Monday, February 18, 2013

President's Day Means Aaaaaaall The Presidents

Would you be surprised to learn that President's Day is 1.) always written with an apostrophe and 2.) a day set aside not only to commemorate Washington's birthday, but also to acknowledge past U.S. Presidents?

As in aaaaaaaaaaaall the presidents?

I've got a few favorite past Heads of State, and I know perhaps a tad too much about this one, because among my many attributes--besides being a still in the closet secret lover of  blue grass music--I am also a history geek.

So, after you take a few minutes to yourself to snicker about that little fact, click on over to Aiming Low and find out about a colorful past Leader of our United States: Andrew Ol' Hickory Jackson, aka "If Keith Richards were President."

Happy National Post Office Closed Day to you all!

* * *


  1. That damn apostrophe works my nerves. Which president am I to celebrate? WHICH ONE BECAUSE YOUR APOSTROPHE MEANS THIS ONE OR THAT ONE.

  2. I kept checking my mail all day and was "WTF???" The kids still had school because of the Chicago teachers' strike (did I put the apostrophe in the right spot there??).

  3. I thought it was just Abe and George because of their birthdays, and i guess took that to mean no other presidents were worth a day off. Now i feel silly, and intrigued!



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