live near a creek, so I was wondering if there was a different place I could get my rocks from? It does get really cold here in Central New York in the winter, so hopefully that helps me out a little!

  21. My kids would love those things - the dadegar, not the zombies! Thanks for sharing about them!

  22. There are no safe zombies. The end. ;-)



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