Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Legend In Your Kids' Minds

I don't mind bragging that I am a good storyteller.

My kids will be the first to tell you that no one can embellish and polish up a story the way I do.

Since the first night my husband and I brought each of those little babies home with us in their itty bitty buckets, we've been reading aloud to them. Not just word for word like anyone-anyone-Bueller?Bueller? style, but live! tonight! It's Mama! reading The Giving Tree!

Want to know what you need in your story reading tool kit that'll conjure up memories in your kid's hearts powerful enough to have them crying at the mere sight of a bed time story book when you're dead and gone [not to put too fine a point on it...]

Pop on over to Aiming Low, where I tell you Tricks to Becoming a Legendary Storyteller.

Aiming Low, where we aim for the mediocre.



  1. I loved "The Giving Tree"!!!! Except, it's a bit depressing.

    Another great book is "Squash Pie." My mom used to read it aloud to us and scream just like the farmer in the story - we loved it!

  2. I'm headed over there! I would never doubt you'd be a good storyteller. :) BTW, thanks for your comments over at NickMom. You rock, Mrs. Rosas.

  3. Alas, I was one of those mothers who tried to turn three or four pages at a time to get through the darn story as quickly as possible... unlike some people...

  4. That's why I'm here momma...your storytelling! ;)



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