Sunday, May 20, 2012

When "Good Morning" Leaves You Stumped For An Answer

In Wisconsin, we have this habit.

When you ask us a question, we can't answer it until we repeat it back to you first, like this:

Out-of-Towner: "Excuse me, where is the nearest restaurant?"

Wisconsinite: "The nearest restaurant? You want to know where that is?"

Don't believe me? Try it. Call any area code in Wisconsin and when the person answers, say, "I'm sorry, did I call the wrong number?"

You'll hear this back: "Did you call the wrong number?"

When all is going well in our lives, we can answer simple questions within the snap of a finger. But in some situations, like a nasty hanging-on-to-sanity-by-your-fingernails case of Post Partum Depression, just a "Good Morning! How are you?" can leave you with your mouth open, drooling, stuck for an answer. 

I'm visiting Kim of All Work and No Play today, who was named a Top 25 Post Partum Depression blog, while she recuperates from surgery. She's got her hands full taking care of her two-year-old baby boy and healing. I've prepared a primer of *Quick-N-Ready* responses for those days when you can't string three words together.

Stop over at Kim's where you can clip and paste this so handy you can keep it in your diaper bag copy of "The Guide To Social Responses, For the days you’re having trouble putting three words together."

Hope to see you here.

Beautiful Kim with Chunky



  1. Oooh, I love both of you and can't wait to read.

  2. You are fabulous! 'Nuff said.

  3. I've never been to Wisconsin, but I am headed over to all work and no play.

  4. You are fabulous friend.
    The response of every one is just so beautiful and some are heart wrenching...but you are bridging that gap...letting them know that they aren't alone and that this can be kicked in the throat.
    Love you so much friend. xox

  5. That Wisconsin habit made me laugh. There is a girl who does news for a local radio station here and she's originally from Wisconsin. I never realized it until reading this post, but she'll do that sometimes when talking to the anchors. Such a funny little quirk.

  6. On my way -

    And that picture of Kimberly and Chunky is adorable...



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