Tuesday, January 14, 2014



When Katherine Stone, creator and founder of PostPartum Progress, the world's most widely read blog on post partum depression and perinatal mood disorders, sent me an email asking me if I'd contribute a post as part of her website's Warrior Mom Leadership Team, it was surreal.

I have been following Katherine and her work, advocating on the behalf of mothers with perinatal mood disorders, for over four years now. She has asked me to write my story with post partum depression and anxiety, in the hopes that those who search for her site, find someone there with a story of making it through something that feels like it will never end. Post partum depression is temporary, and with professional help, treatable.

My post is here, and it's on Hope, one of the most beautifully life saving words I know.

Thank you for reading.

Postpartum Progress is the most widely-read blog on postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety/OCD, postpartum psychosis, depression during pregnancy and other mental illnesses related to childbirth. Please join us. We get it. We've been there ourselves.

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  1. ah i look forward to the finale tomorrow...
    and you know your story will touch lives because so many face this...
    thanks for sharing it. smiles.

  2. Thank you so much for your encouraging words, Brian. WE hope that, that when we share, the world feels less lonely.



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