Friday, January 3, 2014

She Lived By Her Own Rules

December 30 was my mother's birthday. I thought of her that day and the things that I miss the most, now that she's gone. She was a rich source of stories, never doing anything in a small way and always having no problem with asking for exactly what she wanted. The only rules my mother lived by were her own, like in this video, "The One Year Latin Haircut Rule."

The video here, recorded last May with The Listen To Your Mother Show Milwaukee, paints a picture so perfectly of what life was like being my mother's daughter. She was able to see this footage, and I can't tell you the pleasure it gave me to see her cover her mouth and giggle like she was 8 years old instead of 88. "I'm crazy, no?"

Mama, you were crazy good. I miss you.

* * *


  1. A perfectly beautiful tribute.

  2. hugs.

    i am sure she is proud of you...and checks in on you on occassion....smiles.

  3. Well, once again I come here and get to laugh and cry. I truly believe your mom and my mom are sitting on a bank in heaven laughing at both of us. While mine was not as bad she had her moments. Oh the stories I could tell. FYI my oldest son did not get his first haircut until he was nearly 3. He had glorious blond ringlets that rolled down his back that neither her nor I could bare to part with... sighs.

  4. Every time I watch this, it makes me laugh out loud. Then I laugh harder because I can hear myself and Julie cackling. Your mama was a force to be reckoned with. In honor of her, I need to stop putting my rosary in my own bra.

  5. Thank you. She was able to see this and she didn't understand why I made a film for her when I just could have read it to her. I tried to explain it was a show and she didn't understand for who. She was a delight in that last year. We were so lucky. And the stories, no one else would have given me the stories that she did. Thank you for honoring her life by watching here. I am grateful.

  6. You are amazing, and I love your love for your mother.

  7. I'm lucky to know you, Alison. THank you.



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