Thursday, February 28, 2013

When You Want Her

The elusive potential BFF.

What to do when you spot her, but she doesn't yet know you're the one for her?

Tips to not blow it, courtesy of Aiming Low today, "What To Do When Your BFF To-Be Doesn't Know It Yet."

Do as I say, not as I do.

**THANK YOU and hugs to Kim of RubberChickenMadness (don't you love that?) for handing me the Most Inspiring Blogger Award. You made me smile! Stop over and get to know her... she's a doll.



  1. That was a good one! All the interaction in the comments was also good. Titillating in fact...

  2. By my bestieeeeeeee! What? Too much?

  3. Good stuff. But I must be going to the wrong exercise classes.

  4. I had no idea how early I'd have to get up to secure the best bestie! I don't even want to exercise at a sensible hour!



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