Friday, February 1, 2013

When You've Got The Winter Blues

I don't expect miracle cures. A therapist once told me, "you have a right to hope." I told her, I belong in The Pearl because I'll be happy just where the universe has me, just make it a little more doable.

That's me, especially in the winter. I don't expect an overnight fix, just a few tricks of the trade, to help me figure out this life gig.

I'm flattered and honored that the beautiful online magazine bonbon break invited me to post on their site with tried and true methods to Put The Hammer Down to the Winter Blues. It's not rocket science, but these Top Eight on my list make this season a little less grating on the soul.

Today, at bonbon break, my best coping tips for Beating Down The Winter Blues.

**A freebie, because I love you so much: never underestimate the sweet balm that a sleeve of saltines along with a pot of Smucker's red raspberry preserves, right about 10:20 am, can be.




  1. e,

    hope you are doing well. we are out of school from snow today so just hanging out with my boys. saw your mom posted so thought i would say hi before i went over to read.


  2. Thinking about you every day and SOOO appreciate that you shared your beautiful words, insight and knowledge with our readers. Sending you virtual hugs. xoxo ~Val

  3. I thought I had everything I needed in this blizzard...but no saltines!!!

  4. Oh, with the SAD. Off to read your post.

  5. Having a day of blah.

    So I think this is just what I'll need to read...

  6. No danger of there EVER being winter, but I'm on my way there!

  7. I keep thinking of you darling friend. Off to read your words (and learn)!



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