Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Having Fun Getting Dusty

One of the very first two followers on this blog was the flame-haired beauty Shari, of Earth Mother Just Means I'm Dusty. Dusty and I have become comfortable enough at each other's blogs that they feel like our own. I don't remember how we met in the blogosphere, but we have never wandered far from each other.

We've been roommates at BlogHer and have spent time together at humor writers' conferences.

After knowing each other for over two years, we have become a permanent online and offline presence in each other's lives.

It's a thrill to be guesting for Dusty today while she is away in Florida teaching acting to people ages six to eighteen, because she is genuinely talented in that department: quick as a whip and never missing a chance at a good come back.

I'm sharing a story at Earth Mother Just Means I'm Dusty, about what happens when you agree to anything just to get your child *coughBabyE* to finish a task already.

Walk a mile in my shoes, you may have a better understanding of  how I got to be the way I am.

*Thank you.


  1. I admire people that home school, I could never do it! Plus, I'd have to find my kitchen table. I know it's here, somewhere, buried under things that have no business on the kitchen table.

  2. Sigh... you make me do a lot of work, Alexandra. I have to click on another link? Really? My fingers are tired.... still. I love you. So, here goes...

  3. I commented over there yesterday, but I just wanted to say that he is too cute. I'm torn between sending my kids to the school I went to (which I loved, and where 90% of the faculty is still teaching) and homeschooling. Things like this make the decision even harder. On the one hand, so funny! How could I pass up the opportunity to see gems like this? On the other, maybe a teacher could get my kids to listen better? Oh well. I've still got a couple of years before this becomes a real issue.

  4. Loved your post!!

    Love Dusty!

    Love you, too!



  5. It was such a pleasure, my dear. Thanks a million times for helping a sistah out. xxoo

  6. See? Now *this* is one of the reasons that living in the UAE is a fat pain in the butt. Because Dusty's blog DOES NOT LOAD on my computer. Any of them. Love her writing, and I'm sure I'd love your post too, but...can't read it. Deep sigh. I figure I do binge-reading when I'm back in the states, sort of like when you buy an entire season of a tv show on dvd, and just watch episode after episode until your eyeballs bleed? yeah. like that. Dusty's back posts will be my eyeball bleeders. I know. I can't wait either.



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